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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Maddie Taylor guests to talk about DD and her book "Surrender Your Grace"

So I invited Maddie to guest on my blog this Sunday. I like sharing a variety of writing with my blog readers, especially when it's erotic romance but not what I normally write. And here you have, Maddie :)

Enjoy the excerpt:
Newly wedded Andrew and Cici didn't get a chance to get a customary courtship thanks to a scandal instigated by Cici's sister.  In this scene, Andrew introduces his views on domestic discipline.

Your father threatened to take a cane to your sister.  Was that a common event in your household?”

She blushed furiously at the topic.  “That is a rather unseemly subject, my lo-, uh Andrew.”

No topic is off-limits between a husband and his wife.  Answer the question, Cecilia.”

She nodded and averted her eyes.  “I was paddled a time or two while growing up, but Papa never used the cane on me.  Elizabeth earned herself a thrashing or two though.”

Well, I am a firm believer in delivering a sound thrashing when it’s needed.  It appears your father was lax in the application of the cane where your sister is concerned.  The old idiom ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’ seems fitting in this case. You will find I am not as careless.  In the future, if you violate the rules we've just discussed or any rules I decree from now on, you can expect to feel my guiding hand on your naughty backside, or any other implement I see fit to use to make my point clear. Do you understand?”

Cici paled, and her eyes were round as saucers as she looked at him.  He would spank her like a naughty child?  Papa hadn't found cause to discipline her since she was still in pinafores.  Of course, that had been Elizabeth’s fault as well.  It seemed every time she got in trouble, her sister’s hand was involved.  Look at her current predicament. Did wives really get spanked?   Good gracious, this was unheard of!

Fear not Cecilia, if you are a good girl and behave as a lady should, you have nothing to fear.”  He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

Enjoy the blurb:
He's a second son. She's a second daughter. A twist of fate and cruel intentions brings this unlikely pair together in an impromptu marriage. Without a proper courtship, the pair must learn to live as husband and wife while facing challenges and dangerous threats that could destroy their marriage.

Andrew is a dominant young Lord who has very strong ideas on how his wife should behave. Cici is an innocent young Lady; sheltered, well-educated and well-bred. She is the image of feminine refinement and gentility that society expects. But if she is such a docile bride, why does she keep finding herself over her husband's knee for much needed correction? Will she learn to be the submissive wife he demands? And can Andrew exert his dominance without breaking her spirit.

Author Maddie Taylor brings her style of romance, combined with elements of humor and intrigue, to this Victorian Era romp. Included are scenes of consensual and non-consensual spanking where the feisty heroine spends an inordinate amount of time over her husbands knee, desk or settee. When will he learn that she isn't a child to be spanked and made to stand in the corner? Never we hope.

Enjoy some reviews:
SYG has been on the amazon bestseller list since its release currently at #3 on the Victorian Top 100 and also on the bestseller for Historical Romance and Regency.

5.0 out of 5 stars I can't say enough*****, August 29, 2013
Patty Devlin "Author of Choices- Part 1,2, & 3" - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Surrender Your Grace (Kindle Edition)
This book is by far the hottest, wittiest, all over most well-written Regency I've read in a long time. I loved everything about it. There is a great plot and of course it has 6o,ooo words so plentyof story to enjoy, not the typical 20-40k. I can't say enough for the word play. It was so entertaining and amusing. I laughed so much, I learned new things, I was totally absorbed, and of course- it was HOT_HOT_HOT! While I loved Maddie Taylor's other books- I think that she was born to write this. She has definitely moved to my READ NOW list.

5.0 out of 5 stars 10/5 stars, August 29, 2013
Zerenity - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Surrender Your Grace (Kindle Edition)
Is there a word better than AWESOME! I always loved historical romances, and of course if they are a bit naughty that's even better. This book have it all, lords and ladies... And all the other good stuff that makes a hist. romance so awesome. This is a MUST READ.

Enjoy the author bio:
I live in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee where I live with my wonderful husband of 20+ years. Together we have built a wonderful life with our two sons who have grown into strong, successful young men that we are very proud of. Who rules our roust? Of course, my strong alpha male husband as well as our male mixed-lab alpha dog and Her Highness our cat. Amidst all that testosterone and Miss Kitty's bossy ways, I occasionally get a word in edgewise (mine are always the most profound and correct), get to drive the car (using GPS of course) and when nobody else is home even get to hold the remote control. It's no wonder I write fantasies about dominant alpha males and their feisty women...I write what I know.

Enjoy the whole book! Buy it at:



  1. Thanks for having me on your blog today Joelle! I love everything about the Victorian Era, the fashion, the language of the fan and the flowers, the romance. I have been thrilled at the response to my first historical endeavor and due to popular request have moved a sequel up to the top of my to do list. Thanks again. Love, Maddie

    1. wonderful to hear about the sequel :) And yeah, while I don't think I could manage to write Victorian settings, I do love to read them. You're welcome :)- I love hosting other authors.

  2. I've read this book and I loved it. Normally I shy away from Victorian and Regency but I really loved this one. Cici and Andrew make such a thrilling yet heartwarming couple that only Maddie Taylor can deliver.

    1. Why do you normally shy away from it, LA? Although I admit, when it comes to Victorian and Regency, I wanna know the author. But reading Maddie's snippets on Saturday Spankings has me excited from when my Master says I can buy books again- I can only sneak one or two in here and there in because yeah, even before I got on Saturday Spankings, my TBR and book buying both got out of control enough I got myself in trouble. But like I know another one- I'm almost sure Renee Rose says it's a Regency- is her "Married to a Rake"- that one looks fun as well

    2. I have several replies saying they were nervous or reluctant to by a Victorian and Regency thinking the spanking would be intense. I try very hard to include a plot in my stories like mystery. In this one there is a "who done it" ending so even vanilla and newbie spanking romance readers will enjoy it. There is a scene with a birching rod, however Andrews is always very calm during and loving and rewarding after the discipline.

    3. Thanks for the high praise LA. I hope I have converted you to a Regency/Victorian reader and fan.

    4. thanks for the further explanation of your process, Maddie. Interesting that people would assume the spanking would be intense, based on it being Victorian/Regency.

    5. I've shied away from from regencies and Victorians mostly because I can't keep all the titles straight. The Lords, and Ladies- I can do! You start bringing in Duchess, Counts, Earls and Vicor's I start getting them all mixed up.
      Other than 'Surrender your Grace' I have really only read a couple of other Victorian books. I can't even recall the names, but I honestly didn't like them. The courtship in one of them always had the H/h walking around the table. Or if there was a scene with a bed, they slept with one foot on the floor. (Read both of those a long, long time ago) I guess I didn't give any of the good ones a chance because of the couple I didn't like. I'll be picking up more of MT's though. I like her style.

    6. ah all the titles... I guess the way I've lived BDSM, I've interacted with people using all sorts of aristocratic titles within BDSM, so I can follow a lot of it.
      you should really ask for some recommendations though among the Saturday Spankings crew on Regency. there's some really good books out there.

  3. This sounds fantastic!!
    I loved the excerpt. Lord Andrew sounds so yummy and Dominant!
    I can't wait to read this!

    1. Katherine, how much have you read of the Saturday Spankings blog hop. I swear you were one to comment that this was your first week taking part, but Maddie's shared a bunch of snippets from this book on #SatSpanks