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Friday, October 25, 2013

OTK (pssst "over the knee") spankings- do I or do I not want one ? :D

"So you want maintenance spankings?" Master looks me up and down where I stand just inside His den.

"Yes, Master." I'm hoping my expression doesn't say that I'm aware I'm too far for Him to easily reach as well.

"How's that any different than what we have?"

"Ah... I wouldn't know when, but the spankings would happen with some regularity, Master. And... ah... it'd help me to remember You're in control, Master."

Suddenly I find myself sprawling across His lap and crying out when the back scratcher cracks against my naked ass- why'd I decide to come ask Master this question naked?

Okay, so I just wrote out a little OTK spanking my Master has given me recently. Nope, the OTK spanking isn't a common thing in my relationship. That was hot and all, but not common. More common...

I press back against Master; He has me in the preferred "fucktoy" position (it's almost spooning, but He has my face pressed down on the bed with an arm across my neck.) I strain back and work my hips, fucking myself onto His cock.

"Tell me when you're coming!"

I grunt and fuck back harder. "Come! Coming, Master!"

His large, warm hands slap against my hip.

My muscles clamp down harder on Master's cock, pulling more pleasure into my body.

More slaps- we both like it this way.

Now that is a far more common "spanking"- something that happens within a sexual moment, not something where my dress/skirt are lifted, my panties pulled down. I'm quick to strip, when I actually am wearing clothes- I'm not a nudist, but I'm certainly comfortable out of clothes. I mostly wear panties at that time of the month that I'm not likely to react well to any attentions from Master lol.

However, in both BDSM and spanking fiction, two of my favorite types of books, the OTK spanking shows up plenty. Pictures of women over men's laps- because yes, heteronormativity exists in too much (if you ask me) in these genres- abound on websites of authors and fans. I'm quite fond of the picture on Angie Sargenti's blog.

When I started doing the Saturday Spankings Blog hop, I even found on OTK spanking to share a snippet of :D. Of course, that was only 8 lines of The Queen spanking Vala... I'll give you a little more here ...

(Excerpt from to-be-released "Gates of the Garden: Book Two".)

The Queen sat in the chair behind Vala. "Lay that delightful little body across my lap and then fold your hands against your neck like a good girl."

Vala threw herself across The Queen's lap and folded her hands on her neck underneath her hair; she gasped with the roughness of his jeans against her skin.

"I am just wearing jeans." The Queen laughed. "Your skin cannot be that sensitive."

"I just wasn't expecting it, my Queen."

The Queen laughed again. "You are a silly little girl." He rested his hand on her ass, pushing her pelvic area against his legs. "How often have you felt jeans against your skin?"

"Ah... constantly, my Queen." Vala kissed The Queen's hand where it rested on the chair.

"I am going to spank you now. I am going to spank you until your ass is red. You will not struggle away from me."

"Yes, my Queen," Vala whimpered and pressed against his legs.

The Queen slapped Vala's ass hard, several times in a row. He rested his hand one cheek for a moment. "I love how your pale skin colors." With a cupped hand, he caught the fullness of her ass in a cruel slap.

How do you think Vala responds to this cruel slap? Be watching for release news!


  1. Nice snippet, Joelle. I think if Vala loses her temper after that cruel slap she'll end up getting more than she bargained for:)

    1. thanks, Mary. I really wanted to give you all from Satspanks more of the snippet than our rules allow- I'd forgotten about Spank or treat allowing us more words or I may have put the whole spanking up there. However, there's more from my poly BDSM family tonight for that. I'm not sure I ever show Vala really lose her temper at The Queen in the series. Oh, maybe in the very beginning of the series when she's still wearing her birth name Mearr when he's just brought her home after she OD'd again.

  2. Well, this was quite a read today, Joelle. Uh...thanks for sharing. LOL.

    1. heh thanks :D well I did say there was more story than tips/article this week, right ?

  3. Personally I am a fan of reading about the OTK spankings... I don't know, they just seem hotter. Maybe the closeness?

    Nice snippet- very hot!

    1. hm, possibly it's about the closeness, Casey. I'm not sure. There are certainly many ways to feel close. Second to the position I used in this post, when answering Natasha's "favorite position/implement" on her Spank or Treat post, I talked about this position- on my stomach, my Master laying beside me, on Him using the beater stick and His hand interchangeably. To me, that's just so much hotter than OTK. Although that could very well be from what actually happens in my life- my Master just doesn't do OTK often

  4. Love good old fashioned spankings in any position as long as there is D/s contact. Over the knee is more intimate and you can feel the D, HoH, tops yummy response against your hip, stomach and thighs. Joelle, you had me at the first three letters of your post... OTK

    1. lol Maddie. That is a thought though, feeling the top getting hard. I guess the positions my Master tends to favor, I'm used to have visual clues on His response, or as in my 2nd snippet, a more direct feeling. But then I'm also thinking, the BDSM notion of the spanking bench, Cross etc, where there is minimal contact- yeah, I can see OTK being way more intimate than that