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Friday, December 27, 2013

Vala is a huge brat- although talking with her did help me some :D

When thinking on this "specific kink" or "character conversation" post, it made sense that I'd start with Vala. Of course she'd have to brat, but as often with Vala, underneath all that, she manages to be helpful and to somehow show her innate kindness. You may get warning- in my post for Thursday- what's happening in my mind about Friday- or you might not and you'll just have to be a good little reader and see what possessed my mind when I was writing. :D

Now don't waste my time, Joelle. What music are we listening to as we do whatever it is you're thinking we're going to do?
Vala paused. Really? Superchick? And now I think this is Selah?

Isn't it time for your maintenance spanking from The Queen, ms mouthy?

You're the one who wanted to talk. What? are you and Shaman struggling?

Not like that. Life just sucks at the moment. Too much stress. Part of me would really like to get back into your story- just reading Skipping to find a snippet for Saturday Spankings was a treat. Although I closed it before I got too into reading Prisca enjoying Abrecan.

Now this is better. Marilyn Manson. And older Marilyn. His voice isn't quite as deep as The Queen's but nearly, and the maturity he brings to these songs. Funny to think about your Master finding the picture of him back when he was just dorky little Brian Warner. Of course he was a dork as a teen.

Thank the Gods you changed back to Marilyn before trying to write more today- I was worried you'd continue subjecting me to that contemporary Christian crap.

Hey! Drop that attitude right now! You know The Queen enjoys some of the same bands I do- why are you being a brat?

'Cause? Yup, 'cause... same answer you give your Master all too often. Oo, turn up the volume! Love this song!

Okay, so you've been managing blog posts, but no fiction. What's up with that? You'd gotten to the point you were dealing with all your stresses better. You got books 1 and 2 of my story together- you still gotta get copies to your editor.

I know.

"I know" what? You need to write some fiction. Like finish that scene you have going in your ageplay story. You've people waiting on that book. Try the emailing the books to your editor tomorrow- since your friend mentioned yahoo mail acting up.

Well, not necessarily entire fiction, but with your Master and you both so stressed, why don't you write a fictional sex scene with him?

But I wanted to go further with Greta's story before The Queen collared you- at least one more scene so that next Monday's set.

I say you should finish that AP scene, then a fictional scene before you consider Greta. After all, she was pretty cooperative in the writing of what you already have.

More cooperative than you normally are. (I grin, waiting for Vala's offended response.)

Shut your hole!

Well you gotta admit, unless it's The Queen and He's just punished you for something, you're not very cooperative. And my Master? Why should I write a fictional scene?

Well don't go writing about my Master, not when you're bummed and struggling to write. Leave my Master out of it, brat.

Brat? You're the brat!

I'm trying to help you, brat. Okay. Think on it. You start with a nice BJ and let it go from there. You should be able to write it, especially after you manage to finish at least the AP scene.

Yeah, you're probably right. This is a decent "first conversation" piece for Friday. What do you think about for next week? Who might I talk to if I don't have a specific kink?

You're working with Greta- she might be good. If you don't want her both on Monday and Friday, maybe Joey from your AP would be good.

Hm. yes. I'll put them in as possibilities and not worry about it for now. Thanks for the help, Vala.

You're welcome. Now go talk to Joey.


  1. My characters are brats too. I decided after reading this, that most of them are!

  2. lol they aren't all brats, Patricia :D although some of them most enjoyably are.

  3. Vala's such a wonderful, unique character, Joelle. Really fun post!

    1. thanks Emily. I do enjoy Vala- although I nearly put on the contemp Christian music to mess with her when she complained about me wanting to write about The Queen rather than my Master :D