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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In which Joelle wanders...

So if you haven't already made it there, go check out Ana's Advent Calendar http://governingana.wordpress.com/ It's great fun! Some days cleaner than others, but we're all having fun. A lot of us are spankos, but not necessarily all. It's not particularly religious, although some of us do talk about our religions. But yes, our wonderful Anastasia Vitsky is doing a great job welcoming us all to her blog this advent season. It's been good to have Ana's calendar. While you may or may not have noticed- I've tried to keep on top of blogging, even on days when it didn't feel like I could- from the beginning of November on, it's seemed like one personal problem after another. Some felt like catastrophes, some others were just unplanned and a bit difficult. Of course there's still a lot coming- my Master is still trying to find a job, we need to get our house ready for the eventuality of my mother- and brother-in-law moving in. I need to find support groups, figure out being a caregiver. All while still doing all the hundreds of other things I already do. Yeah, trying to avoid the pity party, but some days, that's how I'm feeling.

I got the work done on the first two Vala's Story books: "Out of the Night: Book One" and "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" that I talked a bit about this week here and here. And now I'm reading "Mommy" (my BDSM/ageplay polyamory WIP from this Nanowrimo) to get ready to finish up the rough draft. I've had lots of giggles, especially finding various silly typos- I think Master grunting rather than the intended granting has been one of the most amusing.

I hope to have various author friends guest on the blog soon, so you'll all get to read about other books that are coming out recently (like my friend Thianna D's "Took My Breath Away" that comes out in about a day, which she'll be stopping by on 12/24 to promote with an interesting post).

I do hope to give you more fiction- like the lengthy short with The Queen and Vala that I shared yesterday. And don't worry- whether you celebrate Christmas or not- I don't plan to leave you hanging and I will be posting book reviews on that day as well.


  1. That is a great Typo- LOL
    ~Decadent (Summer Ross)

    1. the worst was, I was sitting on the couch eating a bread of bread when I almost chocked 'cause I hiccuped and at first, I didn't realize that Master had read the status message and was teasing about it. but yeah, I laughed and laughed.

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful shout-out, Joelle! It's lovely to have you each day, and I'm glad the Advent Calendar has meant so much to you. Hugs. We're glad to have you there.

    1. you're welcome :) I can't say enough how important the calendar has been this year. Certainly I enjoyed my first time last year, but it wasn't a necessity, like it's been this year. Funny, a few times in the morning, my rush to get to your blog has reminded me of Celeste Jones' story in "Coming to Terms." I've had to tell myself- it'll still be there if I don't get to the new advent post by 8am EST :D and there'll be more replies to read :D