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Monday, December 9, 2013

oh my Master

So a friend mentioned Allen Ginsberg's "Please Master" poem to me, having a rough idea of my BDSM involvement although not knowing that- 35 while I may be- I love Ginsberg's poetry. I don't remember when it was I first heard about this wonderful poem, but it was amusingly AFTER I'd brought my collectionof Ginsberg to the writing class I taught at the uber-conservative home education co-op that I'm so not doing anymore. I instantly loved it, as you can imagine. Go check out readings on this poem on youtube.com- you can here a few performances on this, including one of Allen himself. The top link is a censored version with comments from various people. The bottom link has the poem uncensored and two other poems of his.

oh my Master, yes I know it's a bad time and i should be relaxing
yes Master, I probably look a bit scary
need to brush my hair, change out of the sweats
but Master, I'm working on a pretty good drunk
and so You may not think I'm in the mood for a flogging,
but really I am. please Master.... You know You wanna get out the flogger
i'll feel a whole lot better if You do things that make me
and best yet, Master
yes, Master
oh Master, I want You to come all over me
well not in my eyes, please not in my eyes
that stings like a bitch
oh oh see that Master? like those domestic
discipline books I love to read
You could spank me for that bitch
and that bitch :D aren't I a brat?
i'd beg no corner time though 'cause i'm not sure
what corner would work for me to put my nose in
okay, i'll admit it, Master
yes, oh my Master, i'm really not a poet,
except when You're fucking my ass
well that's the only time I can really talk
when Your cock is filling my ass
and i'm fucking back, pushing back, begging for it
than i'm a porn star
but Master, oh, my Master

a flogging, please?

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