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Monday, October 28, 2013

Learning about Greta part 2

Today I continue my BR-recommended experiment "Fiction Monday." Since she didn't have a good sense of Iona's submissive Greta, I wrote a scene with the women just after she'd begged The Queen's collar and been paired with Iona- this having happened before Vala becomes The Queen's. I hope you enjoy seeing the women enjoy each other. And if you're taking part in the insanity known as Nanowrimo, as I am, I hope my continued posts give you an occasional respite from all those words you'll be writing :D. Please read part 1 here.

"Thank you, my Lady." Greta's left hand slithered up her thigh before dropping between her wide spread legs.

"Spread your lips farther apart. I want to see you."

Long fingers pushed Greta open, her middle finger pushing down on her clit.

"Yes, nice and wet." Iona dipped her finger into the wetness gathering at the opening of Greta's cunt. "Tell me why you are so aroused." She tilted the candle over one nipple.

"Because I'm The Queen's now, yours now, my Lady!" Greta released a stuttering breath as Iona moved the candle.

"More." Iona held the candle upright over Greta's other nipple.

"Because you ordered me into this position, my Lady." Greta's heels pushed down into the bed. She whimpered when the next drop of hot wax kissed her skin. "Because I'm naked and you're clothed, my Lady."

Iona held a tipped candle over Greta's chest, between the adorably small, pert breasts. "Good girl." She watched intently as the stream of melted wax splashed, then traveled down her sub's body.

"My Lady, my Lady." Greta's head thrashed against the pillows.

"Not too much moving. You don't want any wax where I don't intend, right?"

"Yes, my Lady."

Iona crept down the bed, randomly upending the candle so that drops fell across Greta's stomach, then down onto her thighs.

"Please, please, my Lady!" Greta's thighs further tensed.

"Please what?" Carefully holding the candle up, Iona leaned forward to drag her tongue over Greta's moist pink sex.

"I beg to come, my Lady, please, my Lady." Greta coughed, as if pushing tears out of her voice.

Iona placed her free hand over Greta's out lips, her palm pressed flat against the sensitive flesh. She tipped the candle.

"My Lady!" Greta screamed, her body trembling all over.

"I liked that." Iona poured candle wax over both inner thighs, her hand still pressed against Greta.

"Please, my Lady." Greta pressed down on Iona's hand. "I beg, my Lady. Beg."

"I love to hear you beg, my beautiful." Iona moved again beside Greta's chest. "More wax here." She dripped wax onto one nipple, then the other. "And later, we will move to a yellow candle." She placed the candle in a holder before using a golden snuffer to extinguish it.

Greta's hips moved, rubbing her ass back and forth against the bedspread. "Please, my Lady."

Iona pulled off her purple robe.

Greta sighed as her gaze danced over the leather harness highlighting Iona's beauty.

Iona pulled her tiny black g-string off; both articles of clothing lay in a pile. She hopped up on the bed beside Greta. Quickly she straddled her girl's stomach.

"My Lady," Greta whispered.

Iona looked over her shoulder, smiling. "Make me come. I'll make you come." She lay down, her forearms resting on the bed. She sucked, licked, jammed her tongue into Greta's cunt.

Greta cried out against Iona's body, her tongue deep within the shuddering domme.

Iona pulled Greta's clit into her mouth and continued to suck hard until the beautiful female body beneath her began to convulse with release. She shook, feeling her own orgasm so close.

Greta pushed Iona's lips farther apart with her thumbs.

Iona grunted. Her body froze for a moment, the orgasm taking her breath away. She rolled onto her side, Greta coming with her.

Tongues and fingers continued pulling more pleasure.

Iona pulled her mouth away from Greta. "Enough! Good girl." She flipped around and moved up so she was facing Greta. A soft brushing of feminine lips. "Good girl."

"I'm glad I pleased you, my Lady. And thanks, my Lady."


  1. I've always wanted to experience playing with candles. Hot little excerpt here, Joelle!

    1. Thanks, LA. Iona is my candle wax expert in Vala's Story. I'd have to look for the link for you if you wanted to read it- and haven't- I've written about her before. In a conversation with her, thoughts about her. I look at Iona as the Domme I'd want if my Master hadn't collared me. Unfortunately I never found a woman very close to her- in personality- in real life so I get a lot of joy writing with her.