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Monday, September 30, 2013

Lily Harlem: Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Lily Harlem: Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks: Greetings fans of Saturday Spankings ! This week we're hopping forward to book 3 of the Sexy as Hell Trilogy , The Vixen . All thre...

Vala tops Raanan? (part 1)

I hope you enjoy this two-post piece of fiction :). It was inspired by a sub-plot that comes to the surface in "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" (of my Vala's Story series)- I'm hoping to have this ready for release by mid October.

Vala is left at home with Raanan when the family takes The Queen and Iona's son to a kids' pizza place. She's still tired- her body still not totally right after her years of drug abuse- and plus she's achy from a hard first day in The Queen's stable. So first, here's a snippet of fiction for you to enjoy first :D...

(from "Gates of the Garden: Book Two")

"Somehow I don't believe you just want to cuddle."

"You won't get into trouble for this, my Lord?" Vala shimmied back under his comforter.

Raanan chuckled. "How sweet of you to show concern after being a tease." He joined Vala in bed and pulled her close to him. "The Queen will have to be told, but it's not forbidden."

Vala moaned softly against Raanan's chest.

"Be quiet, for now."

"Yes, my Lord." Vala laid her hand on Raanan's thigh.

And now for the extra-novel fiction... what I think repeated hinted-at comments about what it was like when Raanan and Vala enjoyed each other.

Raanan looked at Vala's small hand where it rested on his thigh; he couldn't keep his moan inside him. He moved against the hand.

Vala grinned. She let her hand wander down his thigh until her fingers brushed over Raanan's hard cock.

Hips thrusting upward, Raanan closed his eyes. "More."

"Gladly, my Lord." Vala wrapped her hands around his cock. She employed short, teasing strokes.

"More," Raanan whimpered.

Vala leaned over to trace the head, its slit with the tip of her tongue. She breathed softly, her aroused pants covering his skin.


Vala sat up, the bed and Raanan shifting under her.

His eyelids slid up, his gaze locked on her face. "Please."

"Please, my Lord?" Vala's thumb moved over the slit, slowly, teasingly.

Raanan groaned, his head rocking backward as his chest lifted toward Vala.

One hand still on his cock, she leaned forward with the other to brush her fingers over his nipples. She caught one between her thumb and forefinger, starting to squeeze. She gasped, her finger leaving the nipple to trace the cane welts across his chest.

Raanan thrust into Vala's hand. "You know I like it hard."

"Yes... my Lord."

"Please, the pinching felt so good."

Vala studied Raanan's face. Her gaze moved over his rich brown eyes, the teasing red bangs, his full lips. She released his cock. She straddled his hips, the tip of his cock brushing her ass. Her grin returned, she leaned forward again. "Pinching? What about both nipples then, my Lord?"

He drew in a sharp breath. "Yes." Should mention... title. He groaned, shuddering.

Vala pinched hard, twisting his nipples between her fingers, pulling away from his body. Increasing the pressure, she lifted her hips and dragged her body, her cunt lips, her asscrack, up and down his cock. She traced a path across his chest with the tip of her tongue.

"Thank you." His lips remained parted as he watched her expression.

"Look down," she coaxed, pulling on his nipples as she spoke.

Raanan's gaze moved over Vala's hands, the fingers. He sighed then cried out, pushing his chest up against her.

Vala let go one nipple and drew her hand back. The crack echoing through the mostly silent room, she delivered the caressing slap to the large, puckered nipple.

A rush of air escaped Raanan's heaving chest. He caught Vala's hand in both of his for a moment, held the femininity to his heated skin.

"Am I___" Vala moaned at Raanan's hands falling back to his sides.

"No, not in trouble. Again please. Harder please." His attention slipped through his body.

Frowning in concentration, Vala brought her hand down as hard as she could on Raanan's chest, fingers pushing into nipple, palm catching his skin. "I love your skin, so gorgeously bronze, yet still so lovely red." She grabbed chunks of his chest, pulled, pinched.

Raanan thrashed under Vala, his moans loud and plaintive. The feel of her legs clasping his hips felt heavenly, the wetness of her arousal a torment. What's with me? He cried with another slash of pain radiating through his chest as she dragged her sharp nails across his skin.

"Now this feels good, after all the bratting you didn't punish me for." Carefully Vala rubbed her body up and down Raanan's cock, pushing so he just went into her cunt before she pulled back away. "Something tells me you'd roll onto your stomach and let me spank you." She pressed the length of her body against him as she dipped down to kiss him. "I want to spank you."

Lips trembling, an anguished, "Yes," escaped Raanan.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Serial, series... which one is Vala's Story, and what about "Master's Boys"? a post with 3 people

Well I'm about to experiment on you, my dear blog readers. Amusingly, I'm pretty sure that doesn’t surprise any of you :D.

I'm so grateful for my friends who suggested this idea when I had to figure out cover art quickly. I enjoyed making the art for "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" and I'm enjoying the process as I go on.

So a quick summary of the history of "Vala's Story" for my new readers who haven't gotten this story yet:

I wrote the very 1st of draft of the story as a birthday gift for my dom Tom, who I was involved with before my current Master of 13-ish years. What I had maybe lasted across "Out of the Night: Book One" and part of "Gates of the Garden: Book Two." Somewhere in the time of that relationship ending and begging my Master's collar, that bday gift morphed into Vala's training with 16 weeks of training planned by The Queen. At the moment, this has been realized in 9 planned novels, "Night" being the only published yet.

Now as to what those 9 books are- I had thought series. In talking with one beta reader, I'd discussed a lot about making proper cliff-hanger endings and if the books were true "series novels," able to stand on their own. In reading Patricia Logan's "Masters' Boys" series, including her 7th book "Secrets" as well as talking to her, I seriously started to re-think this notion. I believe what I have is really a "serial" like her "Master's Boys." Sure it's possible to read books after "Out of the Night: Book One," but there's plenty you won't understand, won't enjoy as much. Of course, working with another beta reader will be changed by this.

So now, I'm inviting Patricia and my beta reader, Annikka, to add their thoughts.

Nope, this isn't the cover art for "Trick," but for "Kaden (Masters' Boys Book 3)." I'm such a fangirl that I had this cover art on my blog when I invited Patricia to guest to talk about shibari (Japanese rope bondage).

Patricia says:
Here’s my two cents to add to Joelle’s. When I started writing the Master’s Boys, I knew that there would be six books. I had them somewhat outlined and I knew that they’d all tie up neatly with little bows. It’s just how I do things. I do write series, but each has their own happy ending and each can be read as a stand alone, though they are more enjoyable if you read them in order, in my humble opinion. This is because characters from the previous books appear in the later books so the reading experience is enhanced when you read them in order.

I had no intention of writing the Master’s Boys as a serial but when I was discussing the main character Trick in the first book, by the same name, with my best friend Jeff, he told me that I shouldn’t give him a happy ending. He told me to leave a cliff hanger, “will Trick ever find happiness?” The thought was absurd to me. I’d never done such a thing. The closest I could ever imagine was a book that GA Hauser wrote where she gave two characters a happy ending and then had them cheat and break up in a future book. I was so pissed I threw the Kindle across the room. I couldn’t do that to my readers.

Well, in the Master’s Boys, I did just that. I left Trick without his HEA (Happily ever after) and left it as a HFN (Happy for now) book. Boy did I get slammed for it in the reviews. I’m used to getting my fluffy reviews, praising the love that they found… but NO, people were pissed that I didn’t wake Phoenix’s ass up and have him down on one knee, proposing to Trick. One of my favorite readers, a man that gives me nothing but 5 star reviews on every book, left me a 4 star and titled it, “where’s the rest?” That shook me to the core.

Now, finished with the series, I have found that it is my best selling series/serial ever! After book two, people got it. They still lamented poor Trick’s fate throughout the books but eventually, they got it and sales began to shoot skyward. I loved the response to the serial and I intend on writing the new one, Invitation Only, exactly the same way but in the opposite. Instead of having a heartbreaking hero that FINALLY gets his man in the last book, I will have a bad boy who people will start out hating and grow to love by book six. Another experiment. We’ll see. It worked for me once. Maybe I can catch the golden goose twice.

And this is Annikka's beloved Reidar- whose antics amuse me as I'm struggling through one thing or another with Vala's Story.

Annikka says:
I was first introduced to Vala's story with “Out of the Night”. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I read it. I was just offering a different set of eyes, one coming from someone who has no experience in BDSM or any real knowledge of that world. I wanted to see if I could get into the story.

I must say that I'm up to reading book 5 now and I'm not at all stopped by the fact that Vala doesn't get her HEA in every book. I love the build up of the suspense that you find as you read each book, learning more as you go about Vala, the other slaves, and their dynamic with The Queen. It's not your traditional erotica/erotic romance, that's for sure. And it shouldn't be treated as one. Vala's story is dynamic, fluid, and the writing needs to be able to shift and flow accordingly. Trying to write it as a classic series would seriously damage the structure of the stories.

Friday, September 27, 2013

#SatSpanks ... Again please. Harder please.

It's Saturday Spankings time again! I do so love my spankings :D . 8 (or so) sentences of spanking fun. After you've enjoyed my snippet, please join the other spankos- their links are at the bottom of this post.

So the learning about tech stuff continues. Until I needed to figure out about permalinks available before a post goes "live" for round table discussion from Spanking Romance Reviews on submission, I'd never thought to click on that "permalink" spot on the right hand on my creator. Last week, that meant that many of you read my #SeductiveSnS post rather than what I'd meant for #SatSpanks. Being on the two blogs, I sometimes pick very different snippets for each. While fair or not, I'd been frustrated by what I felt was a lack of understanding around my male dominant The Queen (you can read my vent here about names, if you're interested). But to make up for missing out on last week's #SatSpanks, since this week's continues from it, here's the link. That excerpt is from my book "Gates of the Garden: Book Two." Today's snippet comes from an extra-novel adventure where Vala tops Raanan- the events are mentioned at length within the book. I sure had fun writing this- I wrote from Raanan's perspective. While I'm sharing this 8 line snippet here (okay a little more, but several are small :D), the 2 parts of the 1504 word scene will be live to read on my blog 9/30 and 10/7.

scene set up: Vala touched Raanan's thigh and now she's finding out how much he'll allow her.

"Look down," she coaxed, pulling on his nipples as she spoke.

Raanan's gaze moved over Vala's hands, the fingers. He sighed then cried out, pushing his chest up against her.

Vala let go one nipple and drew her hand back. The crack echoing through the mostly silent room, she delivered the caressing slap to the large, puckered nipple.

A rush of air escaped Raanan's heaving chest. He caught Vala's hand in both of his for a moment, held the femininity to his heated skin.

"Am I___" Vala moaned at Raanan's hands falling back to his sides.

"No, not in trouble. Again please. Harder please."

The existence of multiple BDSM roles within one person

One thing that strikes me in talking about my "Vala's Story" series, if I'm talking to a person who even "gets" polyamory, sometimes getting a person to understand that different ways of reacting to different people can exist within one person. I found myself ruminating on this as I watched the "Sister Wives" season finale; of course there the conversation revolved around plural marriage as practiced by some Mormons not of the LDS majority. At various points, Kody Brown (the husband) was asked things that amounted to "are your relationships with your wives the same?" "Do you have a favorite?" "Are they all equal?" etc etc. My polyamorous mind- as well as Kody's comments- labeled at least some of these questions as mono-normative bias.

While it's not entirely necessary you read this to understand where I'm heading, this'll help you see what provoked this post. I posted this for #SatSpanks on 9/13. An excerpt from my first book "Out of the Night: Book One," I showed a snippet from Tommy preparing Prisca for The Queen by binding and paddling her first. It was the comment left by Kathryn R. Blake that got me thinking.

"Hmm, it's never wise to make fun of the head alpha male. Punishment is almost guaranteed to follow, and it's usually intended to make the transgressor very sorry for her lapse. Great snippet."

See, if you haven't read "Night" or the snippet, let me give you a little fact- as part of the punishment, Tommy reminds Prisca of the fact that it was The Queen- the Master over the whole stable- that she'd most displeased.

Now he hasn't had it all along (in fact in my WIP "The Book of Meeting" I have a note when he probably started it) but by the time of Vala's Story, The Queen has 4 levels of hierarchy within his stable of slaves and on the walls (and in the books too) are diagrams of how the authority flows. If you look at the top of this page, you'll see the hierarchy as it's stated in "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" and officially becomes in "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three."

I'm going to put Vala up as an example and explain how the hierarchy affects her interactions with 4 other slaves. Mind, how these 4 slaves interact with each other and The Queen is also affected by the hierarchy.

Iona: As a 3rd class slave, Vala is required to include Iona's title "my Lady" at least once within every sentence spoken, unless allowed otherwise by Iona. In "Gates," the budding romance as well as the fact that Vala is going to be placed in direct submission to Iona is hinted at, then declared by The Queen. However, by The Queen's decree, Vala starts behaving "as if" already paired to Iona before it's official. That means for a closer submission, a closer attention than what Vala might give other 2nd and 3rd class slaves.

Tommy: Of course with Tommy, things are complex. Both Vala and he have memories of a relaxed vanilla relationship, a romance in The Queen's loft as she recovered. However, I imagine that even then his status as a 1st class slave in the stable was in Vala's awareness. As a 1st class, the only person on the same footing is Simon, who in fact is just slightly less dominant over Tommy than The Queen is. "1st class" means that he has authority over the whole of stable. Once Vala's collared by The Queen, Tommy gains the same respect as Iona, receiving "my Lord" unless Tommy allows otherwise. However :D Tommy by right of his position is able to contradict Iona and Vala is expected to obey him.

If these 5 people were in a room together, Vala would give Tommy the most attention, Iona the second most, Mandisa the third most, and finally Chitra the least, unless Chitra had been allowed to speak. Although given quiet from the switches, all dominant over her to some point, Vala might pay attention to Chitra as a living example from which to learn.

Mandisa: Mandisa is a 2nd class slave- remember that 2nd and 3rd class slave don't necessarily have more authority than each other, but 2nd class is noted by having 2 4th class slaves in direct submission. While Mandisa's roughness scares Vala, the girl is required to show the respect of Mandisa's title, at all times, unless allowed otherwise.

All 3 "upper class" slaves command Vala's eye contact, attention when they are speaking, when she's allowed to speak to them, unless she's bound in a position that makes that impossible.

Chitra: Being a 4th class slave as well, these women owe each other no particular respect beyond common courtesy.  Although as a submissive with more experience than Vala, she does give Chitra a level of respect as someone she can learn from.

So after those deep thoughts, I want to mention a spiritual, social justice action called Silent Sunday that's happening this Sunday, September 29th. If you've been on my blog before, it's possible you've seen my mention Leather & Grace UUs for BDSM Awareness. Unitarian Universalism as a faith movement aims to be inclusive of many marginalized identities. Kinky UUs have not always found it such. Please read about the issues facing us UU kinksters and pledging your support to witness to the silence and other negative experiences that some kinky UU have experienced. In addition to witnessing at bricks-and-mortar UU churches, there is also the option to witness online at the Church of the Larger Fellowship- that's where I'll be :).

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What do you get when a woman writes male/male erotica?

I know I'm not the first cisgender female to write male/male romance, or to write about being a female writing male/male romance :D. But here it's on my mind. Most recently it's because of the time spent with three male characters- The Queen, Tommy, and Raanan. I'll give you the links at the bottom, if you'd like to read some male/male/male (the number switches by scene) sex and BDSM.

In many ways, I try to relate on things as I can from my own experience. I absolutely adore anal sex so I feel pretty confident in writing anal sex between two guys from the receiving end. Also a whip feels like a whip dependent on the fat deposits on a part of a body- my very masculine Master's calves aren't (respectively) really thicker than mine. And submission has its roots, not so much in one's gender unless that is a specific source for a person. Then there's the fact that I prefer to watch gay male (especially leathersex and bears) porn. So "what it looks like" is completely doable. I have watched and read far more male/male porn/erotica/erotic romance than male/female.

The big thing for me, is that I try to envision my characters as far more than their gender.

The Queen

Long, super straight black hair. Large, strong body. Strong, capable hands. Beautiful bright blue eyes that show such a well of compassion, caring, passion. A countenance that gives such joy and dozens of other wonderful emotions to loved ones. The most fantastically kissable lips. Strong legs that can only lead the person viewing them to think about sex. Desire to help all those who need it. A wonderfully big, affectionate heart. Attention to details, especially those that make lives better. Dominant over a lovely stable of BDSM slaves. Sometimes dom/top to a loving best friend. A bit of a switch to the loving transwoman who taught a higher level of caring.

That description of The Queen- was there any mention of his genitals (which btw I love to write about :D) or his gender (as he does identify as a cisgender male, even if that terms wasn't in use yet in the 1990s, when Vala's Story is roughly set). While it was a little tricky at points, I even managed to write that without using any pronouns. Yes, he is a male with "dangly bits"- oh how I roll my eyes when I see that phrase. But his sexuality is so much more than what he does with them. There's the simple order to a slave: "Kneel up." Of course, in my imagination, it's his deep, gravely, growling voice that makes me shiver, but then I like bears. And I found me a manly man to beg His collar.

So I try not to be "that woman writing male/male action because it's hot but having no idea how it would really look, feel, smell, affect the participants etc." I think about not wanting to misappropriate another's sexuality, but I'm writing a queer, BDSM, polyamorous erotic romance that seeks to move beyond boundaries, often even the ones that I willingly use to describe it. I guess I'll have to just risk offending someone :D.

And the links...
First here's The Queen making love to Abrecan, although on the page, there's links to the first 3 parts of the series (with Tommy and Abrecan, then Tommy preparing Abrecan). http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-queen-makes-love-to-abrecan.html
And while it isn't male/male, but female/male, here's a link to Raanan and Vala, which kicked off an interesting two part series (still to post) where Vala manages to top Raanan. These were written in Raanan's POV, forcing me to stretch my imagination. http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2013/09/satspanksvala-isnt-trying-to-be-brat.html

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Top Five Tips On Good Fellatio

Time for Topic Tuesday again. I'm enjoying this so far. Please check out the other authors also giving their top five tips on something today :D

"My Top Five Tips On Good Fellatio"

1- not every guy is going to like the same thing

People have different preferences on all sorts of things. Why would we think that all guys would like to receive oral sex in the same way? I blame lack of sex ed, mixed messages around sexuality, and the monotony of too much pornography for this. So ask. Ask the guy you're about to perform fellatio on what he likes.

2- shower

Why is this not assumed? I know, assumptions are part of the problem in my first tip, but really. At least in the US, we've gotten to this point that natural, normal bodily smells and such are anathema. So why not take a shower together, save some water, and get clean? It doesn't have to happen every time, but for someone who dreads giving fellatio, maybe this will help.

3- if needed, use flavored condoms/massage oil

Continuing from "maybe this will help," I want to mention flavored condoms and massage oil. There's tons of product out there. You can easily find these tips of products from a grocery store. Of course, for safer sex, one should use condoms for fellatio if two people aren't "fluid bonded." However whatever the case on safer sex issues, a flavored condom can remove some of the "gross taste" if that's the performing person's problem. But if the idea of latex in one's mouth is gross and people are fluid bonded, flavored massage oils work as well- I think some are even condom safe, but I don't use these regularly so I'm not sure.

4- if you have a sensitive gag reflex, don't worry about doing it like a porn star. hell even if you don't have one, don't worry.

I've seen various "sex help books" that purport to teach the buyer to do one thing or another "like a porn star." My Master and I have both worked around pornography in a variety of fashions and I can tell you- the finished product that "you" watch isn't what it looked like in production. There's trying to get "the perfect shot" and waiting for lighting and other things to be lined up etc. That "easily deepthroating"- yeah, not necessarily. The performer might used some numbing spray. The final shot might have been the third or more take. And the perfection of it? Well the other day I commented to my Master that I felt sad that I couldn't just deepthroat Him like a porn star without warning, preparation etc. Suddenly I found myself across the bed, His cock in my mouth- "See, you got almost all of it"- then some great quickie sex. "Almost all of it," that was good enough. This wasn't being recorded for anyone- it was for Him to enjoy.

5- if you have a sensitive gag reflex, use your hands and tongue more

Again, not having a sensitive gag reflex is no reason to ignore this tip :D. Coming from a variety of different sources, I've found I'm best at an almost total genital activity. I use mouth, hands, sometimes even breasts as I go down on my Master. I stimulate that whole region of His body from His cock to His asshole. In this process, I take as much time as He allows. But yeah, this doesn't look like an "on your knees, cock in the mouth BJ" from a porn movie. My Master's disproving aside, I'm not really all that good at deepthroating and require some warm up time, different positions etc to do a really good job at it. So when the goal is to bring Him to orgasm through fellatio, the use of my hands, my tongue becomes necessary.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Queen makes love to Abrecan

So after the difficulties that made finishing Tommy preparing Abrecan for The Queen rough, once the writing was happening, I continued right on writing- as I teased my readers. And because I love my readers so, the first 3 pieces of this series :D- click here to see Tommy and Abrecan making love first here ; then Tommy gives Abrecan an enema to prepare him for The Queen here before continuing on to find out how Tommy finishes the preparations in The Queen's bed here. Did you enjoy The Queen being in the room without Abrecan knowing? Firmly enjoying The Queen enjoy Abrecan in the boy's point of view now...

Abrecan moaned harshly.

"Sweet boy." The Queen whispered.

Abrecan cried out. The sting of the wax kissed his back repeatedly. "Thank you, my Queen."

The Queen grasped Abrecan's ass and squeezed.

"More, please, my Queen," Abrecan pleaded.

"More?" The Queen challenged. "Is it so hard to be blindfolded and restrained?"

"Not if it... pleases you, my Queen!" Abrecan stretched to the limits of the hogtie straps, which wasn't much at all. "I love to be dependent on you, my Queen."

The Queen groaned; Abrecan felt the sound in his cock. "Dependent on me?"

Abrecan yelled his pain as a continuous stream of melted wax caressed his lower back. His fingers stretched above the cuffs. "Yes, my Queen," he finally gasped.

"Would you like to know this candle's color?"

Hot wax splashed onto Abrecan's ass. "If... pleases... you___"

The Queen kissed Abrecan, stopping the boy's words. "Just red," he murmured against the boy's cheek. "Although we will get to black before I fuck you."

"Yes, my Queen," Abrecan whimpered.

"Does the red hurt that much, my beautiful boy?"

"Must be... dark red... my Queen," Abrecan moaned, his head lifted off the rubber. "Love you, my Queen."

"Love you." Laughter filled his words before Abrecan's moans melted away into a sharp scream. "Good boy. That scream makes me want to decorate your balls with more of this wax."

"Please, my Queen!" Yours, yours, my Queen. "I beg you to hurt me, my Queen. Beg you to cover me in wax, my Queen."

"I will, boy." The Queen caught Abrecan's neck in his teeth and bit hard.

Can't beg to come yet, but feels so good. "My Queen!" Abrecan sobbed as his skin released from The Queen's teeth before a sharper wax dripped down his calves.

"Your legs look so good in this blue wax, blue just like your pretty bangs." The Queen's cheek brushed against Abrecan's feet before more wax splashed. "Would it make you sad if I released your legs so I could put you on your back?"

"No, my Queen." Maybe, even... Abrecan pulled on the straps as more wax flowed over his balls, between his thighs, continuing just far enough to kiss the base of his cock. He coughed and sobbed.

"Good boy."

Abrecan grunted as more wax caressed his body. One of The Queen's hands cupped his ass just before the wax flowed over his skin.

"Such a pretty boy." The Queen clutched Abrecan's balls.

"My Queen! Beg.... beg__"

"Beg for what, sweet? What do you need me to give you?"

"Feels so good... so close, my Queen."

"Is your cock hard, my good little boy?"

"Yes, my Queen."

"That pleases me."

Abrecan whimpered. Pleased. He bellowed in pain, quivering all over. You moved to black, my Queen.

"You do look so gorgeous dressed in black wax." A long line of wax dominated Abrecan's senses before The Queen spoke again. "Your scream sounded so good. When I have you on your back, I want to pour black wax onto your chest as I thrust into your ass."

"Yes, my Queen," Abrecan moaned into the rubber pressed against his lips. He shook with frantic breaths as The Queen did nothing to him for several moments. With delicious shock, his limbs fell flat when the cuffs released.

"Turn over," The Queen ordered.

Abrecan flipped onto his back. He moaned when The Queen removed the mask. The moans turned into whimpers when he looked up to see the black candle still in his Master's hand.

"Pull your knees to your chest."

Abrecan grabbed behind his knees. He gasped to see The Queen holding the candle over his cock.

"What do you want more? To feel the pain of wax on your cock or to avoid it?" The Queen brushed his thumb over the slit, smearing the pre-cum over Abrecan's cock.

"Please wax, my Queen!" Abrecan yanked his legs up to their commanded spot. Tears coursed down his cheeks as The Queen slowly turned the black candle, an elegant taper, until the first drop of wax fell away from the flame. He gritted his teeth but the scream still escaped as the wax stung where The Queen's thumb had just stroked.

With his empty hand, The Queen pulled Abrecan close to him.

"Please, my Queen." Abrecan looked from The Queen's face then down to his wonderful cock. "I beg you to fuck me, my Queen."

"Good boy." The Queen gathered some of Abrecan's pre-cum, dragging it down the shaft, pushing it into his boy's asshole. "You want me to fuck you, even though that will mean black wax on your chest?"

"Yes, please, my Queen."

The Queen squeezed Abrecan's ass. Held held the head of his cock against the boy's asshole. He held the candle above Abrecan's chest.

"Please. I beg you, my Queen! Fuck my ass, my Queen! Cover me with the candle, fill me with your cum, my Queen. Beg, my Queen. Beg!" Abrecan's forehead tightened.

"My sweet boy." The candle tipped; The Queen thrust forward.

Abrecan roared in pleasure and pain. The Queen's cock filled him in one sure stroke. The black wax still poured over his heaving chest.

The Queen turned just enough to place the candle in a holder. He grabbed Abrecan's hips with both hands. "Could you tell I was in the room as Tommy prepared you for me?"

"I wondered... a few times... my Queen." Abrecan gasped when The Queen thrust again.

The Queen's fingers pushed into Abrecan. He started thrusting hard, abusing his boy's body.

Abrecan grunted. Have to beg.

The Queen grunted. "Fill my boy."

Abrecan licked his lips as he watched The Queen's face flush in pleasure.

"Yes, please, my Queen. Fill my ass with your cum, my Queen. Please fill me, my Queen." The Queen threw bask his head, groaning. He held Abrecan's body close, his cock deep within his body. "Love you," he gasped, his eyes squeezed shut. He pulled out of Abrecan and jumped to his feet.


"Use your hand to make you come." The Queen grabbed his own cock, directing its softening length at Abrecan's stomach.

Will you, my Queen? Abrecan happily obeyed, his hand wrapping around his cock. He cried as the first shot of The Queen's piss hit his skin.

"Good boy."

Abrecan grunted, trembled. "My Queen!" His cum joined The Queen’s piss covering his body. The orgasm kept torturing him as the wetness covered him. The sensation of his hand stroking continued as he grasped himself hard. "Love you, my Queen. Thanks. Thank you, my Queen. Your slave, my Queen."

The Queen lay down beside Abrecan. He pried the boy's hands from where they still held his legs. He pulled his slave close.

"But you'll get dirty too, my Queen," Abrecan weakly protested.

"No problem. I want to hold you." The Queen showered Abrecan's face with kisses. "Love my boy. We will shower in a moment, lover."

"Yes, my Queen." My strong, gorgeous Master. His fingers moved through The Queen's chest hair. He shuddered. How can you always make me feel so complete, my Queen? I love you.

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#SatSpanks...Vala isn't trying to be a brat

It's Saturday Spankings time again! I do so love my spankings :D . 8 (or so) sentences of spanking fun. After you've enjoyed my snippet, please join the other spankos- their links are at the bottom of this post.

From the upcoming release Gates of the Garden: Book Two...

scene set up: Vala has been left at home with Raanan while the rest of the family goes out to a kids' pizza place. Raanan, a second class slave in The Queen's hierarchy, is in charge and he decides to tend the tortured skin of Vala's ass.

She wiggled her ass at him.

"Don't tempt me to spank rather than rub some soothing cream into your skin." Raanan grinned.

"Maybe spank then soothe, my Lord?"

"So where has this bratting come from?" Raanan turned back from his dresser, a lavender tube in hand.

"I don't know, my Lord." Vala innocently batted her eyelashes. "I'm not trying to be a brat, my Lord."

Raanan snorted.

I visited Blakely Bennet's blog to be interviewed :)

Please visit and leave a comment :) http://blakelybennett.fannypress.com/blakelys-friday-interview-with-joelle-casteel/

Submission- in or out of the bedroom, or both- Spanking Romance review round table

Did I really need to take part in something else? Well when Natasha Knight posted about this round table discussion, I couldn't help myself- submission – in or out of the bedroom, or both? I do walk a funny place as a reader of spanking fiction while writing BDSM erotic romance. But a question about submission? Had to.

When I read the question, I thought about how spanking fiction for me felt like a bit of home. While there's plenty of good BDSM erotica/erotic romance out there (no, I don't count FSoG among that), it sometimes feels to me like I find a submission (in spanking/DD fiction) that matches my real life closer than some of the BDSM fic out there. I answer that question with a resolute BOTH, although only when speaking of my Master, the Man whose collar I accepted. Of course, I struggle with the binary (in or out of the bedroom)- I have to ask, why the bedroom? I know I'm being unfair to those who enjoy BDSM/spanking at clubs, at munches etc, but I feel submission as "not just about sex."

Some may ask why submission in spanking fiction is more relatable to me than what I've found in BDSM fiction- after all I identify as a lifestyle submissive. I lay claim to 20 years of BDSM experience. But a lot of the phrases I've grown up with in BDSM- "safe, sane, consensual," "BDSM checklists," "pre-scene negotiation"- are a lot of what I don't want. When I start talking about religious stuff- I'm a Unitarian Universalist- my Master will say "That sounds like corporate doublespeak." That's my signal first to stop talking about it to Him :D before I then re-evaluate what's happening. Is something being made more difficult than it needs to be? Possibly. The point is (from my seemingly inappropriate example), my understanding of domestic discipline can be summed up in

the spanker asks the spankee- "do you want to live this way?" there are less if any questions after that one

At least, the questions are less formal. The answers aren't written into a contract- they're the way we live. And that leads me to my definition- for myself, only for myself- of submission: doing what my Master wants more of the time than not, thinking to please Him before myself, and at least having a good reason for not doing something He's told me to do. Yeah, I know- doesn't read like a BDSM erotica slave, does it? Once upon a time, my definition would have been closer to that, but I've learned bratting too well. Shrugs, and my Master seems to enjoy my silliness.

I want to give you 3 examples of how submission (to my Master) works in my life.

In Bed
I'm cross posting this from my post about "anal in spanking fiction" from yesterday as it crosses both topics. I can't tell you how many years ago it's been now, but I had a health issue that meant we had to avoid any anal activity for several months. In my head, I managed to start associating "anal" with "pain" in a way I never had. That's a big problem- you see, my Master and I both love anal intercourse. And somewhere between being the mythical "perfect slave" and my own super active life, I couldn't manage to say "Master, can we please use some lube? No lube, like we're used to, just isn't working now." Yes, I finally did say those words to Him, but our sex life and my mental health around sexual issues weren't doing so good during the years (yes, years) it took me to get from the health issue- being medically cleared to engage in anal activities- me saying what I needed to say. I was so attached to submitting to what He wanted sexually, so attached to "what a good submissive would do" that I prevented Him from enjoying a sexual activity that He loves- this isn't a capture fantasy, a BDSM erotic novel, this is a Man who loves me wanting me to enjoy sexual activity with him. Submission isn't always a straightforward thing.

Out of Bed
Well out of the bedroom, including more than it. :D. But one of my jobs (I have 4) is "homemaker." Around everything else I do, I work much like a '50s housewife. There's my Master's house clean, laundry to do, meals to prepare and serve. I'm definitely not perfect about it and I fail plenty to keep things as clean and orderly as He would like. Now here's one guaranteed to make you all laugh. My Master believes that folding socks into themselves when pairing them stretches the socks out and makes them last not as long; nope, I don't agree with His logic. But when I'm doing the laundry, I fold our son's and my socks into themselves while I pair and fold in half my Master's socks. Where a couple without a negotiated power imbalance might come to a different solution to this personal preference, my response is to submit to my Master's wishes on His socks, while retaining my own thoughts otherwise about sock folding. Just a little thing :D.

Away from Shaman
This is an important one to me as a lifestyle submissive- what I choose to do when my Master isn't in the same room as me. It seems to me that this is one thing that makes my submission different from those who submit only in bed or at the BDSM club etc. I'll tell you a story that I once told a UU minister- he didn't take it the way I meant ugh. But my Master believes that Ol' Roy dog food from Walmart is a "premium dog food"- yes, direct quote from Him. I really don't agree. Before rescuing a second dog- thinking of all that dog poo from 2 large dogs- I decided to change our dog's food to something I approved of- and to do it behind my Master's back. I do all the grocery shopping so that was a doable thing. I however carefully followed the slow process of changing the food brands, knowing that He'd be displeased enough by the fact that I was buying a more expensive dog food. After He found out about the change- I'm also the one who tends the food dish- I didn't get punished (for changing the food without permission and intentionally behind His back knowing He didn't want me to) because I had followed the proper, healthy procedure for changing a dog's food. Now I mention that minister not understanding- the way he saw it, it was horrifying that Shaman would have an opinion on something as seemingly little as dog food and that I was risking punishment by changing the brand as I did. I see the story as an example of the balance between submitting to my Master's desires and doing what I feel is right.

Thanks, Spanking Romance Reviews for hosting this. Please visit their site: http://spankingromance.com/

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Anal as a punishment?

I'm glad my readers are used to TMI from me because I'm going to be specializing in it today and tomorrow :D.

I was reading in the Saturday Spankings blog hop last week when the idea for this post came to me.

Short blurb- have you checked out that hop beyond my own snippets shared on this blog?
If not, make sure to read all the participants this week. Their links will be at the bottom of my post.

While I and a few author others (like Emily Tilton) dance a not quite solid line between "domestic discipline or spanking fiction" and BDSM erotica/erotic romance, the hop is primarily about spanking fiction. I love reading widely in this genre; I was so glad when I happened upon Sue Lyndon's "Dark Without You" and discovered the genre. Through this genre I've also managed to broaden out into other genres, kinks that I'd never read before. Can you imagine that I'd never read an ageplay book? But Breanna Hayse is among the community of spanking fiction authors, so in her "The Game Plan" I read my first ageplay book and loved it.

I don't know, maybe it's my own outlook more, but it made sense to me that in spanking fiction, anal activity would be a norm. As in the use of fingers, sex toys, penises in the anus. I wasn't surprised to find that. What I do struggle with and the reason behind this blog post, is that anal activity is used as a punishment in some spanking fiction. I really haven't read the genre widely enough to make quantitative comments like "often," "always," or "sometimes."

Now I need to explain my struggle with some of my sexual history- see, I told you I'd get TMI hehe. Much of my sexual history starts off with the fact that I didn't get appropriate, comprehensive sexual education at school or at home- my school district use abstinence-only sex ed and my parents avoided the topic. This lead to a number of problems for me (including not having the language or knowledge to say that I didn't want to have sex when I was 13). Thankfully when I came out as bisexual when I was 15, I wasn't too far from the only (at the time) LGBT community center in Michigan. It was there in the youth group that caring adults where able to fill in the huge gaps in my sexual education. I learned about all number of things from STDs, safer sex, and the fact that my sexuality was my own. It was also there that notions such as "anal sex is dirty" started to be pushed out of my thoughts and any other moralizing thoughts of what is right/wrong in sex. Consent was the only important thing in my book.

Things get a bit messy (please forgive the pun :D) because I realized around this time that I loved anal sex, but that for me, it included deep feelings of submission so I decided to save it as something I only did with dominants. See, my first girlfriend had introduced me to Anne Rice's "Sleeping Beauty" trilogy and while I wasn't old enough legally to get my hands on information about BDSM, I knew I was interested. I loved Beauty's deep submissions- I longed to feel that for a dominant. Of course through various fits and starts of trying BDSM on for size, I got to where I am now- wearing my Master's collar for about 13 years now.

Anal activities have been one of the most trying issues- I'll be writing on it more in the "Submission- in or out of the bedroom, or both?" for the Spanking Romance Reviews round table discussion blog hop tomorrow. I can't tell you how many years ago it's been now, but I had a health issue that meant we had to avoid any anal activity for several months. In my head, I managed to start associating "anal" with "pain" in a way I never had. That's a big problem- you see, my Master and I both love anal intercourse. And somewhere between being the mythical "perfect slave" and my own super active life, I couldn't manage to say "Master, can we please use some lube? No lube, like we're used to, just isn't working now." Yes, I finally did say those words to Him, but our sex life and my mental health around sexual issues weren't doing so good during the years (yes, years) it took me to get from the health issue- being medically cleared to engage in anal activities- me saying what I needed to say.

So having read my struggles around anal activity, I can imagine people will understand why "anal as a punishment [in spanking fiction]" gives me pause. Anything that puts sexual anal activity in a negative light gives me pause. It's part of the homophobic knee jerk response that allows the dichotomy of "two men are gross" while "two woman are hot." I also think in our society lives with too many schizophrenic mixed messages about sexuality. That's not to say that I don't get aroused from reading "anal as punishment" scenes within spanking fiction- I very much do- but I do struggle because for me, I don't bring any of the humiliation, the "teehee, it's naughty" type stuff into my IRL sex life. True, it's fiction, but it's fiction meant to arouse. This is a dichotomy I walk in my own fiction because I want to show living, healthy BDSM relationships.

Thinking on this post as I was doing laundry (because my life includes service, sex, submission- multiple pieces of BDSM), I realized- part of the way my sexuality works, it's not about what "society" approves or disapproves of, it's what my Master and His thoughts added to the parts of me that refuse to mesh with what He thinks. For example, I love enema play but unfortunately it's a hard limit for Him. Now my Master's sexuality, personality is such that He doesn't care much of what society thinks either- in a way, taking me further away from the "mainstream" that He teases I don't understand because I'm not part of it. This has all led me to a place where notions such as "naughty," "dirty" only have power if they do to Him. He experiences anal as enjoyable so therefore that's my primary outlook. I really can't imagine ever using anal anything as a punishment.

And I've managed now to write most of this post without mentioning any of my own writing by name- I'm so proud :D. But talking about anal does make me think on my Vala's Story series. I started writing it as a 19-ish year old in love with her Dom, enjoying great sex. So at least in "Out of the Night: Book One" for sure, the sex was written before my health issue, before the struggles with anal, before motherhood, full times jobs, aging made my Master's and my sex life look different than it did when I was in my early 20s and He was in His late 20s, early 30s. As The Queen says of Vala in one of the books, "Pull her hair and she is ready to be bent over and fucked up the ass," yeah at one time my Master could say that of me, but nowadays, I need a little time, a little warm up, a little "the teen is off in his bedroom, asleep, and I'll push all the cleaning that needs done out of my head so I can enjoy You fucking my ass, Master, because I really wanna enjoy it too."

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Topic Tuesday- my life's theme song

Writing about my "theme song" for Topic Tuesday. Hm. I simply can't pick one. There are so many genres of music that I love. Heck, surprisingly I even enjoy much contemporary Christian- although plenty of it is the BDSM filter that my mind hears these songs through. I came up with a list of songs that are particularly important to me. So my approach is going to be- write to 1000 words, going from one song to the next. At various times in my writing life, I've devised a number of ways to get music playlists somehow geared to the various things I write- atm I'm mostly using Pandora on my TV- my Master got a blu-ray player for the living room in part to get me running less things at once on my computer :D. I pick artists that are better for me to write things- like the "Deftones" station is something I commonly pick for harder BDSM and/or male/male stuff. And I admit- I'd wanted to put some big band stuff on here, like Count Basie, but I don't listen to that sort of music often enough to have any real sort of connection to write about. If there's any song you haven't heard listed here, go to youtube.com and find it... you'll love it I bet. :D

Rammstein- "Bestrafe Mich"
I was was just joking with a friend, it seems like a sin to have Till [Lindemann, their lead singer] wearing a shirt while he performs this song. Not that I believe in sin; I'm not sure Till does for that matter lol. But I love this song. Some of the first German words I learned ever because of this song. "Bestrafe mich" translates into English as "punish me." Yum! Till performs other word plays in this song that I know just enough German to understand what he's doing and have a lovely little shiver every time I hear it. However the main reason it shows up on this "theme song" list is for one line from the chorus that translates into "Your greatness makes me small. You are my punishment." With my penchant for writing bears and wanting a big man for a Master- and yeah, my Master is 6'6", large boned to my tiny 4'11" body :D.

Tori Amos- "Me and a Gun"
I'm a rape survivor. Multiple times. Multiple guys. Both statutory rape and sexual experiences (whether I was legally old enough or not) wouldn't have consented to. I'd never heard Tori sing this song until after I was a survivor too. It interests me how people have asked her, will say in the comments about how brave it is that Tori as a rape survivor sings this song; and yes, she is, but sometimes I think people don't understand necessarily what it's like to be an artist. Singing Tori's words was often a purging for me- even though, for me, it wasn't a gun any of the times either. Through my first experience, the words that kept me were: "I have an English paper due on Monday that I have to write."

Peter Gabriel- "In Your Eyes"
I've always loved this song; it's just a song that brings a smile to my face. However, in the last few years, I've noticed how beautifully it fits for the deep love between The Queen and Tommy from my Vala's Story series; I imagine The Queen singing it to Tommy, especially with the newer (to me) introduction that he includes in love performances of the song. The chorus gets me every time. Listening to the words, especially "In your eyes, I am complete," it gets me thinking of my Master and how He yanked me out of the depression that threatened when I lost contact with Tom.

Jane's Addiction- "Jane Says"
"I want them if they want me. I only know they want me." Those words held me through many a breakdown, a drug induced stupor, a fuck that had gone wrong somehow. For much too much of my life, these lines and "I ain't never been in love. I don't know what it is." made sense to me. My 1st girlfriend, when we re-connected as adults, commented on how the guy in a lot of my straight erotica for awhile was often named Sergio. Sex was only a commodity to me then, to be used for drugs, for money, for boredom alleviation, whatever I needed. I'd only had the blip of that girlfriend, trying to teach me differently.

Rise Against- "The Good Left Undone"
This is a newer song- a newer band for one. My teen was horrified when I ended up liking Rise Against too- I told him "with a mom like me, can you really expect we'll never like the same artists?" But the song... About two or so years ago, my Master and I decided we'd rescue another dog, hopefully a companion for our dog Chyna. I absolutely fell in love with Xion. Big black monstrously furry. He was at the shelter so long, they cut down his fee by more than half, just to get him in a forever home. Poor guy, he'd be abused, he was like a soldier returned from war with PTSD that he just didn't know what to do about. He bonded securely to me- getting him to like anyone else was a trick. He was terrified of most males. He also liked this song a lot- I couldn't listen to Ani Difranco for awhile either after we put him to sleep- his old body just couldn't take it anymore. That was the end of May I went through that experience, the first time I'd ever had to take a pet to be put to sleep. Some many lines in this song still make me think of him. His life shouldn't have ended like that; people needed to treat him a lot better than they did.

Nine Inch Nails- "Closer"
Hearing this as a jaded 15 year old (how the hell did I manage that, jaded at 15? A 21 year old girlfriend at the time when accused of "robbing the cradle" truthfully replied that I was more corrupt and worldly than her.)- I knew I was different. I heard Trent's words differently- I heard love within the sex and the denigration, the implied abuse. And the many times he sings, whispers, screams "you get me closer to god"- it was an aural orgasm every time. The images in this song told me in a way I could never access before that love was possible in a way I could want it.

Ani Difranco- "Hello Birmingham"

This was another of those songs that I really couldn't listen to for awhile after putting Xion to sleep- when he was having a panic attack- yeah, 100 lbs of dog having a panic attack- this song would help calm him down. Crazy, this song in which Ani talks about the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Barnett Slepian. Such serious topics, people killed by others because of hatred. And yeah, the many political, activist sensibilities in me, rallied when I'd listen to this song, even as it helped Xion's panting slow, his eyes settle, and he'd lay his head on my feet and go to sleep.

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How will Tommy finish preparing Abrecan for The Queen? :)

I had some difficulties... got moody at my Master, needed to feel a cane (okay so it wasn't an actual cane, but an acrylic stick from a craft store meant for war-gaming but became a toy) across my ass, my Master putting me to bed, then the guys going off to the gaming store Sunday morning, but I finally got this lovely story finished, Tommy preparing Abrecan for The Queen's pleasure. For your ease of enjoyment :D- click here to see Tommy and Abrecan making love first here and then Tommy giving Abrecan an enema to prepare him for The Queen here before continuing on to find out how Tommy finishes the preparations.

Tommy cleaned the shuddering boy and flushed the toilet. "To The Queen's bedroom now." He hurried out the bathroom. "Ailin, clean the mess I left in there."

"Yes, my Lord," Ailin murmured, sighing as he watched Tommy lead Abrecan down the stairs.

"My Lord." Abrecan's voice broke in a dependent sob.

"Yes, good boy. Just obey me now. No need to worry."

Abrecan pressed his front against Tommy, his eyes closed.

Tommy held Abrecan. "Such a good boy." He lifted his gaze to find The Queen reclining on his bed, watching. His lips caught in an open circle.

The Queen gave a small nod.

Tommy's cock twitched against Abrecan's thigh. "Open your eyes and look behind me. You'll see a black rubber sheet. I want you to lay on it on your stomach." He dropped his arms to his sides.

"Yes, my Lord." As if in the best and most complete subspace, Abrecan's eyes slid open as he was already obeying Tommy's order.

Tommy watched Abrecan as the beautiful boy sank to his knees beside the sheet then fell forward onto his stomach. He licked his lips. His fingers pressed into his thigh; The Queen was watching. He hurried by the prone submissive to the toy closet. He chewed on his bottom lip as his fingers danced over the hogtie strips, their attached buckles. He grabbed the middle ring and hurried back to Abrecan's side.

"I love you, my Lord," Abrecan murmured.

"Love you too, good, little boy." Tommy dragged his hand down from Abrecan's shoulder blades to the small of the back. "Grab your ankles." He rubbed the back, the ass. "I like seeing how your muscles have learned to stretch again."

"Yes, my Lord." Abrecan's arms trembled with the strain.

Tommy quickly fastened the cuffs on Abrecan's wrists. He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth as the boy's body reacted to the change, the leather allowing his shoulders to relax just a little. Then the ankles, those gorgeously strong calves that made him moan.

Abrecan smiled as he watched Tommy kneel beside his shoulders. "I love how my body pleases you, my Lord."

"You are such a beautiful boy." Tommy laid on his side next to Abrecan's bound body. He slowly licked his lips before kissing, soft at first, then deeper, so deep until Abrecan groaned, opening to invasion. Taste so good.

Abrecan pushed against Tommy as he could.

Tommy's eyelids fluttered and his gaze moved up to take in The Queen crouched on the other side of Abrecan.

The Queen placed a black leather mask on Tommy's hand where it gripped Abrecan's left asscheek.

Abrecan moaned again, shuddering within his bondage.

Has he realized The Queen's here? Or is he just reacting to the leather's touch without thinking?

"My Lord." Abrecan kissed Tommy with gorgeous desperation.

"Lovely boy." Tommy plucked the mask. He kissed Abrecan's eyelids. "Good boy. Keep your eyes closed." He placed the mask over the boy's eyes. His teeth worrying his bottom lip, he pulled the straps against the hair, fixed the buckle on the back of Abrecan's head. "You look so beautifully helpless, naked and hogtied."

'Thank you, my Lord." Trembling washed over Abrecan's body.

Tommy joined Abrecan in trembling when The Queen's shadow moved over the boys. He looked up. My Queen? He released the submissive body with one arm and accepted the bottle of mineral oil.

The Queen gestured with his head from one end of Abrecan to the other.

Tommy nodded. He flipped the lid open, smiling at Abrecan's deep groan. He poured oil. "Sweet boy." His hand slid over Abrecan's back, pushing the fluid over the shaking back. "I might have to take a picture, let you see just how gorgeous you are waiting to please The Queen."

"Please, my Lord," Abrecan begged.

Tommy poured more oil, watching it drip onto Abrecan's asscheeks, between the crack.

Abrecan quaked in the bondage's hold. "Please, my Lord."

Tommy brushed his fingers over Abrecan's asshole, a fingertip pushing oil into the defenseless hole. He pressed his finger in farther before pouring more oil and then looking up.

The Queen had pulled a small table beside the sheet; on it burned several candles of varying shades.

Tommy held the bottle over Abrecan's legs. He moved the glimmering wetness over the shaking legs, between them, over balls that begged to be kissed.

The Queen placed his hand on Tommy's shoulders.

Tommy froze, one hand against Abrecan's ass, a finger holding him, the other continuing to caress and massage every inch of accessible skin. He looked up again.

"I am very pleased," The Queen murmured, his smile moving over the boys as their bodies each reacted to their Master's voice. "But now Simon is here to enjoy you, my baby boy."

Tommy gasped when Simon moved to stand beside The Queen.

"Come to me," Simon ordered.

On suddenly weak legs, Tommy struggled to his feet and into Simon's embrace.

The Queen slid down to where Tommy had just been. "My stormy little boy."

The last thing Tommy saw before Simon led him away was The Queen holding a beautiful red candle over Abrecan's back.

And just because I'm a rotten brat like that :D let me tell you a little secret... I was so "in the zone" with The Queen, Tommy, and Abrecan that I moved on to The Queen enjoying Abrecan.... BUT heheheheh you have to wait until next Monday to read the final piece of this story.

But but but :D UPDATE! if you're reading this on some day in the future from 9/16/2013, you can use this link to go right on to the next piece: http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-queen-makes-love-to-abrecan.html

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#SatSpanks... "Are you sorry yet?"

It's Saturday Spankings time again! I do so love my spankings :D . 8 (or so) sentences of spanking fun. After you've enjoyed my snippet, please join the other spankos- their links are at the bottom of this post.

Scene set up: [from Out of the Night: Book One]... Tommy and Prisca have mightily displeased their master The Queen, who has sent Tommy ahead to the main playroom to "prepare" Prisca and Vala for his pleasure. He's already got Prisca bound to a whipping pole before these lines...

"Doesn't Vala look good over there?" Tommy asked as he turned Prisca to look at Vala's shuddering form huddled near the door. "Wouldn't you love to feel her coming against your mouth?"

Before Prisca could respond, Tommy backed away and struck her ass repeatedly. He placed her paddle on the floor. "Tell me, Prisca, how many times I just paddled you." His hands roamed over her body, his fingers pushing into the red spots on her ass and thighs.

"Uh... five, my Lord," Prisca whimpered.

Tommy laughed. "Good." He gave Prisca several more cruel whacks with her paddle. "Are you sorry yet for teasing The Queen like that in front of everyone?" he demanded as he whacked her calves until she began to dance.

If you want to find out if Prisca is sorry, you'll have to read Out of the Night: Book One (of "Vala's Story" series). You can get the buy link to whatever edition you want (print, Kindle, or Nook) here. Thanks for reading!

Tommy fills Abrecan- short fiction

I so enjoyed Tommy and Abrecan waking me up making love that I'm now continuing (read the lovemaking here). Here is the first part of Tommy preparing Abrecan for The Queen- next week you'll get to see the completion of the preparations before you get to enjoy The Queen enjoying Abrecan :) .

Tommy kissed Abrecan's cheek and then snuggled close.

"Love you too, my Lord." Abrecan slowly massaged Tommy's back. "Thank you, my Lord."

Tommy trembled for a moment. He tilted his head back to gaze at Abrecan's face. "Beautiful boy."

"My Lord," Abrecan murmured and pressed the softest kiss to Tommy's lips. "Maybe you should... prepare me now... for The Queen's pleasure, before you... get in trouble, my Lord?"

Tommy smiled wryly. "Good boy. Don't want me to get in trouble." He held Abrecan tight against him. "Such a good boy."

"My Lady might be wondering where I am, my Lord."

Tommy stroked Abrecan's hair. "Whatever were you doing when I grabbed you?"

"My Lady had sent me to ask my Lady Iona about the next CUUPs' meeting."

Tommy laughed. "Let's go to the bathroom and I'll get started obeying The Queen." He released Abrecan and hopped off his bed. "You'll crawl in front of me."

Prisca popped her head into Tommy and Simon's room. "I was wondering when he didn't get right back, my Lord."

Tommy grinned. "It happens. He just looked so good. The Queen wants me to prepare him for his pleasure." He leaned over to pat Abrecan's head. "Good boy."

The Doms followed Abrecan out of the bedroom.

"But CUUPs is this Sunday and we'll be going to church too." Tommy dropped a kiss on Prisca's forehead. "You're welcome to stay while I tend Abrecan. The Queen will bring him to you when he pleases."

Prisca nodded. "Actually I'm off to grab a snack, my Lord." She ruffled Abrecan's hair. "Be a good boy and I'll see you later."

"Yes, my Lady," Abrecan murmured, smiling up at Prisca.

"I want you two in my bed tonight."

"Yes, my Lord." Prisca smiled at the men before skipping out of the bathroom.

"In the bathtub with you. On your side." Tommy sighed as Abrecan obeyed.

Abrecan whimpered at the cold porcelain against his naked skin. He pulled his right knee towards his chest. "Thank you, my Lord." He moaned at the sound of water flowing out of a faucet. His attention danced from one thing to the next as he pictured Tommy preparing the enema. Which sort of kit might it be today? "My Lord?"

"Sh, pretty boy." Tommy brushed Abrecan's hair back from his face. "The Queen's instructions didn't include anything about punishing. You don't want to make me have to punish you, do you?"

"No, my Lord," Abrecan cried.

"Almost ready, lovely." Tommy's touch left Abrecan.

Groans dripped from Abrecan's trembling lips. He moved against the bathtub.

"Good boy, warming yourself," Tommy cooed. He cupped Abrecan's ass with one hand. "Spread your cheeks for me, pretty boy." He stroked one finger along the crack as Abrecan obediently widened it. "Good boy. A little cold now."

Abrecan gasped as the wet lube dripped onto his crack. "My Lord!" His fingers pressed into his skin. He shuddered and pulled his body open farther to Tommy's touch. He moaned at the stretching, penetrating fingers. He whined softly at the fingers leaving his body.

"Sh, good boy. I have a treat for you today. First an inflatable plug to help you hold the enema as long as pleases me. Open yourself wider, sweet."

"Yes, my Lord." His mouth felt suddenly dry. His back arched as the rubber penetrated his asshole.

"Good boy," Tommy soothed. "Take it all. I know you can. You want to please The Queen."

"Yes, my Lord." Abrecan's eyes rolled upward at the rush of sensations through his body.

"There. All ten inches. Now I need to inflate it."

Abrecan released a sob as a fullness started to press his rectal walls. He pressed his face against his arm. His back arched, pushing his chest against the tub.

"Good boy. Doesn't that pressure feel so good? Knowing you won't have to fight to keep the enema inside you?"

"Yes, thanks, my Lord." Abrecan licked his parched lips, struggled to swallow.

"Once we have you emptied, I'll give you a drink of water, good boy."

Abrecan shrieked when the water started to flow into his colon.

Tommy rubbed small circles on the base of Abrecan's back.

Abrecan panted with the pressure building in his body. "Ow!"

"You'll be okay. Just a little cramp." Tommy continued rubbing, his hand slipping around to Abrecan's front to rub the quivering belly. "Slowing it down a bit since you're not being punished, my good boy."

"Thanks, my Lord," Abrecan gasped. His toes curled. "How much more, my Lord?"

"Not much. I'm so pleased your cock is hard now, lovely." Tommy grasped Abrecan's cock and started to move in slow strokes.

"My Lord, my Lord." Abrecan writhed against the porcelain.

"There you are, full of enema, your insides being cleaned for The Queen's pleasure." Tommy continued stroking. "The next time you get to come will be when he allows."

"Yes, my Lord!" Abrecan closed his eyes and basked in the competing pleasures of his full body and Tommy's stroking. "My Lord," he pleaded.

Tommy released his hold on Abrecan's cock. "Good, sweet boy."

Abrecan whimpered as he sensed Tommy behind him, although doing what, he couldn't tell.

"To your knees, then I'll help you stand."

Abrecan struggled to obey, shifting onto his stomach before he pulled his legs underneath him. He awkwardly knelt up. Sweat breaking out on his skin, he lifted his gaze to Tommy's beaming face. "Love you, my Lord," he whispered.

"Love you too." Tommy grasped Abrecan's hand and pulled the boy to his feet. "Love you, good boy." He wrapped Abrecan in his arms and held the trembling boy. "I love when you're so meek, so obedient. I love holding you like this."

"Yes, my Lord," Abrecan murmured against Tommy's neck.

"To the toilet now," Tommy ordered. He continued to hold the boy's hand as they struggled from the tub to the nearest toilet, Abrecan stopping to cry out in pain every few steps. "That's my sweet boy. This part's almost done." He helped the boy to sit. "Be as loud as you need now."

Abrecan moaned as the air rushed out of the inflated plug. "My Lord!"

Tommy whisked the contraption out of Abrecan and away.

Abrecan pushed and shuddered, his gaze lifted again to Tommy's face. "Thank you, my Lord!"

"Good boy." Tommy pressed Abrecan's face against his stomach. "Good boy."

(UPDATE for later reading ease)- here's the link to part 3: http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2013/09/how-will-tommy-finish-preparing-abrecan.html )

Now that you've completed this 2nd part of the four part dalliance with The Queen, Tommy, and Abrecan, I'd like to explain why you're enjoying it on Friday, rather than on Tuesday. An author friend was talking about blogging, started a group on fb, and now we have "Topic Tuesdays." I shuffled things around a bit. Here's the rough schedule you can kinda, sorta expect from me :D

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