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Sunday, December 15, 2013

A lovely review of "Out of the Night: Book One" by S. J. Maylee

In celebration for the soon release (I swear, I just need to do a few things and then get it to my techy friend who does the formatting) of "Out of the Night: Book One" of my Vala's Story serial, I wanted to share S. J. Maylee's review of the previous edition:

Out of the Night starts like a rocket, a slow burn and then blasts off. The action and feel in the first pages is scary and heart pounding. The extreme bad luck of the heroine takes a dramatic turn when she’s rescued from rock bottom existence. Her hero takes her in and helps her to get clean and from there the heart of the story really begins.

The hero is really a BDSM Dom and he takes the heroine to be a slave in his stable. As he introduces each of his slaves and explains how he found them and their place in his stable, you could say the pacing slows. However, each introduction is so interesting that I didn’t care. Character is key and the author has developed a rich group.

The final third of the book gives you a feel for how the stable functions. The author doesn’t shy away from any of the BDSM realities and her characters can be naughty. The punishments may be harsh, but not unrealistic in the BDSM community. The author doesn’t shy away from taking risks either. There is head hopping, but I was never confused as to who’s point of view I was in.

Joelle Casteel is an author to watch.

Be watching for news of the re-release. I'm pushing to make it happen! And shortly after that, you'll get to enjoy "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" from the serial, further explorations with The Queen, Vala, and all the other slaves.

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