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Friday, September 13, 2013

Tommy fills Abrecan- short fiction

I so enjoyed Tommy and Abrecan waking me up making love that I'm now continuing (read the lovemaking here). Here is the first part of Tommy preparing Abrecan for The Queen- next week you'll get to see the completion of the preparations before you get to enjoy The Queen enjoying Abrecan :) .

Tommy kissed Abrecan's cheek and then snuggled close.

"Love you too, my Lord." Abrecan slowly massaged Tommy's back. "Thank you, my Lord."

Tommy trembled for a moment. He tilted his head back to gaze at Abrecan's face. "Beautiful boy."

"My Lord," Abrecan murmured and pressed the softest kiss to Tommy's lips. "Maybe you should... prepare me now... for The Queen's pleasure, before you... get in trouble, my Lord?"

Tommy smiled wryly. "Good boy. Don't want me to get in trouble." He held Abrecan tight against him. "Such a good boy."

"My Lady might be wondering where I am, my Lord."

Tommy stroked Abrecan's hair. "Whatever were you doing when I grabbed you?"

"My Lady had sent me to ask my Lady Iona about the next CUUPs' meeting."

Tommy laughed. "Let's go to the bathroom and I'll get started obeying The Queen." He released Abrecan and hopped off his bed. "You'll crawl in front of me."

Prisca popped her head into Tommy and Simon's room. "I was wondering when he didn't get right back, my Lord."

Tommy grinned. "It happens. He just looked so good. The Queen wants me to prepare him for his pleasure." He leaned over to pat Abrecan's head. "Good boy."

The Doms followed Abrecan out of the bedroom.

"But CUUPs is this Sunday and we'll be going to church too." Tommy dropped a kiss on Prisca's forehead. "You're welcome to stay while I tend Abrecan. The Queen will bring him to you when he pleases."

Prisca nodded. "Actually I'm off to grab a snack, my Lord." She ruffled Abrecan's hair. "Be a good boy and I'll see you later."

"Yes, my Lady," Abrecan murmured, smiling up at Prisca.

"I want you two in my bed tonight."

"Yes, my Lord." Prisca smiled at the men before skipping out of the bathroom.

"In the bathtub with you. On your side." Tommy sighed as Abrecan obeyed.

Abrecan whimpered at the cold porcelain against his naked skin. He pulled his right knee towards his chest. "Thank you, my Lord." He moaned at the sound of water flowing out of a faucet. His attention danced from one thing to the next as he pictured Tommy preparing the enema. Which sort of kit might it be today? "My Lord?"

"Sh, pretty boy." Tommy brushed Abrecan's hair back from his face. "The Queen's instructions didn't include anything about punishing. You don't want to make me have to punish you, do you?"

"No, my Lord," Abrecan cried.

"Almost ready, lovely." Tommy's touch left Abrecan.

Groans dripped from Abrecan's trembling lips. He moved against the bathtub.

"Good boy, warming yourself," Tommy cooed. He cupped Abrecan's ass with one hand. "Spread your cheeks for me, pretty boy." He stroked one finger along the crack as Abrecan obediently widened it. "Good boy. A little cold now."

Abrecan gasped as the wet lube dripped onto his crack. "My Lord!" His fingers pressed into his skin. He shuddered and pulled his body open farther to Tommy's touch. He moaned at the stretching, penetrating fingers. He whined softly at the fingers leaving his body.

"Sh, good boy. I have a treat for you today. First an inflatable plug to help you hold the enema as long as pleases me. Open yourself wider, sweet."

"Yes, my Lord." His mouth felt suddenly dry. His back arched as the rubber penetrated his asshole.

"Good boy," Tommy soothed. "Take it all. I know you can. You want to please The Queen."

"Yes, my Lord." Abrecan's eyes rolled upward at the rush of sensations through his body.

"There. All ten inches. Now I need to inflate it."

Abrecan released a sob as a fullness started to press his rectal walls. He pressed his face against his arm. His back arched, pushing his chest against the tub.

"Good boy. Doesn't that pressure feel so good? Knowing you won't have to fight to keep the enema inside you?"

"Yes, thanks, my Lord." Abrecan licked his parched lips, struggled to swallow.

"Once we have you emptied, I'll give you a drink of water, good boy."

Abrecan shrieked when the water started to flow into his colon.

Tommy rubbed small circles on the base of Abrecan's back.

Abrecan panted with the pressure building in his body. "Ow!"

"You'll be okay. Just a little cramp." Tommy continued rubbing, his hand slipping around to Abrecan's front to rub the quivering belly. "Slowing it down a bit since you're not being punished, my good boy."

"Thanks, my Lord," Abrecan gasped. His toes curled. "How much more, my Lord?"

"Not much. I'm so pleased your cock is hard now, lovely." Tommy grasped Abrecan's cock and started to move in slow strokes.

"My Lord, my Lord." Abrecan writhed against the porcelain.

"There you are, full of enema, your insides being cleaned for The Queen's pleasure." Tommy continued stroking. "The next time you get to come will be when he allows."

"Yes, my Lord!" Abrecan closed his eyes and basked in the competing pleasures of his full body and Tommy's stroking. "My Lord," he pleaded.

Tommy released his hold on Abrecan's cock. "Good, sweet boy."

Abrecan whimpered as he sensed Tommy behind him, although doing what, he couldn't tell.

"To your knees, then I'll help you stand."

Abrecan struggled to obey, shifting onto his stomach before he pulled his legs underneath him. He awkwardly knelt up. Sweat breaking out on his skin, he lifted his gaze to Tommy's beaming face. "Love you, my Lord," he whispered.

"Love you too." Tommy grasped Abrecan's hand and pulled the boy to his feet. "Love you, good boy." He wrapped Abrecan in his arms and held the trembling boy. "I love when you're so meek, so obedient. I love holding you like this."

"Yes, my Lord," Abrecan murmured against Tommy's neck.

"To the toilet now," Tommy ordered. He continued to hold the boy's hand as they struggled from the tub to the nearest toilet, Abrecan stopping to cry out in pain every few steps. "That's my sweet boy. This part's almost done." He helped the boy to sit. "Be as loud as you need now."

Abrecan moaned as the air rushed out of the inflated plug. "My Lord!"

Tommy whisked the contraption out of Abrecan and away.

Abrecan pushed and shuddered, his gaze lifted again to Tommy's face. "Thank you, my Lord!"

"Good boy." Tommy pressed Abrecan's face against his stomach. "Good boy."

(UPDATE for later reading ease)- here's the link to part 3: http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2013/09/how-will-tommy-finish-preparing-abrecan.html )

Now that you've completed this 2nd part of the four part dalliance with The Queen, Tommy, and Abrecan, I'd like to explain why you're enjoying it on Friday, rather than on Tuesday. An author friend was talking about blogging, started a group on fb, and now we have "Topic Tuesdays." I shuffled things around a bit. Here's the rough schedule you can kinda, sorta expect from me :D

Monday: short stories (often just for the blog)
Tuesday: "Topic Tuesday" or random, if I really can't handle the topic that Jeff's suggested
Wednesday: What I'm reading Wednesdays
Thursday: BDSM educational, philosophy
Friday: Focusing on a specific kink
Saturday: Submissive Saturdays, "sexy Saturday"- what is sexy to me and/or blog hops
Sunday: Sunday Six Sentences or Sunday Short Excerpt- Watch for Jeff posting Tuesday's topic on FB

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