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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Queen makes love to Abrecan

So after the difficulties that made finishing Tommy preparing Abrecan for The Queen rough, once the writing was happening, I continued right on writing- as I teased my readers. And because I love my readers so, the first 3 pieces of this series :D- click here to see Tommy and Abrecan making love first here ; then Tommy gives Abrecan an enema to prepare him for The Queen here before continuing on to find out how Tommy finishes the preparations in The Queen's bed here. Did you enjoy The Queen being in the room without Abrecan knowing? Firmly enjoying The Queen enjoy Abrecan in the boy's point of view now...

Abrecan moaned harshly.

"Sweet boy." The Queen whispered.

Abrecan cried out. The sting of the wax kissed his back repeatedly. "Thank you, my Queen."

The Queen grasped Abrecan's ass and squeezed.

"More, please, my Queen," Abrecan pleaded.

"More?" The Queen challenged. "Is it so hard to be blindfolded and restrained?"

"Not if it... pleases you, my Queen!" Abrecan stretched to the limits of the hogtie straps, which wasn't much at all. "I love to be dependent on you, my Queen."

The Queen groaned; Abrecan felt the sound in his cock. "Dependent on me?"

Abrecan yelled his pain as a continuous stream of melted wax caressed his lower back. His fingers stretched above the cuffs. "Yes, my Queen," he finally gasped.

"Would you like to know this candle's color?"

Hot wax splashed onto Abrecan's ass. "If... pleases... you___"

The Queen kissed Abrecan, stopping the boy's words. "Just red," he murmured against the boy's cheek. "Although we will get to black before I fuck you."

"Yes, my Queen," Abrecan whimpered.

"Does the red hurt that much, my beautiful boy?"

"Must be... dark red... my Queen," Abrecan moaned, his head lifted off the rubber. "Love you, my Queen."

"Love you." Laughter filled his words before Abrecan's moans melted away into a sharp scream. "Good boy. That scream makes me want to decorate your balls with more of this wax."

"Please, my Queen!" Yours, yours, my Queen. "I beg you to hurt me, my Queen. Beg you to cover me in wax, my Queen."

"I will, boy." The Queen caught Abrecan's neck in his teeth and bit hard.

Can't beg to come yet, but feels so good. "My Queen!" Abrecan sobbed as his skin released from The Queen's teeth before a sharper wax dripped down his calves.

"Your legs look so good in this blue wax, blue just like your pretty bangs." The Queen's cheek brushed against Abrecan's feet before more wax splashed. "Would it make you sad if I released your legs so I could put you on your back?"

"No, my Queen." Maybe, even... Abrecan pulled on the straps as more wax flowed over his balls, between his thighs, continuing just far enough to kiss the base of his cock. He coughed and sobbed.

"Good boy."

Abrecan grunted as more wax caressed his body. One of The Queen's hands cupped his ass just before the wax flowed over his skin.

"Such a pretty boy." The Queen clutched Abrecan's balls.

"My Queen! Beg.... beg__"

"Beg for what, sweet? What do you need me to give you?"

"Feels so good... so close, my Queen."

"Is your cock hard, my good little boy?"

"Yes, my Queen."

"That pleases me."

Abrecan whimpered. Pleased. He bellowed in pain, quivering all over. You moved to black, my Queen.

"You do look so gorgeous dressed in black wax." A long line of wax dominated Abrecan's senses before The Queen spoke again. "Your scream sounded so good. When I have you on your back, I want to pour black wax onto your chest as I thrust into your ass."

"Yes, my Queen," Abrecan moaned into the rubber pressed against his lips. He shook with frantic breaths as The Queen did nothing to him for several moments. With delicious shock, his limbs fell flat when the cuffs released.

"Turn over," The Queen ordered.

Abrecan flipped onto his back. He moaned when The Queen removed the mask. The moans turned into whimpers when he looked up to see the black candle still in his Master's hand.

"Pull your knees to your chest."

Abrecan grabbed behind his knees. He gasped to see The Queen holding the candle over his cock.

"What do you want more? To feel the pain of wax on your cock or to avoid it?" The Queen brushed his thumb over the slit, smearing the pre-cum over Abrecan's cock.

"Please wax, my Queen!" Abrecan yanked his legs up to their commanded spot. Tears coursed down his cheeks as The Queen slowly turned the black candle, an elegant taper, until the first drop of wax fell away from the flame. He gritted his teeth but the scream still escaped as the wax stung where The Queen's thumb had just stroked.

With his empty hand, The Queen pulled Abrecan close to him.

"Please, my Queen." Abrecan looked from The Queen's face then down to his wonderful cock. "I beg you to fuck me, my Queen."

"Good boy." The Queen gathered some of Abrecan's pre-cum, dragging it down the shaft, pushing it into his boy's asshole. "You want me to fuck you, even though that will mean black wax on your chest?"

"Yes, please, my Queen."

The Queen squeezed Abrecan's ass. Held held the head of his cock against the boy's asshole. He held the candle above Abrecan's chest.

"Please. I beg you, my Queen! Fuck my ass, my Queen! Cover me with the candle, fill me with your cum, my Queen. Beg, my Queen. Beg!" Abrecan's forehead tightened.

"My sweet boy." The candle tipped; The Queen thrust forward.

Abrecan roared in pleasure and pain. The Queen's cock filled him in one sure stroke. The black wax still poured over his heaving chest.

The Queen turned just enough to place the candle in a holder. He grabbed Abrecan's hips with both hands. "Could you tell I was in the room as Tommy prepared you for me?"

"I wondered... a few times... my Queen." Abrecan gasped when The Queen thrust again.

The Queen's fingers pushed into Abrecan. He started thrusting hard, abusing his boy's body.

Abrecan grunted. Have to beg.

The Queen grunted. "Fill my boy."

Abrecan licked his lips as he watched The Queen's face flush in pleasure.

"Yes, please, my Queen. Fill my ass with your cum, my Queen. Please fill me, my Queen." The Queen threw bask his head, groaning. He held Abrecan's body close, his cock deep within his body. "Love you," he gasped, his eyes squeezed shut. He pulled out of Abrecan and jumped to his feet.


"Use your hand to make you come." The Queen grabbed his own cock, directing its softening length at Abrecan's stomach.

Will you, my Queen? Abrecan happily obeyed, his hand wrapping around his cock. He cried as the first shot of The Queen's piss hit his skin.

"Good boy."

Abrecan grunted, trembled. "My Queen!" His cum joined The Queen’s piss covering his body. The orgasm kept torturing him as the wetness covered him. The sensation of his hand stroking continued as he grasped himself hard. "Love you, my Queen. Thanks. Thank you, my Queen. Your slave, my Queen."

The Queen lay down beside Abrecan. He pried the boy's hands from where they still held his legs. He pulled his slave close.

"But you'll get dirty too, my Queen," Abrecan weakly protested.

"No problem. I want to hold you." The Queen showered Abrecan's face with kisses. "Love my boy. We will shower in a moment, lover."

"Yes, my Queen." My strong, gorgeous Master. His fingers moved through The Queen's chest hair. He shuddered. How can you always make me feel so complete, my Queen? I love you.

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