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Thursday, October 3, 2013

How many can fit in a menage? my vent

As often happens, things I read in multiple places (too multiple to quote and/or link to) have inspired a post, a rant, a vent. Today is most assuredly a vent. Menage- from the French ménage à trois for a sexual threesome. Humph. Any time an erotic romance has more than a hero and a heroine, it seems people want that menage label. A a polyamorous person, that offends the hell out of me. Polyamory IS NOT JUST about sex! There are serious, intimate relationships, regardless of how many people involved, regardless of the exact structure of their relationship. Before I continue to a writerly comment, I want to share a quote from my Master. Set up: we were talking about someone who complained that my dominant's stable is too big, that too many characters are introduced in my first book. He told an extended metaphor of how more people want easy storylines like "Star Trek," while I've written something complex with multiple storylines, plots, and subplots, like "Babylon 5."

He said: "The American public wants to be spoon fed pablum and you're asking them to think."

Now for the writerly vent- when I see people talk about "menage"- makes me shudder to see that word used that way- I wonder if they're just looking to be entertained by "naughty fiction" or if they're polyamorous like me and would like to see themselves in print. When I see "how many characters can you comfortably handle as reader," I get pissed. And within being pissed, my Master's quote comes to me. Yes, I want my readers to think. I'm not going to throw out just whatever to sell books. So yeah, it's difficult for me to achieve the "one book a month" pace of other authors in my genre- I want to show a rich, full love amongst a large family of BDSM, poly people is possible. And yeah, I include a diagram for a reason- so enjoy it :D.

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