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Thursday, September 5, 2013

To use or not to use a dental dam?

I admitted in my post about "safer sex in the mansion" that using a dental dam has never been a habit of mine. Risky, I know. To start with, let me share 2 links: dental dams on Smitten Kitten.com and facts about STDs/HIV and dental dam usage. Now I've on Smitten Kitten's website but I've also been told that they're b&m store in Minneapolis is great; they sell all sorts of sex toys and I believe all are non-toxic! They even have a section of their website devoted to toys that are acceptable to vegans. And while the website I found for STD/dental dam info only talks about latex, I have read elsewhere that you can buy silicone-based dams for people with latex allergies. Now as the website talks, there is still a risk of getting STDs through oral/vaginal or oral/anal contact; HIV is a much smaller risk even because it requires open sores as HIV is not transmitted by saliva. In my series Vala's Story, they aren't used largely because The Queen and his slaves are fluid bound to each others and get tested for STD/HIV every six months. For my own personal, sexual history though, I must admit to having engaged in some risky behaviors.

Now I'm going to share a little fiction with you and yeah, this is really fiction because the last time I used a dental dam was as a teen.

Amy gazed at Joelle. "I have a surprise for you, love."

"A surprise?" Joelle pulled on her pigtail like she knew Amy enjoyed.

"Lay back on the bed. Spread your legs apart."

Joelle jumped onto the bed and sprawled across it, glad to be naked already. Her heels pushed into the bed as she watched Amy advance.

Amy opened a bottle of lube and dripped it over Joelle's pussy.

Joelle gasped, her hips thrusting upward for a second.

"It'll be warm soon." Amy smiled. She shook out a lime green dental dam as she continued to study Joelle's face.

"Oo! You got one of those dental dams like they taught us about at youth group!" Joelle's giggly excitement turned to moans when Amy laid the piece of latex over its intended spot. Another moan fell out of her mouth when the first lick came. "That feels so... different." Hips moving, she offered herself up to her girlfriend.

Amy studied Joelle's face as she lovingly studied the changing expressions, the pleasured trembling of the lips.

Joelle reached to to bury her fingers in Amy's beautiful blond hair. The long fingers pushing into her skin where Amy held the dam against her body teased her with unusual sensation.

Amy pushed her tongue as deep into Joelle's pussy as it could.

"Amy, Amy!" Joelle's head thrashed against the pillow. "Gonna come! Please, please!"

Amy sucked on Joelle's clit until the girl squealed. Carefully holding the top of the dam, she reached under it with a gloved hand.

"Yes!" Joelle shuddered. "Like that. Coming. Another finger!"

Amy slid a second finger into Joelle's pussy.

Joelle pushed down on Amy's fingers, screaming her release. She coughed and then shuddered again.

Amy tossed the dam and the glove into the garbage basket and curled up against Joelle. "See, using a dental dam can be hot."

Joelle grinned in satisfaction. "I know. And thanks, sweet. Now in a moment, it's my turn."

"Of course." Amy kissed Joelle and curled up against her girlfriend.

So before anyone starts to natter about ages here, remember that the LGBTQI+ community that I found in Michigan in the 1990s was one where 18 to 21 year olds where included in "youth groups" because the community didn't have much besides bars yet. Also I admit, that scene was on the shorter side and not nearly as hot as I might normally write, but I already admitted to difficulties with dental dams so I'm happy for my attempt :D.

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