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Thursday, October 10, 2013

my characters show up in my conversations :D

I've recently said:

"My Master doesn't have a Simon to back Him up."

"I wish I was Tommy; I'm tired of being Simon."

"My Master doesn't have a Dr. Karl to pay to provide my medical care in a kink-aware setting."

There's probably adages out there about writers and their characters. None are coming to mind atm lol. Yeah, I'm in a mood. I really could use a Simon right now- I don't feel good and unlike Simon who has 18 other slaves that he commands in making The Queen's house run, here there's only me. Sure, I have teen- many days, teen is useless. Ugh. So yeah, I look around and am horrified.

But no, going all the way from Tommy down to Vala, I can of course find little bits of me in all my slaves. Some more or less :D and Vala most definitely more. Although when Tommy pleaded for Abrecan to make love to him, to fuck his ass, well I could most definitely imagine myself there. Between Simon and Tommy, I'd be much closer to being Tommy.

Okay, I'm sorry this isn’t for enlightening, better, something heh. Come back tomorrow, there'll be BDSM talk and snippets and links to read other blog hopping authors.

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