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Monday, December 23, 2013

Greta learns from a different angle

So Annikka said she'd like to learn more about Greta and I started writing a little prequel to Vala's Story. I'm having fun. Remember that Greta had been collared a year before The Queen finally collared Vala. I'll leave his history with Greta to the brief introduction in "Out of the Night: Book One" (yes, the re-release is coming!) and finally to "The Book of Meeting" (working title for a spin-off planned for afer the completion of Vala's Story). I can't say at the outset how many weeks of Greta you may get :D

Scene set up- Greta, a Domme friend of The Queen's, finally begged his collar. First she had her collaring ceremony then came the excitement of Iona's promotion and her pairing ceremony with Iona. We join the women waking up in Iona's bedroom the next morning.

Back story tidbit- The Queen and Iona have an unplanned child together, Erik, who's about 1.5 years at this point in story-time.

Greta opened her eyes and glanced around her. She hadn't thought to look around much yesterday after her collaring ceremony. The pale yellow walls. The smooth deep brown of the various pieces of furniture. She continued taking inventory of the things in Iona's room that she could see from the sleeping board. She lifted her head to look at the lavender throw blanket that the beautiful domme had covered her with at bedtime last night.

Domme? So I'm no longer the domme, but Iona has been promoted to that rank within The Queen's stable. But was does that mean? Iona, the preciously submissive girl that I've known for years now. She's my domme? Does the d need to be capped? Breathe. I knew this, begging his collar, his stable, the system of authority. I even wanted to submit to Iona as well. My Lady.

Greta startled out her thoughts when Iona climbed under the blanket and cuddled up.

"Morning." Iona kissed Greta's cheek and then settled back down, her head resting on Greta's shoulder.

"Morning, my Lady." Greta tried to lift her left hand, as if to cuddle Iona, only to be held by the cuff to the board.

"Been awake long?"

"Not very long, maybe a few minutes, my Lady."

Iona dragged her fingers down Greta's shoulder, over the upper chest, before caressing one breast.

Greta moaned. Her fingers are so soft.

"Have you ever noticed what mornings are like for the fourth class when you've spent the night?"

Greta's moans turned to whimpers when Iona pinched one nipple. "Uh... some of it, my Lady."

Iona held her upper body up to kiss Greta on the lips. She traced them with her tongue. "Did you notice how breakfast happens?"

"The Queen makes some sort of decision, but I'm not exactly sure what, my Lady." How did I not notice more?

Iona giggled. "You'll need to pay attention and learn quick." She started undoing the cuffs. "One of the first things we need to find out The Queen's pleasure on is breakfast, casual or formal." She threw the blanket aside and simply looked over Greta's naked body.

Greta pushed her lips together, lest she start biting them in anxiety of what Iona was looking for, at.

"Are you grateful I covered you up last night?"

Is that expression innocence? Or merely attentiveness? "Very grateful, thank you, my Lady."

Iona moved to Greta's feet and undid those buckles.

Greta stretched her feet, her toes pointed. I'll get used to this?

Iona giggled again. "Earn your way into sleeping with me."

"Yes, my Lady." Something tells me that's your preference, my Lady. Greta marveled at the smile she found on her lips. I'm already learning.

"That's my girl." Iona tapped her fingers against Greta's lips. "Now the thing about The Queen making his decision, he'll let us know in a variety of ways what he's decided. This morning I happened to go visit Simon and Tommy's room and I found out from Simon that we're having a casual breakfast this morning."

Happened? Whatever do you mean, my Lady?

"Because this is my first day as dom and you as The Queen's slave, we agreed to have Brenna keep Erik at the loft." Iona cupped each of Greta's breasts with one small hand. "So we'll get the uniform on you and that's it. I'm ready for breakfast now and 'casual' means we'll just go get breakfast."

"Yes, my Lady." Where did the fourth class eat the last time I visited during a formal dinner? And we have breakfast and lunch sometimes as formal affairs too? Shit!

"Sit on the foot of my bed."

Greta looked up to Iona's face even as she hopped to her feet- Iona's tone in ordering caught her unsuspecting. She watched the soft white dress float around Iona's body as she moved to the pile of her sub's uniform.

"Gather all that lovely hair up on your head."

"Yes, my Lady." Greta grabbed her braid and piled it in one hand.

The bed shifted as Iona knelt on the bed behind Greta.

Greta squeaked in surprise, although the sound morphed into a moan with Iona' s teasing kisses against the nape of her neck.

"Such a good girl." Iona wrapped the heavy posture collar around Greta's neck.

Will each uniform piece be its own tease? Greta cried out when Iona nipped playfully at her earlobe with those tiny teeth.

"We'll have breakfast then go join The Queen in the playroom for your first lesson."

"Yes, my Lady." I didn't expect him to get moving this fast.

"Be a good girl and cooperate while I put your harness on you."

"Yes, my Lady." Greta sighed happily. Years ago, but then my Lady mightn't have been ready for me.

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