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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Topic Tuesday: A favorite Halloween memory?

Hm. Favorite Halloween memory. When I saw Jeff post this, I vented at my Master "Can't we be past Halloween?" My memories don't tend to be chained to time, to dates I remember. I tried to place memories that had anything to do with Halloween. Failure. I finally thought of the last year I took my son trick-or-treating- he's a teen now and too big really.

I drove him over to a "rich area" of the town and we parked. We ran across the street to the subdivision I was taking him to. I don't even remember what his costume was that year. We finished off one street. We turned the curve and went to a house. I immediately noticed how hot the 20-something woman was who answered the door. Glad my son quickly said "trick or treat." She looked up and down the street, said "we haven't had many trick-or-treaters" and proceeded to pour the whole big bowl of candy into my son's pillowcase. With great glee, he said that was enough and we ran across the street again, got in the car and went home.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Learning about Greta part 2

Today I continue my BR-recommended experiment "Fiction Monday." Since she didn't have a good sense of Iona's submissive Greta, I wrote a scene with the women just after she'd begged The Queen's collar and been paired with Iona- this having happened before Vala becomes The Queen's. I hope you enjoy seeing the women enjoy each other. And if you're taking part in the insanity known as Nanowrimo, as I am, I hope my continued posts give you an occasional respite from all those words you'll be writing :D. Please read part 1 here.

"Thank you, my Lady." Greta's left hand slithered up her thigh before dropping between her wide spread legs.

"Spread your lips farther apart. I want to see you."

Long fingers pushed Greta open, her middle finger pushing down on her clit.

"Yes, nice and wet." Iona dipped her finger into the wetness gathering at the opening of Greta's cunt. "Tell me why you are so aroused." She tilted the candle over one nipple.

"Because I'm The Queen's now, yours now, my Lady!" Greta released a stuttering breath as Iona moved the candle.

"More." Iona held the candle upright over Greta's other nipple.

"Because you ordered me into this position, my Lady." Greta's heels pushed down into the bed. She whimpered when the next drop of hot wax kissed her skin. "Because I'm naked and you're clothed, my Lady."

Iona held a tipped candle over Greta's chest, between the adorably small, pert breasts. "Good girl." She watched intently as the stream of melted wax splashed, then traveled down her sub's body.

"My Lady, my Lady." Greta's head thrashed against the pillows.

"Not too much moving. You don't want any wax where I don't intend, right?"

"Yes, my Lady."

Iona crept down the bed, randomly upending the candle so that drops fell across Greta's stomach, then down onto her thighs.

"Please, please, my Lady!" Greta's thighs further tensed.

"Please what?" Carefully holding the candle up, Iona leaned forward to drag her tongue over Greta's moist pink sex.

"I beg to come, my Lady, please, my Lady." Greta coughed, as if pushing tears out of her voice.

Iona placed her free hand over Greta's out lips, her palm pressed flat against the sensitive flesh. She tipped the candle.

"My Lady!" Greta screamed, her body trembling all over.

"I liked that." Iona poured candle wax over both inner thighs, her hand still pressed against Greta.

"Please, my Lady." Greta pressed down on Iona's hand. "I beg, my Lady. Beg."

"I love to hear you beg, my beautiful." Iona moved again beside Greta's chest. "More wax here." She dripped wax onto one nipple, then the other. "And later, we will move to a yellow candle." She placed the candle in a holder before using a golden snuffer to extinguish it.

Greta's hips moved, rubbing her ass back and forth against the bedspread. "Please, my Lady."

Iona pulled off her purple robe.

Greta sighed as her gaze danced over the leather harness highlighting Iona's beauty.

Iona pulled her tiny black g-string off; both articles of clothing lay in a pile. She hopped up on the bed beside Greta. Quickly she straddled her girl's stomach.

"My Lady," Greta whispered.

Iona looked over her shoulder, smiling. "Make me come. I'll make you come." She lay down, her forearms resting on the bed. She sucked, licked, jammed her tongue into Greta's cunt.

Greta cried out against Iona's body, her tongue deep within the shuddering domme.

Iona pulled Greta's clit into her mouth and continued to suck hard until the beautiful female body beneath her began to convulse with release. She shook, feeling her own orgasm so close.

Greta pushed Iona's lips farther apart with her thumbs.

Iona grunted. Her body froze for a moment, the orgasm taking her breath away. She rolled onto her side, Greta coming with her.

Tongues and fingers continued pulling more pleasure.

Iona pulled her mouth away from Greta. "Enough! Good girl." She flipped around and moved up so she was facing Greta. A soft brushing of feminine lips. "Good girl."

"I'm glad I pleased you, my Lady. And thanks, my Lady."

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Learning more about Greta

I was trying to figure out what fiction to do for "Fiction Monday" and I asked my BR for Vala's Story what she'd like to see me write about. She wanted to learn more about Greta- she would be the submissive that Iona already has when Vala joins The Queen's stable. Now things are crazy because I'm getting ready for Nanowrimo- you've already seen the Nanowrimo progress bar on the right, yes? So today you're getting the first half of Iona learning about Greta now that the Domme and The Queen's friend has become his slave and Iona's submissive. Enjoy :)

Iona placed Greta's foot at the edge of the bed. "Stay."

"Yes, my Lady." Greta wetted her lips, the motion drawing Iona's hungry gaze to her new submissive's mouth.

"Are you nervous being alone with me?" Iona cupped Greta's cheek. "I'm still the same me you've known for years, even if I'm your dominant now."

"You know it's not as simple as that, my Lady." Greta pressed her lips together as if waiting for a punishment for the audacity of her comment.

"True. In some ways it's very different. But not all of them." Iona traced her index finger down the middle of Greta's torso. "There has certainly been an attraction between us for years and we've acted on it in a myriad of ways."

"We've had many a giggle how close we are in appearance except for our height, my Lady." Greta met Iona's gaze and gasped.

"Sh. That is one thing that's changed. I do enjoy looking into your pretty eyes. You don't have to avoid eye contact anymore in respect for The Queen." Iona leaned over to press a soft kiss to Greta's lips. "Such beautifully red lips. But remember The Queen commands eye contact of his slaves, unless it's physically impossible."

"Yes, my Lady. Thanks, my Lady." Greta shuddered against Iona's bed.

Iona turned to her dressing table. "Was that shudder for my candles?"

"Yes, my Lady," Greta murmured.

"Have you ever been on the receiving end of candle wax?" Iona gazed into the fire as her large "Earth" candle's wick caught flame.

"Only in testing the wax... on myself... my Lady."

"We're not starting with this one, lovely girl." Iona moved to the bedside and sat beside Greta's waist. "While I mostly played at BDSM before meeting The Queen, I played a bunch with candle wax. I even got the chance to go to some demonstrations on doing it well and safely." She brushed her fingertips over Greta's nipples.

Greta arched up against Iona's hands.

Iona smiled as her fingers continued to move back and forth. "And why is it you've never gotten these luscious nipples pierced?" She leaned forward to drew one into her mouth.

"My Lady!" Greta's forehead pulled tight in her obvious struggles to be still.

Iona lifted her mouth just above the wet, puckered nipple. "You weren't scared of the pain, were you?"

"Maybe a little, my Lady." Greta drew in a sharp breath when Iona first sucked the nipple back into her mouth before lightly biting.

Iona knelt on the bed and leaned over Greta.

"Please, my Lady," Greta whimpered.

Iona traced the nipple with the tip of her tongue, watching it grow hard, the easing dark brown of the areola pulling tight. "Beautiful." She dragged her tongue across that skin. "So beautiful." She pulled away suddenly and grabbed a white taper candle laying on her table.

"My Lady?"

"Starting with white. Maybe on your lovely hard nipples?"

Greta panted, her throat visibly moving with her swallows.

Iona caught one nipple between two fingers. "That was a question."

"Yes, please, my Lady." Greta blinked her long eyelashes. She groaned when the fingers tightened on her nipple.

"Good girl." Iona kissed Greta's cheek and released the nipple. She returned to her burning candle. Her gaze moving over the gorgeous layers of blue, green, and brown wax, she placed the taper's wick into the flame. "Are you wet?"

"Yes, my Lady." Greta coughed amongst her words.

"Put your hand between your legs. You may slowly stroke your clit." Iona turned around, lit taper in hand.

Friday, October 25, 2013

#SatSpanks... lovely submissive stammering for a spanking

It's Saturday Spankings time again! I do so love my spankings :D . 8 (or so) sentences of spanking fun. After you've enjoyed my snippet, please join the other spankos- their links are at the bottom of this post.

Update! So I just read on the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop page that because of Spank or Treat- the sentence limit is held for this week... I'm not indulging however. But do please make sure to check out the fun of Spank or Treat- here's the Facebook page for the event :) https://www.facebook.com/SpankOrTreat

Are you ready for another tease with my dear Hatsu, Etan, and Harlequin- all at the poor submissive Harlequin's expense, of course :D? Picking up from Hatsu's challenge last week, Harlequin fights to answer Hatsu and please the dominants.

"He... he ordered me to... beg you... Miss." Harlequin's lips trembled as if she fought further stammering words.

"Do you think he would like to watch?" Hatsu looked up from Harlequin's face to make eye contact with Etan. She arched an eyebrow.

Etan replied with his own small nod. He rose from the chair and gathered his and Harlequin's things.

"Follow me, crawling." Hatsu approached the club's desk. "A private room, please."

3 more snippets from this scene coming... do you think Harlequin will ever get to come? Or even get her spanking? :D
Please enjoy the other hoppers... links below:

OTK (pssst "over the knee") spankings- do I or do I not want one ? :D

"So you want maintenance spankings?" Master looks me up and down where I stand just inside His den.

"Yes, Master." I'm hoping my expression doesn't say that I'm aware I'm too far for Him to easily reach as well.

"How's that any different than what we have?"

"Ah... I wouldn't know when, but the spankings would happen with some regularity, Master. And... ah... it'd help me to remember You're in control, Master."

Suddenly I find myself sprawling across His lap and crying out when the back scratcher cracks against my naked ass- why'd I decide to come ask Master this question naked?

Okay, so I just wrote out a little OTK spanking my Master has given me recently. Nope, the OTK spanking isn't a common thing in my relationship. That was hot and all, but not common. More common...

I press back against Master; He has me in the preferred "fucktoy" position (it's almost spooning, but He has my face pressed down on the bed with an arm across my neck.) I strain back and work my hips, fucking myself onto His cock.

"Tell me when you're coming!"

I grunt and fuck back harder. "Come! Coming, Master!"

His large, warm hands slap against my hip.

My muscles clamp down harder on Master's cock, pulling more pleasure into my body.

More slaps- we both like it this way.

Now that is a far more common "spanking"- something that happens within a sexual moment, not something where my dress/skirt are lifted, my panties pulled down. I'm quick to strip, when I actually am wearing clothes- I'm not a nudist, but I'm certainly comfortable out of clothes. I mostly wear panties at that time of the month that I'm not likely to react well to any attentions from Master lol.

However, in both BDSM and spanking fiction, two of my favorite types of books, the OTK spanking shows up plenty. Pictures of women over men's laps- because yes, heteronormativity exists in too much (if you ask me) in these genres- abound on websites of authors and fans. I'm quite fond of the picture on Angie Sargenti's blog.

When I started doing the Saturday Spankings Blog hop, I even found on OTK spanking to share a snippet of :D. Of course, that was only 8 lines of The Queen spanking Vala... I'll give you a little more here ...

(Excerpt from to-be-released "Gates of the Garden: Book Two".)

The Queen sat in the chair behind Vala. "Lay that delightful little body across my lap and then fold your hands against your neck like a good girl."

Vala threw herself across The Queen's lap and folded her hands on her neck underneath her hair; she gasped with the roughness of his jeans against her skin.

"I am just wearing jeans." The Queen laughed. "Your skin cannot be that sensitive."

"I just wasn't expecting it, my Queen."

The Queen laughed again. "You are a silly little girl." He rested his hand on her ass, pushing her pelvic area against his legs. "How often have you felt jeans against your skin?"

"Ah... constantly, my Queen." Vala kissed The Queen's hand where it rested on the chair.

"I am going to spank you now. I am going to spank you until your ass is red. You will not struggle away from me."

"Yes, my Queen," Vala whimpered and pressed against his legs.

The Queen slapped Vala's ass hard, several times in a row. He rested his hand one cheek for a moment. "I love how your pale skin colors." With a cupped hand, he caught the fullness of her ass in a cruel slap.

How do you think Vala responds to this cruel slap? Be watching for release news!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Switching- no, not underwear, or even teams...

Btw- I hate the baseball metaphor of sexuality... go check out this TED talk where he switches up baseball for pizza! :D It's just 8 minutes and 22 seconds and so worth it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF-CX9mAHPo

When I try to explain The Queen's family, I find myself using terms I don't necessarily like. Calling The Queen "the Master" as in "the Master of his family," I'm okay with that. It's when I get to describing the 1st through 3rd classes that I start to struggle. It think it's quickly obvious to someone who understands BDSM who is more dominant or more submissive. Take Simon and Tommy. While The Queen collared Tommy first, when it comes to talking about the two men, I habitually say "Simon and Tommy" because Simon is certainly the more dominant of them- there is actually some comments (most by The Queen) in "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" about this very fact. Then in a series of "for the blog fiction," I had Abrecan very confused when Tommy wanted Abrecan to take the "top" or "dominant" position in engaging in anal intercourse; Abrecan, a fourth class slave at this point, couldn't imagine being in the "top" position. Admittedly "top" as it's used in the gay culture and the BDSM culture are often a very different thing. The beautifully delicate Iona says, when Vala is allowed to ask questions of the whole stable before she's collared in "Out of the Night: Book One," that she always wants to stay under The Queen- metaphorically, although I can imagine physically is good sometimes too. :D

So I type that and think of my own reality. I'm so not a switch. I can't imagine doing what any first through third class slaves do. I am a submissive. Period. I've tried to switch twice that I can think of and both where horrible failures.

1) For some reason, Tom thought I'd be able to dom him somehow for a live sex web streaming thing while he and I were "on a break." I blamed it on still feeling uncomfortable about my body after having given birth to my son, but I can still picture him laying against the wooden rack, waiting for me to bind his wrists, and it felt so very wrong.

2) Ex husband. He was trying to hard to meet my BDSM needs. He tried domming; I laughed at him. He asked me to try domming him; I laughed, but in another way. Oh, I could do it, but I didn't enjoy it. At all. I only made it through the experience by playing a nasty femdom from porn.

Then there's the occasional question- often enough looking at my Master if He's there (and His 6'6" body to my 4'11" body)- "do you ever switch?" I'm either trying to hold in my laughter to be polite or I laugh openly at what sounds super ridiculous to me. But then I simply have no interest. I don't want to switch roles, thankful to all I find holy that my Master has no desire to switch. Even if we ever find "Ms. Right" and He actually wants to engage in BDSM with her, I don't hope for any "first girl" thing as if we were working toward a BDSM stable or leaning on Gorean terms. If anything, I know there's always that part of me that hungers to find the Domme who is attractive to both my Master and I, as an equal (as in no power exchange) to Him and maybe a secondary dominant to me. Ah, but Ms. Right of any sort is a dream and so for the moment, I can keep switching in my stories. :D

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Topic Tuesday... what scares me...

And it is Topic Tuesday. My wonderful friend Kage Alan is taking a turn this week to suggest this question:

what 5 Halloween films are either your favorites (and why) or which 5 Halloween films scared the bejesus out of you (and how?)

Hm. Halloween films. That one stopped me. I understand that Kage meant "scary" or "horror" films, but Halloween still made me pause. See, my history with the holiday is a difficult one. I remember wanting one of the fancy costumes they had at the store, but knew I'd wind up with a cheap homemade thing. NOT a cool, homemade thing that one of my parents worked to help me make the coolest thing in the world. Nope, it was going to suck... like the year I was a roller skating bird (felt feathers attached to a hoodie).

My Master talks about "Stephen King horror" and "Dean Koontz" horror- deep, scary psychological horror and "gotcha!" surprise horror. I find I'm normally in the first camp as far as my preferences in horror movies.


1. My most favorite horror movies are the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies. There is a lot of gore, of shock within these movies. I think part of why I enjoy them so is because of how Robert Englund managed to get an almost campy humor into Freddy at times as well as how some pieces of the horror did have to potential to be a deep horror that occurred to you later, after the movie was long over. As a child with horrible nightmares, the whole notion of "If he kills you in your dreams, you die in real life" was a powerfully scary thing to me.

2. And now I'm thinking one that's more the Stephen King... although in a weirdly me way... While one hand, I totally love Dee Snider's "Strangeland," 2 fears come to me. First, it scared me to see the mixture of consensual BDSM (which I love dearly, which is an important part of my life) mixed with an illegal, unwanted sadism- that after all is part of what made it a horror movie to Dee himself. The next part of my horror is outside the movie- the fact that it seems too many people, hearing of the movie, weren't able to separate how the issue of consent (and lack there of) was such a pivotal part of the movie.

Okay, I have those 2 movies/franchises. I'm now paused for 3 more.... hmmm... At this point, I searched "horror movies" for a little help thinking. I found this page: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/top/bestofrt/?category=10 . So I admit, several movies on the list, including at the beginning, I thought "Oh, yeah, that's a classic" but then I don't exactly care about something being a classic; plenty of "classic novels" are labeled "classic only because a dead white man wrote it" by me lol. However I've picked 3 movies off the list that I do very much enjoy, even if they aren't necessarily horrific in a "Dean Koontz" sort of way.

3. "Village of the Damned." The conformity of the children, their chilling conformity was the scariest piece for me. And their unmitigated control.

4. "Silence of the Lambs." Although thinking of the whole series, the horror here is an interesting thing to me. Yes, it's horrible what the character Jame Gumm does. There are certainly a few startling moments- like at the end of this movie when Clarice finds herself at the right place at the wrong time. But I think it's more in something like the way pieces of the movies and the way they affect me that the horror lies. That scene where Lector and Clarice talk and he draws the story of the lambs out of her, the intensity on his face? Wow, I can't help but experience his intensity as erotic. Then, I think it's either in "Hannibal" or "Red Dragon," where Lector serves some of a guy's cooked brains to her and the guy, the fact of how calm Lector throughout gets the similar response from me; yes, my Master was rather horrified the first time He saw me have that response lol, but no, I'm vegan so now brain for me hehe.

5. Stephen King's "Carrie" and no, I'm not talking about the remake (haven't seen it yet), but the original 1976 film staring Sissy Spacek. As an adult who was the brunt of hideous school bullying, it's kinda disturbing to notice the film released two years before I was born. My emotional connection with this movie is complex of course; part of me almost wishes for telekinesis, to have been able to take revenge against my bullies as Carrie did hers. The terrifying things that still stick with me are Carrie's lack of education around menstruation (I remember too well the same thing so I didn't know if I was dying or what with my first period at 11 or 12) and her mother's religious fanaticism- locking Carrie in a closet for punishment.
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Spotlight on "The Dom with the Clever Tongue"

Have you read this wonderful book yet? I need to write my review- I read it on one of the day's that my cut hand meant for no typing- watch for my review soon :). But I've invited the ladies to guest after their release of this book and so Leia Shaw gave me this post...

Reece and Scarlet have everything a loving couple could want, except a hot kinky sex life. Malachi, an experienced Dom, steps in to help them sort that out. But not only is he a terrible memory from Reece’s past, he’s a smartass and damaged goods, too.

As they all learn to trust each other, Malachi becomes more than just their kink coach. It’s a full-on brat smackdown, and no heart gets out unscathed.

Warning: this book contains unrepentant brats, surprise orgasms, a Domme with training wheels, and a Dom whose tongue is registered as a weapon of mass seduction.
BDSM elements, M/F/f, F/f


Before they could get into a verbal sparring match, Scarlet leaned over and kissed her. Reece’s mouth was hard and she resisted her for a few moments, but as usual she gave in to her coaxing. She could never feign disinterest for long. Reece started to squirm against her, but froze when Malachi shifted in his chair. Scarlet buried a hand in Reece’s hair and forced her up, then marched her down the hall into their bedroom. Malachi trailed after them.

When they reached the foot of the bed, Scarlet pointed at the floor. “Kneel.”

Reece looked at her meaningfully, sighed and rolled her eyes before she dropped to the hardwood. Her expression was anything but respectful.

Scarlet glanced at Malachi, who’d settled into the wingback chair in the corner. He raised his brows in a you’re going to take that shit? kind of way.

Grabbing her by the hair again, Scarlet yanked her back to her feet. She bent Reece over the bed and grabbed her belt off the dresser. Normally she’d warn her or ask first, but this was downright embarrassing.

She hit Reece’s ass twice with the belt – hard. Her girlfriend gasped then gave her a dirty look.

“When I tell you to do something, kitten, you do it. No sass.”

“I didn’t even say anything!” she groused.

Scarlet gave her two more smacks with the belt and Reece danced from foot to foot, and covered her ass with her hands.


“Ow! Jeez! Yes, Scarlet. Don’t be mean.”

“Then quit acting like you’re in charge right now.” She growled and pointed at the floor.

Reece knelt where she was supposed to, gaze down. Her posture wasn’t quite what Scarlet wanted.

“Hands behind your back. Tits out.”

She complied and it made her chest thrust forward. Scarlet licked her lips. She could get off just looking at her like this. Instead she went to the closet and rifled around, leaving Reece kneeling there, waiting. Waiting and knowing that Malachi was watching. If she caught a glimpse of his expression, like Scarlet had, she’d be blushing. He looked like he wanted to eat her alive.

Out of the closet she chose several lengths of rope and a blindfold. They’d do the easy stuff this time.

“Up on the bed.”

“That’s enough, Scarlet. I should top you now.”

“No, I’m not done with you. Don’t be chicken.”

“I’m not chicken. I just don’t feel like doing this right now.”

Scarlet hesitated. Normally she’d back down if Reece said no. They didn’t have a safeword, because Reece insisted they didn’t need one. But Malachi was watching and this whole thing would have been for nothing if they stopped here.

“Get on the bed, woman,” she snapped.

Reece’s eyes widened and she hesitated but then got up on the bed and sat in the middle like it was a life raft.

“Lie down.”

She looked unhappy. “What are you going to do?”

“Just let me do this,” she half-asked in frustration.


Fuck. Here they went with the “fine” shit. Embarrassment and uncertainty grew and her patience snapped. “Lie the fuck down and shut up.” Her tone surprised her. She looked at Malachi to gauge his reaction. Was she fucking this up terribly?

His face didn’t give anything away. At least he wasn’t shaking his head in disgust. She turned her attention back to her girlfriend.

Reece was complying, but it was slow. So slow, Scarlet wondered if she should turn her over her knee or something. She needed a freaking handbook to figure out how to dom this woman – one written specifically about her.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

#SatSpanks ... Begging for a spanking

 It's Saturday Spankings time again! I do so love my spankings :D . 8 (or so) sentences of spanking fun. After you've enjoyed my snippet, please join the other spankos- their links are at the bottom of this post.

I've returned to my polyamorous BDSM WIP, "The Five." I'm still working to take them from one (the switch Etan) to the poly family of 5. Here, Etan has ordered his innocent little submissive Harlequin to go beg Hatsu for a spanking, as the darling girl has just admitted to an attraction to "some women." So just a little tease :D I plan to tease you with snippets from this scene for the next four weeks after this one. We are in Hatsu's POV, the Domme whom both Etan and Harlequin find attractive.

Hatsu watched the girl's body move, the spandex bodysuit he had her wearing tonight sliding with her gorgeous movements. Not letting her know she turns me on just yet. She held her breath when the girl stopped inches in front of her feet and knelt up. The fabric shifted around the taut little breasts as submissive arms moved up for the girl to fold her hands on her neck.

"Miss?" Harlequin murmured.

"Yes?" Hatsu openly studied the girl's body.

"Ah... would you please... spank me, Miss?" Harlequin's gaze danced over Hatsu's pointed red heels.

"Your dominant would be okay with me spanking you?" Hatsu challenged.


Is it un-submissive that I was the one to bring up BDSM?

Please make sure to visit the other participants' pages- the links are at the bottom. We'll see how I do with this- typing it up after I managed to cut my left hand pretty bad while opening a can of tomatoes to make my Master's work lunches. As all too typical for me, my answer to who first brought up spanking (or really the larger category of BDSM, for me) will be told in a mixture of narrative and direct writing.

The coffee house Tom had been living in closed and he said "I'll get in touch with you somehow." So not wearing a collar from him at the time, I was still prepared to wait. One night my then-husband took me to a goth club we frequented. As we were walking onto the dance floor, I saw HIM. Yup, I've already written at least one most about what I first noticed on that night when I met my Master, close up- I say close up because I'd "seen" Him, heard about Him, all from a distance at the Michigan sci-fi conventions we frequented. His eyes. I noticed His eyes. I wanted to see those eyes on me as I danced for His whip, as I writhed underneath Him.

I was a chicken shit. Normally I save being a chicken shit for women I'm interested in, but nope, I was a chicken shift with Master. Time periods are all kinda sketchy in my memory of this time in my life. I've heard the story both from my Master and my now-ex-husband- they agree that ex basically said "My wife wants to have sex with you." Ex and I were polyamorous. I don't remember what I was doing exactly, other than jumping around from one piece of furniture to the next like I was playing "Lava," but Master had come over to talk to me and my then-husband and my son were off somewhere.

So yes, sex with Master happened before "the conversation" happened lol. Sex was all good; Tom hadn't said anything about just having sex with then-husband before he vanished so I was having casual sex as I pleased within the guidelines of my polyamorous marriage. I don't remember if this specific sex was happening closer to the 3 months over which my Master watched me fall into a deeper depression or what. But...

Gods, He looks so good in that chair. Glad I'm already naked. I'm quickly on Him, straddling Him. Quick, get the condom on. Gotta get that cock in me.

He groans. I love to hear Him groan. So ready. Why am I already to come soon quick?

I lean into Him, arms around His neck. Love this hair, I wanna bury my hands into it, but I can't pull. Please, please. I wanna beg like the slaves in the beauty books. I wanna beg like I'd dreamed of begging Tom, if we could ever get privacy, like the one time when we were in Gotham after close and I begged just to obey his command to smell him, to learn his scent.

The orgasm hits me. "Master," I gasp.

Then-husband intrudes to comment, "You know what that means." I can hear his shit-eating grin even though I don't look at it.

I don't exactly remember what my Master said to either my comment or dumb ass ex, but I do remember His smile in that moment and how soon after that He came.

So yes, I called Him "Master." I started a conversation around what we both want that continues to today.

Amusingly about spanking in particular, I brought that up as well and not too long ago. After reading Sue Lyndon's "Dark Without You," I got into reading a lot of spanking fiction; I specifically got into reading books that held Domestic Discipline philosophy. We'd settled into a bit of a rut- not having sex as often as usual (which tends to be a minimum of once a day, even after about 13 years) and being really "vanilla" in what we were doing. I started talking to Him about maintenance spankings, sharing links to DD pages. Well, He thought it was funny- "How is that any different from what we do?" and He used His back scratcher/massager thing on my ass. I don't know. I've been sick the past few weeks and He continues to be super stressed because of shitting work schedule; it didn't go so well when I begged Him to use toys the other night. Maybe I just need to be a good submissive and wait on Him?

At least I have tons of spanking fiction on my Kindle while I wait :D.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I want a teddie!!!

Hm, it seems I'm venting a lot on Thursdays... that's not exactly the plan :D. But yes, today I want to vent. My Master is really not interested in ageplay. I don't think that's entirely fair since it seems He's made His decision based on "adult babies" (think of the ridiculousness of the "adult baby" episode of CSI) and the obnoxious typed lisping speech of "little girls" online- I think that's mostly His picture of ageplay. Not at all inclusive of the wide range of play.

I start with that so I can now explain what His preferences on lingerie are. He prefers flannel, cotton. Camisoles, boyshorts. He hates lace, satin, silk- He can't stand the texture of these fabrics. You know those pretty teddies that come out around Valentine's day? He hates them. The lacy nothings that make up a large portion of the articles at Victoria's Secret? He hates those too. I tend to buy my "lingerie" from the kids' section. Those cotton camisoles. Underwear from department stores that have "husky girl" sections.

I want a lace teddy! I want to get dressed all sexy!

But no, I have a Master who says He doesn't like ageplay at all, but wants me to wear camis and boyshorts.

No fair! And yes, I'm stomping in my most little girl fashion because I think I'm a middle, even if He doesn't want to encourage me :D. It's all good as long as I don't call Him "Daddy."

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My darned health! grrrr!

So it seems I'm going to be missing another "What I'm Reading Wednesday" :(. One would think that with the "ferret levels of sleep" my Master joked I've been getting recently that I'd be good to write reviews and posts, but I managed to cut my hand opening a can of tomatoes while making Him work lunches. Not serious enough to need stitches, but serious enough that this post will be "it" for my typing tonight because typing hurts. ugh. But worry not, next Wednesday you'll have a bunch of reviews to read 'cause I've been reading up a storm while sick.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Support and love your indie authors!!

Please take the time to sign this petition on change.org to protest against the recent censorship. http://www.change.org/petitions/amazon-barnes-and-noble-kobo-drop-the-clause-of-removing-erotica-and-self-published-indie-authors?share_id=CocADiehvx&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

Thora tries to help me write more of her story

I've been stymied with "Looking for our Unicorn." Stuck at the very beginning of a lovemaking scene with Bruce and Thora. I'm maybe 3000 words into the WIP. So I decided today to have a "conversation" with Thora. I think I may have figured out my way to get writing again. Of course, I managed to talk about my Cara Bristol and Anastasia Vitsky as well as the Saturday Spankings blog hop, because that's just the insanity of my mind :D.

Joelle, you asked for this meeting. Did you have anything specific to ask me?

I'm still trying to figure that out, Thora. You know, when Cara Bristol suggested a "poly spanking" story, I thought it sounded like a great idea and sat down to write. It's gone slowly, starts and stops. I'd thought to try to proceed with chapters in all 3 of your perspectives (you, Bruce, and Arya) like my friends' one series, but the idea of writing in Bruce's pov just doesn't interest me so much. I took my BR's suggestion of doing character sheets for you 3, but it's still not happening. I even started another WIP, rather than try to do anything in the scene that I'm stuck in.

The scene of Bruce and I making love? So you have all your theories on what the problem is, right? That you can't write vanilla. That you're not "connecting to the characters"- hence this conversation, right? That you're over-thinking genre expectations- remember what Ana said, that "menage has its own rules" or something like that. That you're thinking on publication before you even have a rough draft finished.

Yeah, right on all accounts. Not sure if one theory is more or less right than the other. Or if it's just one big mess in my head that's turning what should be a nice lovemaking scene between you and Bruce into a problem for me.

Here's a thought... I know you do National Novel Writing Month. You've learned from that writing to move on in a WIP past a scene that's giving you problems. Is it really that important to finish this lovemaking scene? Is it about plot? Or about Bruce's and my relationship? If it's the latter, you could skip ahead to this trip out for coffee with Arya and I that you already had me tell Bruce about.

However, I have a suggestion of one of your problems- you've been too focused on the BDSM trappings of the word "submissive." When you shared snippets from my book on Saturday Spankings, you were surprised when some of the other authors commented on how submissive I am, as if I can't be submissive because I'm not into BDSM like you are. You need to release the labels from your mind.

Okay, Thora. You're probably right. I'd really like to write The Queen and Tommy making mad, passionate love, but I will put your suggestion into the Unicorn WIP. Thanks.

You're welcome. Now I expect you should actually write Bruce easing the butt plug into me and making love so he and I can get some rest before the end of the month.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"The Last Hard Man'- GA Hauser book banned on Amazon

So when I saw GA share that this book (I still need to buy & read it myself) had been banned by Amazon, well I had to reach out and invite her to excerpt on my blog :D I'm a sucker for banned books. :D

Here's its link on Allromanceebooks.com:


There's a description, an excerpt, and two reader reviews you can read for the book- available in multiple formats. I notice the tags "gay romance" and "incest- biological or non-biological." Well this appears to me to be a sequel to "Down and Dirty" (if you'd like, you can read my review here). If you've never bought from ARe before, you'll need to set up a free account; it's quick!

I think I know what I'll be buying next time my Master gets paid :D.

Friday, October 11, 2013

#SatSpanks ... It's just pretend, right?

It's Saturday Spankings time again! I do so love my spankings :D . 8 (or so) sentences of spanking fun. After you've enjoyed my snippet, please join the other spankos- their links are at the bottom of this post.

This week I've decided to play with my WIP, "Vala's Recuperation"- at least that's what I'm calling it this morning as I get my separate Saturday Spankings and Seductive Studs and Sirens' posts up :D. I've done various short stories to cover the time when Vala was getting better in The Queen's loft, but this WIP is taking on those 6 months from his POV. It's in moments like this that I'm reminded how polyamorous my perspective is...

The Queen has been with Tommy 14 years at this point. They have a very rich back story that I've worked specifically with in two spin-offs before this. In reading more about the BDSM idea of "Daddy Doms," it seems in many ways, The Queen is much more that for Tommy and Vala than any other Dom role. Today's excerpt comes from the recuperation WIP where the men are further exploring ageplay.

The Queen allowed the slaps to wander down to the tops of Tommy's thighs. He grimaced and redoubled the spanks to the quivering thighs. The blood rushed to his cock. Role play. This is pretend. He cupped his hand and returned to spanking the cheeks, red going to purple in places. Looks so good.

"Please, Daddy! It hurts too much. Please stop, Daddy!" Tommy sniffed loudly.

Gods, I've made him cry!

So yes, I'm just a bit over 8 sentences, but some of them are short :D. However I'll happily take my spankings as I've been too anxious because of my yearly check up to beg my Master to spank me at all :( I figured this one would be fun to share after me starting the conversation about crying and spanking in the group :D.

Non-marking play?

Reeds- can be used as a switch, a cane... nope, these generally AREN'T used for mark-free play :D

So my angst over not having access to a kink-aware health professional had me thinking about play that doesn't mark.


Master, please! I beg!

Beg for what? He thrusts hard into my ass.

Beg to come! Master! Please! I beg to come, Master!

Why should I let you come?

Because You love feeling me come when You're fucking my ass, Master. Please!

Hm, yes, begging to come. Doesn't leave a single bruise for an un-educated doctor or nurse to see, but it is a lovely way for the top to control the bottom.


I place two ice cubes the blue freezer mug. I pour His rum- not the cheap rum that I drank 'cause He found He couldn't stand it- but the good rum, just enough to cover the bottom ice cube. I carefully pour the cola, trying to make sure to stop just at the first lip. "Master, Your drink." It's a rum-and-Coke, so it's not a new food dish that I kind of hover until He gets nervous and snaps- the dance my desire to serve and please and Him being worried of an insane-female response is one we can't seem to avoid.

I've written at some length about serving as a submissive and how I enjoy, its importance in D/s experience for me. Of course, unless a "bad serve" displeases a dom bad enough for physical punishment, normally serving is a mark-free activity.

sensation play

While it's awhile in Vala's training to be The Queen's that this shows up, it's not necessarily that hard core as a BDSM activity- he just has tons he wants her to learn. Light use of Wartenberg can be lovely play, especially when paired with bondage; do notice though that I say "light use"- my Master has managed to mark me with one of His Wartenberg wheels, although it was fair from light and He was wanting to mark me because I'd begged very prettily for marks. Wax play (although a lot of it can lead red blotches on the skin, but not likely something that'll last some hours), feathers, oils are all good things. Mixed with bondage is good- but then I must admit my bias (given to The Queen :D) about bondage- whether mental (which doesn't mark at all) and physical (and plenty of bondage doesn't mark if one's careful) is good.


see my comments in sensation play

role playing

plenty of stuff in role play doesn't mark. I've been pondering a little slave girl outfit- it is Halloween-time anyway :D- so that I could feed my Master grapes... I forget what we were watching the other day, but the show talked about being fed (especially grapes) is a mark of a leader, a dictator etc.

Of course the possibilities go far beyond my little list :D thank goodness for that :D

Thursday, October 10, 2013

my characters show up in my conversations :D

I've recently said:

"My Master doesn't have a Simon to back Him up."

"I wish I was Tommy; I'm tired of being Simon."

"My Master doesn't have a Dr. Karl to pay to provide my medical care in a kink-aware setting."

There's probably adages out there about writers and their characters. None are coming to mind atm lol. Yeah, I'm in a mood. I really could use a Simon right now- I don't feel good and unlike Simon who has 18 other slaves that he commands in making The Queen's house run, here there's only me. Sure, I have teen- many days, teen is useless. Ugh. So yeah, I look around and am horrified.

But no, going all the way from Tommy down to Vala, I can of course find little bits of me in all my slaves. Some more or less :D and Vala most definitely more. Although when Tommy pleaded for Abrecan to make love to him, to fuck his ass, well I could most definitely imagine myself there. Between Simon and Tommy, I'd be much closer to being Tommy.

Okay, I'm sorry this isn’t for enlightening, better, something heh. Come back tomorrow, there'll be BDSM talk and snippets and links to read other blog hopping authors.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Vala tops Raanan? (part 2)

Continuing the exploration of what might have happened when Raanan and Vala were left alone at the mansion while the rest of the family went out... please read part 1 here before enjoying... what do you think Vala will do once Raanan is laying on his stomach?

Vala hopped to Raanan's side, holding her breath as he moved. Before he settled into place, she brought her hand down with a walloping spank across one cheek.

Raanan moaned into a pillow. He wriggled his hips, settling his cock underneath him.

Vala shoved her hand between Raanan's thighs and started slapping until they parted.

"Gods, please, Vala."

"Sh." Vala pressed Raanan's asscheeks apart.

Raanan cried into the pillow, wrapped his arms around it.

"Yes, I'm looking at your asshole. I think when the family gets home, I'll beg The Queen to fuck your ass so I can watch." Vala slapped Raanan's ass, moving from one cheek to the other and back again, repeatedly. She cupped her hand and the slap caught his quivering ass right on the crack. "Just a moment."

Raanan turned his head to watch Vala hop off his bed. I'm the dominant here. I am. Pretty girl. He shuddered as he watched Vala drag her hand across the shelf in front of his line of butt plugs.

"Was that a shudder I saw ripple over your beautiful body just now?" Vala wrapped her hand around the base of a large black plug.

"Yes..." Raanan pulled in a harsh breath.

"You just almost gave me a title." Vala giggled. "Naughty, naughty." She stopped beside Raanan's bed. "Let me see. I'm debating if I should be nice... my Lord?" She brushed the plug against her pussy, back and forth until his gaze followed.

"Nice?" Raanan echoed.

Vala squatted just enough to shove the plug up into her cunt. She dragged it back out, her eyelids fluttering with the sensation.

Raanan's hips pulled his lower body up, his thighs parting farther.

"Good boy." Vala climbed back onto Raanan's bed. "Now pull those asscheeks far apart for me."

Raanan whimpered even as his hands shot behind him, his hands grabbing his skin. "Please."

Vala pressed the tip against his asshole. "Fast or slow?"

Raanan rubbed his face into the pillow. "Ah..."

Vala started to push. "I think slow. I want to see your body stretch to take this thick plug in. Do you use this on Ely? Or does The Queen use it on you?"

Raanan's neck moved with his struggled swallows. "I use it... on Ely... more." His breathing caught as the plug sunk to its thickest part inside him. He cried out.

"That sounds real good. Does it burn?"

"Yes. Thank you... for wetting it." Raanan thrashed against the bed as Vala pushed the plug the rest of the way into his asshole, filling him.

"Onto your back again," Vala ordered.

"Yes," Raanan whispered before the sounds started, constant dribblings of noise as he struggled to please Vala, struggled to turn his body over, and show her his cock. His sounds softened to sighs when his filled ass pressed into his comforter. He lowered his gaze to her face.

"Very good." Vala traced Raanan's lips with one finger. "Very, very good."

That shouldn't fill me with such joy. Raanan gasped at the heated touch of Vala's skin as she straddled his hips again.

Vala guided Raanan's cock into her cunt. She arched her back, smiling euphorically, as her hair brushed against his thighs and balls. "Sit up now and wrap your arms around my waist."

Raanan struggled to marshal his muscles into the ordered movements, groaning as Vala's cunt moved around his cock as he shifted underneath her. "Thank you," he murmured against her neck.

"Of course." Vala kissed Raanan's cheek before winding her arms around his neck. She buried her hands in his hair and pulled. "I'm very turned on. I'm sure I can make myself come hard and quick on your lovely cock. What about you? Are you so ready to come? The Queen has me on birth control so you can come inside me... if I want."

"Please." Raanan held Vala tight, his eyes closed. "Please," he begged again.

"Maybe. You do feel so good." Vala worked herself on Raanan's cock, up and down, groaning. Her legs squeezed his thighs. "You knew leaving me in that position would make something happen, didn't you? Were you hopping I'd beg you to fuck me? My Lord?"

Raanan screamed. "Yes, please. Fuck me! Use my cock to make you come!"

"I'm gonna, but what about you, boy? Wanna come?"

"Please." Raanan sobbed as Vala's bit and kissed his neck, covering his skin with tiny teeth marks.

"Good begging. You sound so good crying. I think I wanna feel you come inside me. Would that be real nice?"

"Yes, please, yes." With Vala's release of his hair, Raanan buried his face against her neck. "Wanna come. Please. Beg to fill you."


"Please!" Raanan's arms trembled around Vala.

Vala grunted. "Come with me." She pulled his ear between her teeth, sucking and biting.

"Vada," Raanan whispered before joining Vala in grunting. "Thank you! Sweet girl! Sweet Vala!" He crashed back down to the bed, taking Vala with him. Hope she didn't hear that.

Vala's body shook with little pants against Raanan. "Thank you, my Lord."


"Yes, my Lord?"

"What just happened, you topping me? That doesn't leave this room, unless The Queen asks. Understand?"

"Of course, my Lord. Unless The Queen asks, but I wouldn't want to tell anyone, unless he asks, my Lord."

"Why's that?"

"Because somehow, I feel very special that you allowed it, my Lord."

Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Darkly" excerpt from "Joelle's Chaotic Collection of Screwing"- and a vent :D

Today I'm sharing an excerpt from my free ebook- "Joelle's Chaotic Collection of Screwing." This is an experimental short story, written in the 1st person, using you/I as characters. It is male/female BDSM.


Crouched in the fetal position in the corner, I am lighted by the full moon’s rays streaming in from the nearby window.

I see you darkly moving through the oppressive air towards me, my mind illuminating those parts of your glorious body I most treasure, most desire.

At first, as you come into my view, my heart skips a beat. You appear to be Jay, my beautiful first love. Oh, but you are not. You are here and you are perfect. You are not the imperfect Jay.

My body comes alive again as we make eye contact. I am yours now and await your command, my sweetest Master.

You beckon me with your softly gesturing hand. You expect my prompt obedience and deserve it.

I crawl desperately on burning knees across torturous carpet to arrive in front of you.

My conscious wishing I attempt to stop because you do not desire my wishing.

Your voice becomes the only important sound that I am almost impatiently waiting to hear. Your voice controls me.

But you sense this and do not give me my way.

You grab my chin and force me to look into your eyes. You hold my chin securely with your strong hand and my eyes with your strong eyes that I may not look away.

I can feel my genitals quickly swelling and growing moist as you give me what I am afraid to need.

The moments pass in a slow drone as you force me to accept your silent will.

I fight your will, your will to show me what I really need.

Without breaking eye contract, you remove your hand from my chin and gently place your hand on my navel.

If you'd like to continue reading, you need to download the free ebook from Smashwords.

Now the vent...I just checked... 840 downloads!! As an author, that is quite a satisfying thing to see. However, this is coupled with not a single review. Whether I've spent money or gotten an ebook for free, I eventually get around to a review- it's such an important thing to do for authors. So I challenge you- download and read the book- it's a short one- leave a review- even 10 words can help, although my own goal when writing book reviews is 100 words. If you have a book, leave the link to buy/download it for free and I'll read/review as soon as I can.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Are you taking part in Nanowrimo in November? I am!

50000 words of crazy noveling fun and a wondrous online/offline writing community... you should take part :D. http://nanowrimo.org sign up to write your novel here, find your local regions, local write-ins and I hope to have you writing with me on November 1st. I hope to make this my 5th Nano win :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

#SatSpanks... "Gods, please, Vala"

It's Saturday Spankings time again! I do so love my spankings :D . 8 (or so) sentences of spanking fun. After you've enjoyed my snippet, please join the other spankos- their links are at the bottom of this post.

I'm going to continue from my first snippet of "Vala Tops Raanan." If you would like to read snippet from "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" of Vala's Story series, click here. If you would like to read the snippet from the first part of "Vala Tops Raanan," click here. If you would like to read all of the 1st part of "Vala Tops Raanan," click here. And on Monday, part 2 of "Vala Tops Raanan" will go live; it's from that section that I grabbed the below snippet:

Vala's ordered Raanan onto his stomach...

Vala hopped to Raanan's side, holding her breath as he moved. Before he settled into place, she brought her hand down with a walloping spank across one cheek.

Raanan moaned into a pillow. He wriggled his hips, settling his cock underneath him.

Vala shoved her hand between Raanan's thighs and started slapping until they parted.

"Gods, please, Vala."

"Sh." Vala pressed Raanan's asscheeks apart.

Raanan cried into the pillow, wrapped his arms around it.

What does Vala have in store for Raanan next? :D

Please enjoy the other hopping authors here...

I don't wanna go to the doctor!

Nope, this isn't about a specific kink (although I'll take specific kink recommendations for future posts in the comments section :D). What this is is a vent, a clearing of the air, a totally TMI moment around my identity as a lifestyle submissive.

On the 8th, I have my yearly medical check up. For much of my adult life, I've either had limited (as in Medicaid) or no health insurance. My Master married me as soon as my divorce was finalized so He could take care of me and my teen; unlike The Queen with his ability to pay his friend Dr. Karl who is "kink aware" to come see his slaves when they need, there is no "Dr. Karl" my Master can afford. So I use His insurance- mind it is very good insurance- to go to a local doctor in a clinic who is no way on the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom's "Kink Aware Professionals" list. I just spent a disheartening several minutes looking for any entries in "doctors/M.D." or "well practitioners/non-M.D." 1 singular entry in my state- for a massage therapist whose office is way more than 2 hours away from me. In further research, I've considered seeing if Planned Parenthood is kink aware- the nearest office is about 26 minutes away. There's a naturopath in town, but I believe insurance companies aren't required to cover their services in Michigan.

I share this information because of that check up on the 8th. For the last two weeks, I've been even more emotional, unbalanced, tense than usual. Repeatedly I've messed up the mood in bed because I suddenly got terrified that something my Master might do might leave a mark- yeah, He's aware of how extra insane I get around my check ups and so He's not going to do anything that'll leave a mark. I desperately want it to be the 9th, even the evening of the 8th, after the check up is done. Of course, the fact that all 3 of us in my family go to the same doctor probably doesn't help my anxiety on this any. I wish more doctors would take the time to increase their knowledge of diversity so there'd be more entries on the KAP list. Although at the moment, I think I might appreciate the dual approach of a naturopath and Planned Parenthood- but the first won't take my insurance and is too expensive otherwise.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

How many can fit in a menage? my vent

As often happens, things I read in multiple places (too multiple to quote and/or link to) have inspired a post, a rant, a vent. Today is most assuredly a vent. Menage- from the French ménage à trois for a sexual threesome. Humph. Any time an erotic romance has more than a hero and a heroine, it seems people want that menage label. A a polyamorous person, that offends the hell out of me. Polyamory IS NOT JUST about sex! There are serious, intimate relationships, regardless of how many people involved, regardless of the exact structure of their relationship. Before I continue to a writerly comment, I want to share a quote from my Master. Set up: we were talking about someone who complained that my dominant's stable is too big, that too many characters are introduced in my first book. He told an extended metaphor of how more people want easy storylines like "Star Trek," while I've written something complex with multiple storylines, plots, and subplots, like "Babylon 5."

He said: "The American public wants to be spoon fed pablum and you're asking them to think."

Now for the writerly vent- when I see people talk about "menage"- makes me shudder to see that word used that way- I wonder if they're just looking to be entertained by "naughty fiction" or if they're polyamorous like me and would like to see themselves in print. When I see "how many characters can you comfortably handle as reader," I get pissed. And within being pissed, my Master's quote comes to me. Yes, I want my readers to think. I'm not going to throw out just whatever to sell books. So yeah, it's difficult for me to achieve the "one book a month" pace of other authors in my genre- I want to show a rich, full love amongst a large family of BDSM, poly people is possible. And yeah, I include a diagram for a reason- so enjoy it :D.