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Friday, December 6, 2013

Learning something... together?

In my nano-novel this month past, I focused on a male/female Master/slave relationship taking themselves to a poly triad by adding an age-playing Mommy. "Mommy," as the Big character was called by the slave/little girl, has been given the back story of being into BDSM wandering through dominant roles for over a decade, but not finding anything that fit her, that fulfilled her. She and Joey, the slave/little girl, take off on a long distance relationship- using everything from chat programs to the phone- to learn about ageplay together and what within this diverse label of BDSM activity interests them.

Learn together? That notion interested me. Since I began playing with BDSM, it's always been with people who had more experience than me in some way. While I had more experience than my Master looking at BDSM as something that can be a relationship, the actual physical activities? He had way more experience there. He'd been through various types of martial arts. He'd learned how to do choreographed fighting. He'd done street performing at Renaissance festivals and the like. Like He knew how to handle a whip, control it, although for acting, not for punishment or pleasure.

So learning together? I pictured my Big and little learning together. They'd both be accessing websites, the Big in her urban area having a community to go to for more learning. My initial thoughts were about issues of dominance and submission- would Mommy be able to assert her dominance over Joey, even not knowing everything? As I wrote, it became obvious to me as the storyteller that Mommy could indeed remain in control- doing things like using proper word choice for instance to get her little back into role when something threatened that- even as she learned. I do wonder if it would work like this in real life though.

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