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Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Darkly" excerpt from "Joelle's Chaotic Collection of Screwing"- and a vent :D

Today I'm sharing an excerpt from my free ebook- "Joelle's Chaotic Collection of Screwing." This is an experimental short story, written in the 1st person, using you/I as characters. It is male/female BDSM.


Crouched in the fetal position in the corner, I am lighted by the full moon’s rays streaming in from the nearby window.

I see you darkly moving through the oppressive air towards me, my mind illuminating those parts of your glorious body I most treasure, most desire.

At first, as you come into my view, my heart skips a beat. You appear to be Jay, my beautiful first love. Oh, but you are not. You are here and you are perfect. You are not the imperfect Jay.

My body comes alive again as we make eye contact. I am yours now and await your command, my sweetest Master.

You beckon me with your softly gesturing hand. You expect my prompt obedience and deserve it.

I crawl desperately on burning knees across torturous carpet to arrive in front of you.

My conscious wishing I attempt to stop because you do not desire my wishing.

Your voice becomes the only important sound that I am almost impatiently waiting to hear. Your voice controls me.

But you sense this and do not give me my way.

You grab my chin and force me to look into your eyes. You hold my chin securely with your strong hand and my eyes with your strong eyes that I may not look away.

I can feel my genitals quickly swelling and growing moist as you give me what I am afraid to need.

The moments pass in a slow drone as you force me to accept your silent will.

I fight your will, your will to show me what I really need.

Without breaking eye contract, you remove your hand from my chin and gently place your hand on my navel.

If you'd like to continue reading, you need to download the free ebook from Smashwords.

Now the vent...I just checked... 840 downloads!! As an author, that is quite a satisfying thing to see. However, this is coupled with not a single review. Whether I've spent money or gotten an ebook for free, I eventually get around to a review- it's such an important thing to do for authors. So I challenge you- download and read the book- it's a short one- leave a review- even 10 words can help, although my own goal when writing book reviews is 100 words. If you have a book, leave the link to buy/download it for free and I'll read/review as soon as I can.


  1. I found Darkly to be very poetic, sincere, and meaningfully erotic.
    I'm a slow reader. In fact compared to some of you that I know I am a very slow reader. But maybe that's because I really enjoy savoring the books I read. I read at the pace of woman who sits in the library reading to children. Some people can devour an 80,000. word novel in a few hours. It takes me a week... lol.
    I haven't left a review yet, but that's because I've not quite finished the book. I will be leaving a review. And I very much liked Darkly.

    1. ah thanks, LA. yeah, there's space in the world for all speeds of readers. I tend to be faster, usually, but there's things I'll read slowly. Then there's the craziness of my life- my 4 jobs. I do enjoy me you/I stories though and this was an interesting one to write.
      here's hoping, I want to buy your newly titled/cover art-ed :D book in two Fridays- it stinks having to keep my book buying to such a limit- I don't think Master is going to forget my rash of ebook buying for awhile lol

  2. I love the title, Joelle. And I love that you are real and go dark. I suck at reviews. I rarely do them. Have you posted this as "free" on GoodReads? There are groups you can join there (I'm sure you know) and they have threads for authors to post giveaways, promos, etc. I got reviews that way, some I wish now I didn't have, but still, if you want reviews, they seem to love to give them over there. Especially for anything free! Just an idea for ya. :)

    1. I gotta update on Goodreads. Thanks btw Sheri. yeah, I get some people aren't good at reviews, I think part of what got me was not even a rating. Oh do I ever have work. I had fun putting this ebook together- it's a pretty wide sampling. BDSM and non-BDSM. Then there's the bear short that I have so much fun writing :D And of course, including my one erotic poem (and the funny before and after stories that I always tell when I perform the poem- I have it largely memorized)

    2. although you know I was thinking, Sheri, part of it on this piece is just a lack of feedback at all. So just seeing your thoughts so far is great :)