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Friday, September 6, 2013

Patricia Logan guests to talk about electro stim play

For my "specific kink Friday," I've invited Patricia Logan, author of some 23 or so novels of male/male BDSM and male/male contemporary romance (although I did love her m/m/f polyamoruous work "Silver Secrets"). Visit her blog http://naughtypassions.blogspot.com/ and become a "Loganite" too :D

E-Stim or the art of electro play…

I recently finished off my Master’s Boys series of six books and because Joelle is a fan of the series, she asked me to stop by today and give a little bit of an overview of one of my favorite and underutilized kinks, E-Stim. I decided that I would put a very graphic E-Stim scene in the final book of the series. It is done between two main characters who have appeared throughout the series and are in a committed Dom/sub relationship. I emphasize the nature of their commitment here because E-Stim is not something that new partners should be participating in. The intensity of this form of hard play requires that the partners have an established trust between them. In this case, this D/s pair has been together exclusively for the last nine months and are monogamous with each other.

E-Stim in BDSM play can be anything from the use of a simple TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit, to a more elaborate machine designed with dials which are controlled by the Dom. Electric stimulation can be increased as the Dom sees fit, to get the desired reaction from his submissive. With both of these machines, wires are plugged into the machine and then pads with a conductive gel are placed directly on the submissives skin. In BDSM play, the leads are generally placed on the genitals, the nipples and around the thighs. These units are battery operated, not connected to an electrical source. The point of E-Stim is not to fry your submissive from the inside out.

In gay BDSM play, which is what I write about, butt plugs and urethral sounds are also hooked up to the machine and the flow of electricity is then controlled by the Dominant when he decides just how much electrical stimulation he’ll deliver to his sub. Sounds, in and of themselves, are extreme in their use and a sound hooked up to an E-Stim device can be devilish torture. Imagine a metal rod inserted into a penis in order to stimulate the prostate and then add electricity to the mix. It is a combination of mind blowing stimulation. The use of the sound is incredibly hard play for a submissive male due to the fact that the sound prevents a sub from ejaculating until it is removed. Once the sound is given battery power, look out, when you remove that, you’re going to have an eruption of epic proportions. The submissive has no way to control or even stop himself from coming if he wanted to; the choice is simply not in his hands and the resulting orgasm has been described as the most intense orgasm that he could ever experience.

In my research on the internet, and watching many scenes both with partners and also masturbation with E-Stim play, I found that there is a variety of men who love this type of hard play. I am told, though not a man, that E-Stim is not always a painful experience. That is left entirely up to what the Dom and his submissive agree upon up front, before the scene begins. As I said, there must be a decent amount of established trust between men who engage in E-Stim because of its extreme nature and potential for injury. A Dom must be trained in what he is doing. Often, these intense scenes are done with two Doms for safety reasons. One Dom operates the device while the other is fully engaged in watching the submissive’s reactions to what is going on. If he feels that the submissive is taking too much without using their safe word, then he will stop the scene or check its intensity immediately. All in all, E-Stim has its place in hard play for some partners.

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