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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Learning more about Greta

I was trying to figure out what fiction to do for "Fiction Monday" and I asked my BR for Vala's Story what she'd like to see me write about. She wanted to learn more about Greta- she would be the submissive that Iona already has when Vala joins The Queen's stable. Now things are crazy because I'm getting ready for Nanowrimo- you've already seen the Nanowrimo progress bar on the right, yes? So today you're getting the first half of Iona learning about Greta now that the Domme and The Queen's friend has become his slave and Iona's submissive. Enjoy :)

Iona placed Greta's foot at the edge of the bed. "Stay."

"Yes, my Lady." Greta wetted her lips, the motion drawing Iona's hungry gaze to her new submissive's mouth.

"Are you nervous being alone with me?" Iona cupped Greta's cheek. "I'm still the same me you've known for years, even if I'm your dominant now."

"You know it's not as simple as that, my Lady." Greta pressed her lips together as if waiting for a punishment for the audacity of her comment.

"True. In some ways it's very different. But not all of them." Iona traced her index finger down the middle of Greta's torso. "There has certainly been an attraction between us for years and we've acted on it in a myriad of ways."

"We've had many a giggle how close we are in appearance except for our height, my Lady." Greta met Iona's gaze and gasped.

"Sh. That is one thing that's changed. I do enjoy looking into your pretty eyes. You don't have to avoid eye contact anymore in respect for The Queen." Iona leaned over to press a soft kiss to Greta's lips. "Such beautifully red lips. But remember The Queen commands eye contact of his slaves, unless it's physically impossible."

"Yes, my Lady. Thanks, my Lady." Greta shuddered against Iona's bed.

Iona turned to her dressing table. "Was that shudder for my candles?"

"Yes, my Lady," Greta murmured.

"Have you ever been on the receiving end of candle wax?" Iona gazed into the fire as her large "Earth" candle's wick caught flame.

"Only in testing the wax... on myself... my Lady."

"We're not starting with this one, lovely girl." Iona moved to the bedside and sat beside Greta's waist. "While I mostly played at BDSM before meeting The Queen, I played a bunch with candle wax. I even got the chance to go to some demonstrations on doing it well and safely." She brushed her fingertips over Greta's nipples.

Greta arched up against Iona's hands.

Iona smiled as her fingers continued to move back and forth. "And why is it you've never gotten these luscious nipples pierced?" She leaned forward to drew one into her mouth.

"My Lady!" Greta's forehead pulled tight in her obvious struggles to be still.

Iona lifted her mouth just above the wet, puckered nipple. "You weren't scared of the pain, were you?"

"Maybe a little, my Lady." Greta drew in a sharp breath when Iona first sucked the nipple back into her mouth before lightly biting.

Iona knelt on the bed and leaned over Greta.

"Please, my Lady," Greta whimpered.

Iona traced the nipple with the tip of her tongue, watching it grow hard, the easing dark brown of the areola pulling tight. "Beautiful." She dragged her tongue across that skin. "So beautiful." She pulled away suddenly and grabbed a white taper candle laying on her table.

"My Lady?"

"Starting with white. Maybe on your lovely hard nipples?"

Greta panted, her throat visibly moving with her swallows.

Iona caught one nipple between two fingers. "That was a question."

"Yes, please, my Lady." Greta blinked her long eyelashes. She groaned when the fingers tightened on her nipple.

"Good girl." Iona kissed Greta's cheek and released the nipple. She returned to her burning candle. Her gaze moving over the gorgeous layers of blue, green, and brown wax, she placed the taper's wick into the flame. "Are you wet?"

"Yes, my Lady." Greta coughed amongst her words.

"Put your hand between your legs. You may slowly stroke your clit." Iona turned around, lit taper in hand.

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