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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Top Five Tips On Good Fellatio

Time for Topic Tuesday again. I'm enjoying this so far. Please check out the other authors also giving their top five tips on something today :D

"My Top Five Tips On Good Fellatio"

1- not every guy is going to like the same thing

People have different preferences on all sorts of things. Why would we think that all guys would like to receive oral sex in the same way? I blame lack of sex ed, mixed messages around sexuality, and the monotony of too much pornography for this. So ask. Ask the guy you're about to perform fellatio on what he likes.

2- shower

Why is this not assumed? I know, assumptions are part of the problem in my first tip, but really. At least in the US, we've gotten to this point that natural, normal bodily smells and such are anathema. So why not take a shower together, save some water, and get clean? It doesn't have to happen every time, but for someone who dreads giving fellatio, maybe this will help.

3- if needed, use flavored condoms/massage oil

Continuing from "maybe this will help," I want to mention flavored condoms and massage oil. There's tons of product out there. You can easily find these tips of products from a grocery store. Of course, for safer sex, one should use condoms for fellatio if two people aren't "fluid bonded." However whatever the case on safer sex issues, a flavored condom can remove some of the "gross taste" if that's the performing person's problem. But if the idea of latex in one's mouth is gross and people are fluid bonded, flavored massage oils work as well- I think some are even condom safe, but I don't use these regularly so I'm not sure.

4- if you have a sensitive gag reflex, don't worry about doing it like a porn star. hell even if you don't have one, don't worry.

I've seen various "sex help books" that purport to teach the buyer to do one thing or another "like a porn star." My Master and I have both worked around pornography in a variety of fashions and I can tell you- the finished product that "you" watch isn't what it looked like in production. There's trying to get "the perfect shot" and waiting for lighting and other things to be lined up etc. That "easily deepthroating"- yeah, not necessarily. The performer might used some numbing spray. The final shot might have been the third or more take. And the perfection of it? Well the other day I commented to my Master that I felt sad that I couldn't just deepthroat Him like a porn star without warning, preparation etc. Suddenly I found myself across the bed, His cock in my mouth- "See, you got almost all of it"- then some great quickie sex. "Almost all of it," that was good enough. This wasn't being recorded for anyone- it was for Him to enjoy.

5- if you have a sensitive gag reflex, use your hands and tongue more

Again, not having a sensitive gag reflex is no reason to ignore this tip :D. Coming from a variety of different sources, I've found I'm best at an almost total genital activity. I use mouth, hands, sometimes even breasts as I go down on my Master. I stimulate that whole region of His body from His cock to His asshole. In this process, I take as much time as He allows. But yeah, this doesn't look like an "on your knees, cock in the mouth BJ" from a porn movie. My Master's disproving aside, I'm not really all that good at deepthroating and require some warm up time, different positions etc to do a really good job at it. So when the goal is to bring Him to orgasm through fellatio, the use of my hands, my tongue becomes necessary.


  1. Great tips! I think that many people get hung up on the fact that they are not porn stars. Hell Porn Stars are not porn stars in real life. Thank you for sharing these!

    1. thanks, Jeff. but yeah, porn might be fun to watch, but its reality is pretty questionable :D. I still gotta finish the short story I started writing from my Master's proof that I have nothing to worry lol

  2. Thanks for the tips, Joelle! And where I'm good at doing a certain move (i.e.-deep-throating) one day, the next day I might not be able to do it again. This is the real deal and not a movie set. Make it work for you!

    1. oh yeah, that's such a good point, Kimber. Just like other things in life, sexual activities can depend so much from day to day. Like I think on how different activities have changed over the 13+ years I've been with my Master.