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Thursday, October 17, 2013

I want a teddie!!!

Hm, it seems I'm venting a lot on Thursdays... that's not exactly the plan :D. But yes, today I want to vent. My Master is really not interested in ageplay. I don't think that's entirely fair since it seems He's made His decision based on "adult babies" (think of the ridiculousness of the "adult baby" episode of CSI) and the obnoxious typed lisping speech of "little girls" online- I think that's mostly His picture of ageplay. Not at all inclusive of the wide range of play.

I start with that so I can now explain what His preferences on lingerie are. He prefers flannel, cotton. Camisoles, boyshorts. He hates lace, satin, silk- He can't stand the texture of these fabrics. You know those pretty teddies that come out around Valentine's day? He hates them. The lacy nothings that make up a large portion of the articles at Victoria's Secret? He hates those too. I tend to buy my "lingerie" from the kids' section. Those cotton camisoles. Underwear from department stores that have "husky girl" sections.

I want a lace teddy! I want to get dressed all sexy!

But no, I have a Master who says He doesn't like ageplay at all, but wants me to wear camis and boyshorts.

No fair! And yes, I'm stomping in my most little girl fashion because I think I'm a middle, even if He doesn't want to encourage me :D. It's all good as long as I don't call Him "Daddy."

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