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Friday, October 11, 2013

Non-marking play?

Reeds- can be used as a switch, a cane... nope, these generally AREN'T used for mark-free play :D

So my angst over not having access to a kink-aware health professional had me thinking about play that doesn't mark.


Master, please! I beg!

Beg for what? He thrusts hard into my ass.

Beg to come! Master! Please! I beg to come, Master!

Why should I let you come?

Because You love feeling me come when You're fucking my ass, Master. Please!

Hm, yes, begging to come. Doesn't leave a single bruise for an un-educated doctor or nurse to see, but it is a lovely way for the top to control the bottom.


I place two ice cubes the blue freezer mug. I pour His rum- not the cheap rum that I drank 'cause He found He couldn't stand it- but the good rum, just enough to cover the bottom ice cube. I carefully pour the cola, trying to make sure to stop just at the first lip. "Master, Your drink." It's a rum-and-Coke, so it's not a new food dish that I kind of hover until He gets nervous and snaps- the dance my desire to serve and please and Him being worried of an insane-female response is one we can't seem to avoid.

I've written at some length about serving as a submissive and how I enjoy, its importance in D/s experience for me. Of course, unless a "bad serve" displeases a dom bad enough for physical punishment, normally serving is a mark-free activity.

sensation play

While it's awhile in Vala's training to be The Queen's that this shows up, it's not necessarily that hard core as a BDSM activity- he just has tons he wants her to learn. Light use of Wartenberg can be lovely play, especially when paired with bondage; do notice though that I say "light use"- my Master has managed to mark me with one of His Wartenberg wheels, although it was fair from light and He was wanting to mark me because I'd begged very prettily for marks. Wax play (although a lot of it can lead red blotches on the skin, but not likely something that'll last some hours), feathers, oils are all good things. Mixed with bondage is good- but then I must admit my bias (given to The Queen :D) about bondage- whether mental (which doesn't mark at all) and physical (and plenty of bondage doesn't mark if one's careful) is good.


see my comments in sensation play

role playing

plenty of stuff in role play doesn't mark. I've been pondering a little slave girl outfit- it is Halloween-time anyway :D- so that I could feed my Master grapes... I forget what we were watching the other day, but the show talked about being fed (especially grapes) is a mark of a leader, a dictator etc.

Of course the possibilities go far beyond my little list :D thank goodness for that :D

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