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Monday, October 21, 2013

Spotlight on "The Dom with the Clever Tongue"

Have you read this wonderful book yet? I need to write my review- I read it on one of the day's that my cut hand meant for no typing- watch for my review soon :). But I've invited the ladies to guest after their release of this book and so Leia Shaw gave me this post...

Reece and Scarlet have everything a loving couple could want, except a hot kinky sex life. Malachi, an experienced Dom, steps in to help them sort that out. But not only is he a terrible memory from Reece’s past, he’s a smartass and damaged goods, too.

As they all learn to trust each other, Malachi becomes more than just their kink coach. It’s a full-on brat smackdown, and no heart gets out unscathed.

Warning: this book contains unrepentant brats, surprise orgasms, a Domme with training wheels, and a Dom whose tongue is registered as a weapon of mass seduction.
BDSM elements, M/F/f, F/f


Before they could get into a verbal sparring match, Scarlet leaned over and kissed her. Reece’s mouth was hard and she resisted her for a few moments, but as usual she gave in to her coaxing. She could never feign disinterest for long. Reece started to squirm against her, but froze when Malachi shifted in his chair. Scarlet buried a hand in Reece’s hair and forced her up, then marched her down the hall into their bedroom. Malachi trailed after them.

When they reached the foot of the bed, Scarlet pointed at the floor. “Kneel.”

Reece looked at her meaningfully, sighed and rolled her eyes before she dropped to the hardwood. Her expression was anything but respectful.

Scarlet glanced at Malachi, who’d settled into the wingback chair in the corner. He raised his brows in a you’re going to take that shit? kind of way.

Grabbing her by the hair again, Scarlet yanked her back to her feet. She bent Reece over the bed and grabbed her belt off the dresser. Normally she’d warn her or ask first, but this was downright embarrassing.

She hit Reece’s ass twice with the belt – hard. Her girlfriend gasped then gave her a dirty look.

“When I tell you to do something, kitten, you do it. No sass.”

“I didn’t even say anything!” she groused.

Scarlet gave her two more smacks with the belt and Reece danced from foot to foot, and covered her ass with her hands.


“Ow! Jeez! Yes, Scarlet. Don’t be mean.”

“Then quit acting like you’re in charge right now.” She growled and pointed at the floor.

Reece knelt where she was supposed to, gaze down. Her posture wasn’t quite what Scarlet wanted.

“Hands behind your back. Tits out.”

She complied and it made her chest thrust forward. Scarlet licked her lips. She could get off just looking at her like this. Instead she went to the closet and rifled around, leaving Reece kneeling there, waiting. Waiting and knowing that Malachi was watching. If she caught a glimpse of his expression, like Scarlet had, she’d be blushing. He looked like he wanted to eat her alive.

Out of the closet she chose several lengths of rope and a blindfold. They’d do the easy stuff this time.

“Up on the bed.”

“That’s enough, Scarlet. I should top you now.”

“No, I’m not done with you. Don’t be chicken.”

“I’m not chicken. I just don’t feel like doing this right now.”

Scarlet hesitated. Normally she’d back down if Reece said no. They didn’t have a safeword, because Reece insisted they didn’t need one. But Malachi was watching and this whole thing would have been for nothing if they stopped here.

“Get on the bed, woman,” she snapped.

Reece’s eyes widened and she hesitated but then got up on the bed and sat in the middle like it was a life raft.

“Lie down.”

She looked unhappy. “What are you going to do?”

“Just let me do this,” she half-asked in frustration.


Fuck. Here they went with the “fine” shit. Embarrassment and uncertainty grew and her patience snapped. “Lie the fuck down and shut up.” Her tone surprised her. She looked at Malachi to gauge his reaction. Was she fucking this up terribly?

His face didn’t give anything away. At least he wasn’t shaking his head in disgust. She turned her attention back to her girlfriend.

Reece was complying, but it was slow. So slow, Scarlet wondered if she should turn her over her knee or something. She needed a freaking handbook to figure out how to dom this woman – one written specifically about her.

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