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Monday, December 2, 2013

Vala wonders "What is this DD thing that Levi and Liat do?"

Before getting into the fiction that I'm sharing today, I wanted to comment a little bit on what I decided to do. In creating the story world of The Queen and all his slaves, including Vala, I wanted to make him and as many of his slaves as possible into full people, full characters. I didn't want The Queen to be a stereotypical "Alpha dom," a character type that's very popular among erotic romances. Part of this included considering his friends. As he lives in a world where he surrounds himself with those in the BDSM community as much as possible, that meant considering different BDSM roles (sub, dom, switch) and people into different styles of BDSM and subsets within the community. As I've gotten more familiar with domestic discipline relationships, I wanted to consider what it would be like for him to have friends in DD relationship and to see what Vala would make of it, considering her background of an abusive fundamentalist Christian marriage between her parents and her limited understanding of BDSM. While I'd be interested in writing more with these characters, I'm not sure what more I'd do with them, what would be interesting to the readers of my blog. Like always, comments are welcome and probably with this piece, I'd even beg for comments because I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing here

The Queen accepted a cup of tea from Vala. "Serve Levi and Liat and then sit on the floor at my feet. You may sit as you are comfortable."

"Thanks, my Queen." Vala turned away from The Queen to cross the room to the sofa where his friends Levi and Liat sat. She noticed the slightly lowered head of Liat and smiled in friendship at the submissive partner. She gingerly picked up one tea cup in her fingers and served it to Levi. She took one step and then served Liat her tea. "Sugar?"

"No thanks," Levi said and then looked to Liat. "But if you'd like some?"

Liat's sweet smile moved to Levi's face. "Thanks, Sir, but remember, I helped Simon brewing the tea? He chose an herbal tea that I prefer unsweetened."

So she addresses him as Sir? Vala thought. She placed the metal serving tray on an end table as Simon had instructed. She licked her lips as she returned to The Queen. Her gaze fastened on his gorgeously naked feet, she thought of Chitra artfully sinking to the floor and endeavored to do thus.

The Queen reached forward and placed a hand on Vala's shoulder. "Good girl," he murmured.

"Thanks, my Queen." She relaxed into his hand pushing her head onto his legs.

"So to what I do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

"We're on our way to a marriage retreat being held in a Catskills bed and breakfast."

Vala held in a surprised gasp at Liat speaking to The Queen.

The Queen brushed his hand back and forth in a calming motion across Vala's shoulders.

"So good to be talking with a friend who understands." Levi patted Liat's leg. "A co-worker asked me what I was doing with the vacation time I was taking and when I said 'marriage retreat' he was confused as what he's seen of Liat and I together at family events, we seem to have the perfect relationship."

The Queen chuckled, the vibrations of his amusement passing into Vala. "I do not understand why so many people today think that a good relationship is something that just happens. You two put a lot of work into it."

"Work?" Liat looked down at Vala and their gazes met for a moment. "I'll never understand how you make polyamory work for you. Just looking at your stable diagrams makes me want to say all sorts of things that polyamory books, websites etcetera say are irritating."

"Thank goodness for diversity and free will."

Vala sighed when The Queen spread his legs and pinned her between them.

The Queen squeezed Vala's shoulder between his fingers for a moment until she twisted her head around to look up at his face. "Did you want to say something?"

"I've just be thinking on how different your friends here seem to be from us, my Queen." Vala paused to lick her lips. "It seems in some ways that Liat is very submissive, but there are so many ways she's not like a submissive in our family, my Queen."

"Vala, that's because Levi and I live in a domestic discipline relationship, not BDSM as you understand," Liat explained.

Vala looked up at The Queen. "Might I please read a book about that, my Queen?"

"I shall think on that." The Queen grinned.

Maybe I can trade a blowjob for a book? Vala batted her eyelashes prettily at The Queen. "As pleases you, my Queen."


  1. Just about any type of relationship you can imagine exists in the world of BDSM. Many never marry and may not even live in the same house, but commit for a lifetime to one another. You have couples where one collars the other, and that's a type of commitment. You have complex relationships where a master or Dom may allow his slave/submissive to become the master or mistress for someone else. You have Doms who may not collar a particular submissive but who stand as their protector at the munches, requiring anyone who wants to top them to ask for permission. Relationships in the BDSM world are very complex and you can pick up on much of that by joining Fetlife and (drum roll please, because I know I say this a lot) attending the munches in your area.

    1. very true, on the complexity. I was hoping to give a fair representation of DD in this, as well as showing Vala being confused, but fair, because the character I've drawn, I don't think she'd be judgmental just because they're living differently than her.

      ugh, I wish we could go to our local munches. there isn't much of a community though where my Master and I live though and the few people we did meet, too many of them had the "one twue way of BDSM" notions- my Master and I didn't fit the mold :(. While He and I are both stressed about His firing still, I'm hopeful that maybe we can look at driving back to the Detroit area- where there'll be greater diversity- for things from time to time

  2. It really sucks that you have bumped into that "one true way" crap too. I know exactly what you mean though. I've had wannabe doms accuse me of not being truly submissive because I'm a bit of a brat. That's just my way. It's my dynamic, which is a rather peculiar mix of DD and age play. Unfortunately, I've found that it is often not accepted in BDSM circles. Sometimes, it's not so much prejudice as it is a lack of understanding, much like it is for your character here. I'm very glad your character has sense enough just to ask for more information rather than be judgmental. Sadly, many people don't have that intelligence.

    1. definitely, Ruth, just to ask is sometimes what people need to do. My Master and I have the problem that our BDSM activities are both lifestyle (ie, it runs the home) and within a loving relationship- He married me for the benefit of insuring my son and myself as well. The notion of BDSM and genital based sexual activity horrified too many of the people at our local munch for us to be comfortable :(. And again, it's "what those involved are comfortable with," at least it should be.

      I find, without necessarily putting the words to it regularly, that my Master and I have bits of DD and age play in our mostly BDSM relationship. Like Joey from my AP story, I'm only 4'11" and Master is 6'6" to my size. But I don't really regress like you often see in literature. I certainly don't use the lisping speech- that's one of those things that actively makes my Master dislike AP, from having interacted with littles who did the lisping speech, especially in print.

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