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Monday, September 16, 2013

How will Tommy finish preparing Abrecan for The Queen? :)

I had some difficulties... got moody at my Master, needed to feel a cane (okay so it wasn't an actual cane, but an acrylic stick from a craft store meant for war-gaming but became a toy) across my ass, my Master putting me to bed, then the guys going off to the gaming store Sunday morning, but I finally got this lovely story finished, Tommy preparing Abrecan for The Queen's pleasure. For your ease of enjoyment :D- click here to see Tommy and Abrecan making love first here and then Tommy giving Abrecan an enema to prepare him for The Queen here before continuing on to find out how Tommy finishes the preparations.

Tommy cleaned the shuddering boy and flushed the toilet. "To The Queen's bedroom now." He hurried out the bathroom. "Ailin, clean the mess I left in there."

"Yes, my Lord," Ailin murmured, sighing as he watched Tommy lead Abrecan down the stairs.

"My Lord." Abrecan's voice broke in a dependent sob.

"Yes, good boy. Just obey me now. No need to worry."

Abrecan pressed his front against Tommy, his eyes closed.

Tommy held Abrecan. "Such a good boy." He lifted his gaze to find The Queen reclining on his bed, watching. His lips caught in an open circle.

The Queen gave a small nod.

Tommy's cock twitched against Abrecan's thigh. "Open your eyes and look behind me. You'll see a black rubber sheet. I want you to lay on it on your stomach." He dropped his arms to his sides.

"Yes, my Lord." As if in the best and most complete subspace, Abrecan's eyes slid open as he was already obeying Tommy's order.

Tommy watched Abrecan as the beautiful boy sank to his knees beside the sheet then fell forward onto his stomach. He licked his lips. His fingers pressed into his thigh; The Queen was watching. He hurried by the prone submissive to the toy closet. He chewed on his bottom lip as his fingers danced over the hogtie strips, their attached buckles. He grabbed the middle ring and hurried back to Abrecan's side.

"I love you, my Lord," Abrecan murmured.

"Love you too, good, little boy." Tommy dragged his hand down from Abrecan's shoulder blades to the small of the back. "Grab your ankles." He rubbed the back, the ass. "I like seeing how your muscles have learned to stretch again."

"Yes, my Lord." Abrecan's arms trembled with the strain.

Tommy quickly fastened the cuffs on Abrecan's wrists. He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth as the boy's body reacted to the change, the leather allowing his shoulders to relax just a little. Then the ankles, those gorgeously strong calves that made him moan.

Abrecan smiled as he watched Tommy kneel beside his shoulders. "I love how my body pleases you, my Lord."

"You are such a beautiful boy." Tommy laid on his side next to Abrecan's bound body. He slowly licked his lips before kissing, soft at first, then deeper, so deep until Abrecan groaned, opening to invasion. Taste so good.

Abrecan pushed against Tommy as he could.

Tommy's eyelids fluttered and his gaze moved up to take in The Queen crouched on the other side of Abrecan.

The Queen placed a black leather mask on Tommy's hand where it gripped Abrecan's left asscheek.

Abrecan moaned again, shuddering within his bondage.

Has he realized The Queen's here? Or is he just reacting to the leather's touch without thinking?

"My Lord." Abrecan kissed Tommy with gorgeous desperation.

"Lovely boy." Tommy plucked the mask. He kissed Abrecan's eyelids. "Good boy. Keep your eyes closed." He placed the mask over the boy's eyes. His teeth worrying his bottom lip, he pulled the straps against the hair, fixed the buckle on the back of Abrecan's head. "You look so beautifully helpless, naked and hogtied."

'Thank you, my Lord." Trembling washed over Abrecan's body.

Tommy joined Abrecan in trembling when The Queen's shadow moved over the boys. He looked up. My Queen? He released the submissive body with one arm and accepted the bottle of mineral oil.

The Queen gestured with his head from one end of Abrecan to the other.

Tommy nodded. He flipped the lid open, smiling at Abrecan's deep groan. He poured oil. "Sweet boy." His hand slid over Abrecan's back, pushing the fluid over the shaking back. "I might have to take a picture, let you see just how gorgeous you are waiting to please The Queen."

"Please, my Lord," Abrecan begged.

Tommy poured more oil, watching it drip onto Abrecan's asscheeks, between the crack.

Abrecan quaked in the bondage's hold. "Please, my Lord."

Tommy brushed his fingers over Abrecan's asshole, a fingertip pushing oil into the defenseless hole. He pressed his finger in farther before pouring more oil and then looking up.

The Queen had pulled a small table beside the sheet; on it burned several candles of varying shades.

Tommy held the bottle over Abrecan's legs. He moved the glimmering wetness over the shaking legs, between them, over balls that begged to be kissed.

The Queen placed his hand on Tommy's shoulders.

Tommy froze, one hand against Abrecan's ass, a finger holding him, the other continuing to caress and massage every inch of accessible skin. He looked up again.

"I am very pleased," The Queen murmured, his smile moving over the boys as their bodies each reacted to their Master's voice. "But now Simon is here to enjoy you, my baby boy."

Tommy gasped when Simon moved to stand beside The Queen.

"Come to me," Simon ordered.

On suddenly weak legs, Tommy struggled to his feet and into Simon's embrace.

The Queen slid down to where Tommy had just been. "My stormy little boy."

The last thing Tommy saw before Simon led him away was The Queen holding a beautiful red candle over Abrecan's back.

And just because I'm a rotten brat like that :D let me tell you a little secret... I was so "in the zone" with The Queen, Tommy, and Abrecan that I moved on to The Queen enjoying Abrecan.... BUT heheheheh you have to wait until next Monday to read the final piece of this story.

But but but :D UPDATE! if you're reading this on some day in the future from 9/16/2013, you can use this link to go right on to the next piece: http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-queen-makes-love-to-abrecan.html

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