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Monday, October 7, 2013

Vala tops Raanan? (part 2)

Continuing the exploration of what might have happened when Raanan and Vala were left alone at the mansion while the rest of the family went out... please read part 1 here before enjoying... what do you think Vala will do once Raanan is laying on his stomach?

Vala hopped to Raanan's side, holding her breath as he moved. Before he settled into place, she brought her hand down with a walloping spank across one cheek.

Raanan moaned into a pillow. He wriggled his hips, settling his cock underneath him.

Vala shoved her hand between Raanan's thighs and started slapping until they parted.

"Gods, please, Vala."

"Sh." Vala pressed Raanan's asscheeks apart.

Raanan cried into the pillow, wrapped his arms around it.

"Yes, I'm looking at your asshole. I think when the family gets home, I'll beg The Queen to fuck your ass so I can watch." Vala slapped Raanan's ass, moving from one cheek to the other and back again, repeatedly. She cupped her hand and the slap caught his quivering ass right on the crack. "Just a moment."

Raanan turned his head to watch Vala hop off his bed. I'm the dominant here. I am. Pretty girl. He shuddered as he watched Vala drag her hand across the shelf in front of his line of butt plugs.

"Was that a shudder I saw ripple over your beautiful body just now?" Vala wrapped her hand around the base of a large black plug.

"Yes..." Raanan pulled in a harsh breath.

"You just almost gave me a title." Vala giggled. "Naughty, naughty." She stopped beside Raanan's bed. "Let me see. I'm debating if I should be nice... my Lord?" She brushed the plug against her pussy, back and forth until his gaze followed.

"Nice?" Raanan echoed.

Vala squatted just enough to shove the plug up into her cunt. She dragged it back out, her eyelids fluttering with the sensation.

Raanan's hips pulled his lower body up, his thighs parting farther.

"Good boy." Vala climbed back onto Raanan's bed. "Now pull those asscheeks far apart for me."

Raanan whimpered even as his hands shot behind him, his hands grabbing his skin. "Please."

Vala pressed the tip against his asshole. "Fast or slow?"

Raanan rubbed his face into the pillow. "Ah..."

Vala started to push. "I think slow. I want to see your body stretch to take this thick plug in. Do you use this on Ely? Or does The Queen use it on you?"

Raanan's neck moved with his struggled swallows. "I use it... on Ely... more." His breathing caught as the plug sunk to its thickest part inside him. He cried out.

"That sounds real good. Does it burn?"

"Yes. Thank you... for wetting it." Raanan thrashed against the bed as Vala pushed the plug the rest of the way into his asshole, filling him.

"Onto your back again," Vala ordered.

"Yes," Raanan whispered before the sounds started, constant dribblings of noise as he struggled to please Vala, struggled to turn his body over, and show her his cock. His sounds softened to sighs when his filled ass pressed into his comforter. He lowered his gaze to her face.

"Very good." Vala traced Raanan's lips with one finger. "Very, very good."

That shouldn't fill me with such joy. Raanan gasped at the heated touch of Vala's skin as she straddled his hips again.

Vala guided Raanan's cock into her cunt. She arched her back, smiling euphorically, as her hair brushed against his thighs and balls. "Sit up now and wrap your arms around my waist."

Raanan struggled to marshal his muscles into the ordered movements, groaning as Vala's cunt moved around his cock as he shifted underneath her. "Thank you," he murmured against her neck.

"Of course." Vala kissed Raanan's cheek before winding her arms around his neck. She buried her hands in his hair and pulled. "I'm very turned on. I'm sure I can make myself come hard and quick on your lovely cock. What about you? Are you so ready to come? The Queen has me on birth control so you can come inside me... if I want."

"Please." Raanan held Vala tight, his eyes closed. "Please," he begged again.

"Maybe. You do feel so good." Vala worked herself on Raanan's cock, up and down, groaning. Her legs squeezed his thighs. "You knew leaving me in that position would make something happen, didn't you? Were you hopping I'd beg you to fuck me? My Lord?"

Raanan screamed. "Yes, please. Fuck me! Use my cock to make you come!"

"I'm gonna, but what about you, boy? Wanna come?"

"Please." Raanan sobbed as Vala's bit and kissed his neck, covering his skin with tiny teeth marks.

"Good begging. You sound so good crying. I think I wanna feel you come inside me. Would that be real nice?"

"Yes, please, yes." With Vala's release of his hair, Raanan buried his face against her neck. "Wanna come. Please. Beg to fill you."


"Please!" Raanan's arms trembled around Vala.

Vala grunted. "Come with me." She pulled his ear between her teeth, sucking and biting.

"Vada," Raanan whispered before joining Vala in grunting. "Thank you! Sweet girl! Sweet Vala!" He crashed back down to the bed, taking Vala with him. Hope she didn't hear that.

Vala's body shook with little pants against Raanan. "Thank you, my Lord."


"Yes, my Lord?"

"What just happened, you topping me? That doesn't leave this room, unless The Queen asks. Understand?"

"Of course, my Lord. Unless The Queen asks, but I wouldn't want to tell anyone, unless he asks, my Lord."

"Why's that?"

"Because somehow, I feel very special that you allowed it, my Lord."

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