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Thanks fiona, from "Sir Q and Me" for the warning message that just makes me melt. :)

"Out of the Night: Book One" re-release and blog tour

The re-release party is done and gone but you can still enjoy the articles for "Out of the Night: Book One" as well as enjoying some great spanking/BDSM erotic romance blogs by checking out my friends' pages after reading my guest post. There are also updated posts at the bottom. I hope you love Vala, The Queen, and the rest of these characters as much as I do!

Normandie Alleman has agreed to host the first stop on the tour (on 3/14)- Why is "Out of the Night: Book One" not a "beginning BDSM book." I'll have that link for you ASAP, but for now, you can enjoy Normandie's page http://normandiealleman.com/ . She just released "Rescued by the Buccaneer" and don't you know that book is sitting on my Kindle and I'm just dying to read it :D!

(Dates are their original posting in 2014. I'm adding posts at the end that I reposted on my blog because their links had gone bad.)
3/16- Casey McKay- How the story came to be
3/23- Katherine Deane- How long will you wait for sex?
3/26- Angelica French- A Slave's Uniform
3/27- Stacey Price- Adan and Ailin, the Twins
3/30- on my blog, Behavior Does Not Perfectly Predict Identity

** What makes a sex scene?
** Please take some time to consider... (about the formal introductions)
** How much reality do I want in Vala's Story?
** Is Vala's Story a series or serialization?
** Raspberry Chocolate Heart Tarts

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