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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Loving quickie between two men... sometimes you just need sex

I woke up one morning to Tommy and Abrecan making love and no matter what other work I tried to do, Tommy kept demanding I write it down. Well I can't tell you what The Queen was doing that this happened, but here's the fruits of me waking up to two men making love in my mind :D

Tommy swung out of his room and grabbed the passing Abrecan by his collar, pulling the boy after him.

Abrecan groaned as he stumbled after Tommy. "My Lord."

"Sh." Tommy wrapped his arms around Abrecan's waist and pulled him close. "Love you, sweet. Make love to me. I want to feel you inside me."

Abrecan sank into the bed with Tommy. "Feels so good, my Lord. Love you, my Lord," he moaned against Tommy's lips.

Tommy threw back his head, his hair falling away from his neck. He shuddered.

Abrecan planted a kiss against Tommy's ear, his lips dragging down the skin to the collarbone.

"Please, please." Tommy writhed against the bed.

Abrecan glanced at Tommy's face, visibly confused.

"Forget about roles and make love to me," Tommy demanded.

"Yes, my Lord." Abrecan buried his hand in the slightly longer hair at the back of Tommy's head. He dug in and pulled, hard, as he drove his tongue into Tommy's mouth.

Tommy pushed at the waistband of Abrecan's pants.

"Got it." Abrecan let go of Tommy's head with one hand and, tugging and pulling, got his pants off. "Were you waiting for me, my Lord?" The hand moved down between Tommy's legs, over the hard cock.

"Yes, please!" Tommy thrust into Abrecan's hand.

"Yes, yes." Abrecan pushed Tommy's knees against his chest. "You are so very gorgeous." He leaned forward and dragged his tongue up the asscheeks, stopping at the balls. He grabbed Tommy's ass in both hands and pushed.

Tommy grunted, his knuckles turning white against his calves. "Gods, please." He groaned, his cock bobbing as if slapped, when Abrecan pushed his tongue into Tommy's asshole.

Abrecan moaned against Tommy, his tongue working hard to give pleasure. He breathed in deeply.

"Yes, baby, love you." Tommy's hips moved and pre-cum dripped down his cock.

"Love you, my Lord." Abrecan jumped up to his knees. He lifted Tommy part way onto his knees. "Thank you, my Lord. I love you, my Lord." He thrust his cock into Tommy's asshole and both men trembled. "You feel so good, I don't know how long I can hold back my orgasm. My Lord, my Lord."

"I don't care. Just use me, love me. I wanna feel you come inside me. Feel you." Tommy panted. His eyes squeezed shut. He grimaced his pleasure. "Harder. Make me feel your cock fill me!"

Abrecan grunted. "Like this?" He gritted his teeth, thrusting deep into Tommy. "Love you, my Lord. Gods. Fuck!"

"Like that!" Tommy unfolded his legs and wrapped them around Abrecan's back, pulling the man down onto him. "You're gonna make me come, boy. Feel so good." He cried out.

Abrecan kissed Tommy, taking the moans and pleas into his mouth. He thrust and then froze. He groaned.

"That's right. Fill me love. Fuck your cum into me. Love you. Yes, love you. Coming!" Tommy grunted and whimpered against Abrecan's lips. "Feel so good coming in my ass. Feel so good."

Abrecan panted against Tommy's cheek for a moment. Then he rolled them onto their sides. "Thank you, my Lord." He softly kissed Tommy's cheek.

The men wrapped their arms around each other and held tight.

Tommy brushed his lips over Abrecan's. "The Queen wants you prepared for him, but first, I wanted to make love to you."

"Yes, thanks, my Lord." Abrecan shuddered again, his breathing echoing through the otherwise quiet room. "I love you, and I love giving you pleasure, my Lord." He closed his eyes and basked in the sensations of the moment.
Please come back next Tuesday- you'll get to read Tommy preparing Abrecan- then the Tuesday after that, you'll get to read what all the preparation was for, what The Queen wants to do to his blue-banged -- UPDATE: here's the link for the next part for later reading ease- http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2013/09/tommy-fills-abrecan-short-fiction.html

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