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Monday, October 14, 2013

Thora tries to help me write more of her story

I've been stymied with "Looking for our Unicorn." Stuck at the very beginning of a lovemaking scene with Bruce and Thora. I'm maybe 3000 words into the WIP. So I decided today to have a "conversation" with Thora. I think I may have figured out my way to get writing again. Of course, I managed to talk about my Cara Bristol and Anastasia Vitsky as well as the Saturday Spankings blog hop, because that's just the insanity of my mind :D.

Joelle, you asked for this meeting. Did you have anything specific to ask me?

I'm still trying to figure that out, Thora. You know, when Cara Bristol suggested a "poly spanking" story, I thought it sounded like a great idea and sat down to write. It's gone slowly, starts and stops. I'd thought to try to proceed with chapters in all 3 of your perspectives (you, Bruce, and Arya) like my friends' one series, but the idea of writing in Bruce's pov just doesn't interest me so much. I took my BR's suggestion of doing character sheets for you 3, but it's still not happening. I even started another WIP, rather than try to do anything in the scene that I'm stuck in.

The scene of Bruce and I making love? So you have all your theories on what the problem is, right? That you can't write vanilla. That you're not "connecting to the characters"- hence this conversation, right? That you're over-thinking genre expectations- remember what Ana said, that "menage has its own rules" or something like that. That you're thinking on publication before you even have a rough draft finished.

Yeah, right on all accounts. Not sure if one theory is more or less right than the other. Or if it's just one big mess in my head that's turning what should be a nice lovemaking scene between you and Bruce into a problem for me.

Here's a thought... I know you do National Novel Writing Month. You've learned from that writing to move on in a WIP past a scene that's giving you problems. Is it really that important to finish this lovemaking scene? Is it about plot? Or about Bruce's and my relationship? If it's the latter, you could skip ahead to this trip out for coffee with Arya and I that you already had me tell Bruce about.

However, I have a suggestion of one of your problems- you've been too focused on the BDSM trappings of the word "submissive." When you shared snippets from my book on Saturday Spankings, you were surprised when some of the other authors commented on how submissive I am, as if I can't be submissive because I'm not into BDSM like you are. You need to release the labels from your mind.

Okay, Thora. You're probably right. I'd really like to write The Queen and Tommy making mad, passionate love, but I will put your suggestion into the Unicorn WIP. Thanks.

You're welcome. Now I expect you should actually write Bruce easing the butt plug into me and making love so he and I can get some rest before the end of the month.


  1. Sometimes writing is a piece of cake, and other times it's extremely difficult. We all get stuck at times, it's part of the process.

    1. very true, Cara. This is slowly going. Thankfully Emily Tilton has made some good suggestions in the spanking group. I really gotta stop over-thinking this :D

  2. Sometimes it can help to talk through your stories and record yourself talking. It's helped me in the past. :)

    1. definitely, Ana. I had quite lengthy conversations with The Queen, Vala and some of that series' characters, but I'm still struggling to connect with any of this WIP's characters. Thora was very helpful :) She was very sweet to remind me of what you'd said :D

  3. Thank you for sharing your conversation with your characters. It was very insightful! I love tapping into the creative mind. From what I read you came to some great conclusions!

    1. and thanks for the comment, Corinne. I've often wondered if other authors do this. I found it worked real good this time, using the two fonts. Normally I just use italics/no italics to give me that visual division. here's hoping that tomorrow is more relaxed (the censorship storm and family issues) and I totally didn't manage to write today