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Monday, September 30, 2013

Vala tops Raanan? (part 1)

I hope you enjoy this two-post piece of fiction :). It was inspired by a sub-plot that comes to the surface in "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" (of my Vala's Story series)- I'm hoping to have this ready for release by mid October.

Vala is left at home with Raanan when the family takes The Queen and Iona's son to a kids' pizza place. She's still tired- her body still not totally right after her years of drug abuse- and plus she's achy from a hard first day in The Queen's stable. So first, here's a snippet of fiction for you to enjoy first :D...

(from "Gates of the Garden: Book Two")

"Somehow I don't believe you just want to cuddle."

"You won't get into trouble for this, my Lord?" Vala shimmied back under his comforter.

Raanan chuckled. "How sweet of you to show concern after being a tease." He joined Vala in bed and pulled her close to him. "The Queen will have to be told, but it's not forbidden."

Vala moaned softly against Raanan's chest.

"Be quiet, for now."

"Yes, my Lord." Vala laid her hand on Raanan's thigh.

And now for the extra-novel fiction... what I think repeated hinted-at comments about what it was like when Raanan and Vala enjoyed each other.

Raanan looked at Vala's small hand where it rested on his thigh; he couldn't keep his moan inside him. He moved against the hand.

Vala grinned. She let her hand wander down his thigh until her fingers brushed over Raanan's hard cock.

Hips thrusting upward, Raanan closed his eyes. "More."

"Gladly, my Lord." Vala wrapped her hands around his cock. She employed short, teasing strokes.

"More," Raanan whimpered.

Vala leaned over to trace the head, its slit with the tip of her tongue. She breathed softly, her aroused pants covering his skin.


Vala sat up, the bed and Raanan shifting under her.

His eyelids slid up, his gaze locked on her face. "Please."

"Please, my Lord?" Vala's thumb moved over the slit, slowly, teasingly.

Raanan groaned, his head rocking backward as his chest lifted toward Vala.

One hand still on his cock, she leaned forward with the other to brush her fingers over his nipples. She caught one between her thumb and forefinger, starting to squeeze. She gasped, her finger leaving the nipple to trace the cane welts across his chest.

Raanan thrust into Vala's hand. "You know I like it hard."

"Yes... my Lord."

"Please, the pinching felt so good."

Vala studied Raanan's face. Her gaze moved over his rich brown eyes, the teasing red bangs, his full lips. She released his cock. She straddled his hips, the tip of his cock brushing her ass. Her grin returned, she leaned forward again. "Pinching? What about both nipples then, my Lord?"

He drew in a sharp breath. "Yes." Should mention... title. He groaned, shuddering.

Vala pinched hard, twisting his nipples between her fingers, pulling away from his body. Increasing the pressure, she lifted her hips and dragged her body, her cunt lips, her asscrack, up and down his cock. She traced a path across his chest with the tip of her tongue.

"Thank you." His lips remained parted as he watched her expression.

"Look down," she coaxed, pulling on his nipples as she spoke.

Raanan's gaze moved over Vala's hands, the fingers. He sighed then cried out, pushing his chest up against her.

Vala let go one nipple and drew her hand back. The crack echoing through the mostly silent room, she delivered the caressing slap to the large, puckered nipple.

A rush of air escaped Raanan's heaving chest. He caught Vala's hand in both of his for a moment, held the femininity to his heated skin.

"Am I___" Vala moaned at Raanan's hands falling back to his sides.

"No, not in trouble. Again please. Harder please." His attention slipped through his body.

Frowning in concentration, Vala brought her hand down as hard as she could on Raanan's chest, fingers pushing into nipple, palm catching his skin. "I love your skin, so gorgeously bronze, yet still so lovely red." She grabbed chunks of his chest, pulled, pinched.

Raanan thrashed under Vala, his moans loud and plaintive. The feel of her legs clasping his hips felt heavenly, the wetness of her arousal a torment. What's with me? He cried with another slash of pain radiating through his chest as she dragged her sharp nails across his skin.

"Now this feels good, after all the bratting you didn't punish me for." Carefully Vala rubbed her body up and down Raanan's cock, pushing so he just went into her cunt before she pulled back away. "Something tells me you'd roll onto your stomach and let me spank you." She pressed the length of her body against him as she dipped down to kiss him. "I want to spank you."

Lips trembling, an anguished, "Yes," escaped Raanan.

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