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Friday, October 31, 2014

#SatSpanks Vala bratted her way into a spanking

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

I was struggling at what to use for a snippet  when I realized this Saturday Spankings is on October 31st- you see, I'd be planning to do snippets from my Nano-novel ("Tabitha and Bina in Love"- two erotic romance authors meet online, fall in love, and engage in a long distance romance. Tabitha is going to write spanking romance.) Well I'm going to write a snippet just for you all. If you haven't already enjoyed my Samhaine/Winternights/Halloween story, you can enjoy its 1411 words here. But I stopped before Vala got a spanking that she most definitely bratted her way into. I'm going to share that with you :). Happy Holidays!

Vala pouted at The Queen. "I was just begging you to tell us a story, my Queen."

"Uh huh. Such a good example you gave to Soma and Eoin." The Queen sat on the edge of his unmade bed. "Over my lap."

"Good girl spanking?"

The Queen slammed down his hand on Vala's naked ass. "You're lucky Tommy gave me such a good blowjob before I came outside."

Yes, just one little sentence over. But The Queen just says "uh huh" before giving Vala a line of lecture :D

Samhaine or Winternights or Halloween- October 31st with The Queen and his family. Sex and stories

So writing this was part of why I got a late start to reading Spank or Treat- I didn't want others' stories to color this story; I was fairly sure that my imaginings with these pagan characters from my Vala's Story serial wouldn't have much if anything in common with those other stories. As I read on one site, Winternights as Asatru or Norse Pagans (as The Queen understands part of his spirituality) call the holiday that roughly coincides with the American Halloween or Celtic Samhaine lacks much of the darker or creepy side of those holidays. Just a warning, this is a long story as I allowed myself to tell it without worrying about word count, although at 1411 words, it's not over the Spank or Treat maximum- you can still use the SoT picture in my right column btw to get to Anastasia Vitsky's page about the hop. After you enjoy my story, if you would like some sexy Halloween fun, why don't you head over to Anastasia's page for the link? :)


The Queen sat on the edge of his bed, looking down at his hands. Palms, then tops of his hands. He flipped his hands again. He studied the lines on his palms. "You know, I've never really bought the idea of palm reading," he said to Tommy without looking up.

"That first time we met, my Queen, I noticed how strong your hands looked." Tommy picked up The Queen's right hand and placed it on his waist. "Are you thinking on this being your first Winternights after your mother's passing?"

"The contraction give me away?" The Queen snorted.

"Just a little. I wondered if this might be a difficult holiday for you, my Queen." Tommy stepped between The Queen's spread legs. "Do you think that sitting alone, sad, and naked is the best way to honor who your mother could have been, should have been?"

"No, it's not." The Queen pressed his face against Tommy's t-shirt clad stomach. "Baby boy, what are all my other pagans doing?"

"Iona, Prisca, and Vala have their subs dressed warmly and are outside. Not sure what they have planned."

"Why aren't you with them, baby?" The Queen kept his eyes closed as he held Tommy and breathed him in.

"I was worried about you, my Queen." Tommy licked his lips at The Queen looking up at him.

"Come here," The Queen growled as he pulled Tommy down onto his lap, the boy straddling his master's legs. "What do you need to stop worrying about me?" He brushed his lips against his boy's cheek.

"Uh..." Tommy grunted.

"And such a teasing boy to come to me with only a shirt on." The Queen moved Tommy until their cocks pressed against each other.

"I wasn't trying to be teasing, my Queen." Tommy nuzzled his face against The Queen's neck.
"But now you are."

"Now I've felt your hard cock, my Queen. Please let me please you somehow." Tommy continued to press tiny kisses along his master's jaw, the underside of his neck.

"I don't know what I want," The Queen whined.

"Maybe you'd like to come in my mouth, my Queen." Tommy's kisses moved to The Queen's earlobe and he sucked the fleshy bit into his mouth. He lowered his voice to a murmur, "I'd love for you to come in my mouth."

"That sounds good." The Queen scooted back on his bed, pulling Tommy along with him. He pushed the shirt off so they were skin to skin. His hands wound into Tommy's hair as he claimed the lips in a brutal kiss.

Tommy writhed against The Queen. His hand slipped to his master's chest, caressing and lightly pinching.

The Queen broke the kiss to push on the top of Tommy's head.

Tommy squirmed his way down the bed, hungrily kissing The Queen's skin as he made his way, over chest and stomach. "Love you, my Queen," he murmured against the beloved skin. He groaned as the muscles rippled at his touches. He breathed in to smell that divine musk that was all about The Queen's arousal. He opened his mouth to suck the cock in. His face was lovely warm against his master's body.

The Queen stroked Tommy's hair. "My good boy," he crooned. "That feels so good, my baby boy."

Tommy luxuriated in the moment, enjoying The Queen's words as much as he enjoyed the gloriously hard cock in his mouth. Pubic hair against his chin even felt wonderful beyond words. He basked in the taste, the textures as he sucked and moaned. Love to suck your cock, my Queen. His hand crept up onto the lightly thrusting hip. He clung as The Queen took the sucking to face fucking. He shuddered from shoulders to toes in ecstasy. His fingers pressed into The Queen's ass in his joy.

"Gonna fuck my cum into your mouth. Make you swallow every drop," The Queen grunted.

Tommy's toes curled. Yes, thanks, my Queen! He relaxed his throat.

The Queen thrust deeper into Tommy.

Tommy pictured his master's smile at his momentary gagging. His body went rigid as if in orgasm.

"Good boy." The Queen cried out, the sound garbled with deep groans. He panted.

Tommy swallowed as he could, small movements of his mouth and lips, still wrapped around The Queen's cock. He whimpered at the perfect taste, his master's cum filling him. Thank you, my Queen.

After a moment, The Queen eased his cock out of Tommy's mouth before pulling his boy up to him. "I hope we're both better now."

Tommy lifted his lips for The Queen's soft kiss. "Yes, thanks, my Queen." He nestled against his master, his eyes closing as he basked in the embrace.

The Queen pulled some of his comforter over them. "That was over all too quick."

Tommy tilted his head to look at The Queen's face. "But my Queen, articles say that the marathon sex in porns isn't very realistic and most guys come within five or so minutes."

The Queen chuckled. "Trying to make me feel even better? What about you?"

"No fair, two questions, my Queen." Tommy grinned. "I feel good just making you come, seeing you smile, and if it's all the same to you, my Queen, I'd rather enjoy holding on to this pent up sexual energy until after some celebrating outside."

"Such a good boy." The Queen kissed Tommy's forehead and then lips. "But outside means leaving the warmth of the bed, putting clothes on."

Tommy giggled. "Sometimes that has to happen, my Queen."

"Okay. Another moment and we shall join them."

"My Queen! My Lord!" Vala approached The Queen and Tommy as they stepped into the backyard with large black mugs in hand. "Mulled cider?"

"Yes, thanks, my love." The Queen kissed Vala's forehead and accepted the mug from her. "Simon set up the slow cooker again this year."

Vala giggled. "Yes, thankfully, my Queen. The crocks of mulled cider have made cleaning the first floor of the living wing absolutely scrumptious today."

"Silly." Tommy kissed Vala's cheek and then took the other mug. "Anyone organizing anything out here?"

"Iona and Prisca both worshiped privately earlier, they said, my Lord. I was hoping maybe The Queen might tell a story." Vala blinked cutely at The Queen.

"I was too, my Queen." Adan danced up to the group, Ailin trailing behind her.

"Me too, my Queen." Ailin laughed as he moved beside his sister.

"A story?" The Queen continued to the group sitting around a blazing firepit. "Am I just supposed to create something out of nothing?"

"Of course not, my Queen." Vala sat in the empty chair to The Queen's left as Tommy occupied the one to his right. "This holiday is about ancestors in many ways, but too many of us have bad or at least distant relationships with our immediate relatives. What about an imagining of a distant ancestor? Mightn't it be fun to imagine a day in the life of your ancestors when they were still in Germany, my Queen?"

"Hm." The Queen sipped his cider. "But what of your ancestors, Vala? Wasn't it your grandparents who came over from Wales? At what ages?"

"Um, my parents never told me that, but I don't want a story of my ancestors, my Queen. You could do Greece; Iona and Greta would enjoy that."

Greta snorted. "You are such a brat."

"What about the twins, my Queen? You know quite a bit about Ireland." Vala wiggled in her chair.

"Come sit on my lap, brat, I mean, Vala." The group laughed at The Queen's words as he patted his lap.

"Yes, my Queen." Vala skipped her way to The Queen and snuggled into his lap. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks, my Queen."

"Anyone need to refresh their cider before I start?" The Queen lovingly glanced from one slave to another. He stroked Vala's hair as people hurried over to the table of slow cookers and platters of edibles.

Vala whispered, "I'm glad to see my Lord Tommy somehow got you feeling better, my Queen."

"Uh huh. Good that your bratting did not undo it." The Queen gave Vala an one armed-hug. "Maybe playing with this little girl would be good for relief later, Tommy?"

Tommy giggled. "I'd be most appreciative, my Queen."

"So my ancestors in Germany? I think I can imagine that story." The Queen leaned toward Tommy to kiss him. "Happy Samhaine, my baby boy."

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Some thoughts on the setting of Vala's Story- snippets from "Gates of the Garden: Book Two"

It was while working with my editor's corrections and suggestions for "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" that this subject for the book's blog tour came to me. Now first things first, my editor is writer too, but she writes in a very different genre from mine- in fact, she's currently working on a Victorian horror story. So I had my beta reader on an IM program as I was going over the edits and I'd say to her [even though my BR doesn't write erotic fiction either, I trusted her to give a nuanced opinion], "Is she saying this because she doesn't understand BDSM erotica?" Some things, like penis size for one, I disagreed with my editor on and my BR supported my disagreement.

Talking about setting was a more subtle thing though. In "Out of the Night: Book One," we have a Manhattan coffeehouse and The Queen's Manhattan loft, before we move to his mansion out in the Catskill Mountain region of New York. The reader gets to enjoy things like the big circular bed in the loft that grabs a reaction from Vala, a description of the mansion as Vala looks on it as they pull up the driveway.

Yes, I'll admit it- I have floor plans of the mansion that I've never planned to put in a published book, probably not even in a blog post. They help me keep track of what room is beside which other room etc- The Queen does have a mansion with two-storied wings, three of them, a servants' wing, and tons of other stuff. The thing was however, my editor wanted details like carpet colors. Now as Vala is crawling after The Queen to cross the great room to get to the play wing, how likely do you think it is that she's going to notice the carpet color? As you walk through your living room on the way to your bedroom, how much attention do you pay to the color of your drapes?

I'm working in book four now- "The Beginning of Knowledge: Book Four"- and I'm debating the formal dining room chairs. There's no sex, no active BDSM, but would you ponder if I mentioned a specific type of chair? :D

But here's two snippets of Vala crossing the great room from "Gates of the Garden: Book Two":

A scene interrupted and The Queen hurries his girls to a formal dinner- that he ordered.

The gonging of the grandfather clock in the great room rang through the first floor seven times.

"Oops. I guess I lost track of time. Let us go to dinner. The three of you are obviously excused from punishment for lateness." The Queen turned towards the great room. "The three of you will crawl behind me."

Prisca, Adan, and Vala moved to follow The Queen. The four of them crossed the great room; he strolled, throwing a smile over his shoulder as the girls struggled to keep up with him.

The Queen strode into the dining room. "Please excuse my lateness."

With Vala speaking first, this snippet shows Adan and Vala responding to The Queen's order to Adan- "Take Vala to Iona [in her room]."

At the landing, she sat back on her heels and asked, "So I'm wondering, how much house will we be crossing or is that a question you shouldn't answer?"

"I don't think there's any reason I shouldn't." Adan sighed as Vala got back on all fours. "Let's hurry."

The girls hurried across dark brown carpet.

Adan said, "We just crossed the main playroom. Next we'll cross the great room, with all that furniture for you to crawl around. Finally we'll cross The Queen's bedroom to the stairs that'll take us up to slave quarters."

Vala giggled. "The slave quarters?"

"Well, that's what we all tend to call our rooms. They're much more than just bedrooms." Adan put her hand on top of Vala's head. "Remember that the furniture gets moved around in here. You always want to be careful if possible, figure out how to still talk to those around you while being mindful of your surroundings."

"Thanks." Vala crawled left around the armchair. "But are we really going to cross The Queen's bedroom?"

Adan laughed. "You may not have noticed, but going through his room is the only way to get to the slave quarters."


Vala is very comfortable in her new life, her new name. She's hopelessly in love, with The Queen, with Iona, with life. She's learning about BDSM and knows The Queen has many surprises, lessons planned for her. She's looking forward to ceremony day...

The Queen considers, stresses, ponders. Sometimes he goes to Simon for help, especially since Tommy messed up so bad. He's considering things in the long term as he watches Vala blossom into what he wants her to be...

Things are settling down and they aren't for the rest of the stable. Tommy did so mess things up, but at least there's Vala's training to entertain, to occupy the stable as The Queen uses them in the ways he needs. Abrecan, Orlee, and Gaelan struggle to come to terms with what one decision did to their lives in the stable...

Please come along with Joelle on this journey, shared with the readers in serial fashion. A multitude of "Happily-ever-afters" are waiting with the completion of book 9.

Author's Note: This novel is meant for open-minded adults. Activities described include a wide range of BDSM and sexual activities, some of which are male/male, male/female, group sex, consensual slavery, oral/anal/vaginal intercourse, bondage. The story also covers some sensitive topics in characters' back stories, such as drug abuse, childhood abuse, religious abuse.

Buy links:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#WIPiTuP Vala enjoys the Rape of Persephone- not literally

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors like to know we're going in a good direction.

I decided for this last pre-NaNoWriMo #WIPiTuP that I wanted to share a snippet from the "birthday scene" that kicked off the whole week long rewrite of "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three"- whole scenes removed or moved within the manuscript, others seriously rewritten, a net gain of 10662 words. During NaNoWriMo, I may be sharing from my Nano-novel- working title "Tabitha and Bina in Love." "Two erotic romance authors meet online, fall in love, and engage in a long distance relationship."

I plan on doing a special bit of fiction- related to Vala- on Halloween itself, or Winternights or Samhaine as it's thought of by the pagans in her family.

A few moment later the main lights started lowering.

The heavy purple curtains pulled back to show a gaunt man dressed all in the black standing alone caught in a glaringly white spotlight.

"Welcome all to this rendition of Greek myths shown in their frightening splendor as retold by Michaela from Crete. Things will be a bit different tonight. You can no doubt hear the musical orchestra tuning their instruments, but we will also have a Greek chorus, a group of men standing of the side of the main action. Well we think they are all men." The man bowed low and then the curtains closed again.

"Oh!" Vala gasped. Wow! Maybe I can beg to go down on Greta at bedtime?

After a few more moments of musical swirls, there was an almost complete silence from the orchestra pit forward.

Then a lone high pitched note- maybe a flute?- broke the silence as the curtains opened on two scenes. A group of people in black robes holding ceramic faces, smiling faces, in front of their own to one side of the stage. On the other, two young girls danced among a bunch of paper flowers.

More instruments joined the flute as the chorus chanted. "The only daughter of a goddess alone with her handmaiden. Shouldn't she be better protected?"

A crash of cymbals rang out. The light on the girls went grey. A stunningly tall man draped in cobwebs of fabric appeared seemingly out of nowhere beside the girls.

"You will come with me, Persephone, and be a light in my darkened sphere of control!" the man ordered, almost sang.

The girl with the vibrant deep blonde hair cowered against the other girl. "Please, my mother expects me soon."

The man rose up in front of the black haired girl. "Tell fair Demeter that Persephone fell through a crack in the earth."

A sound like a gun shot rang out before smoke filled the stage. One half of the curtain fell leaving only the chorus on stage when the smoke cleared.

"Whatever will Demeter do when her sweet Persephone does not appear home." The chorus had changed back to the smiling masks. Then the curtain fell in front of them.

Vala relaxed against Iona.

Iona and Greta exchanged a smile.

A somber song started among a few parts of the orchestra just before the curtains pulled up to reveal a new scene.

The chorus chanted, "Persephone finds herself in the dank palace of Hades, the Lord of the Dead. No sustenance may pass her lips or the consequences will be grave."

"No! I will not eat your food!" The blonde turned away from a plate of delicacies held in front of her by a stooped, wretched man.

Another approached her from the opposite direction, a different assortment of foods on his plate.

"No! No!" She dragged the knuckles of her fists down her cheeks as if she cried.

"I have something you might like. The man who had demanded Persephone come with him came from behind her chair with one bright white seed on his palm. "Enjoy just this one pomegranate seed. It shall sustain you."

Persephone glanced up and tilted her head to look at the man. "I know I mustn't eat anything while I'm in this world of shades. Please don't make me."

"But you're so hungry," he taunted. "Just one seed can't hurt. Can it?"

Persephone's blood red lips parted. "But I shouldn't."

"For me?" He brought his hand close to her chin. "Let me hear you say please again."

"Please... I need to go back to the gods above."

The man tipped the seed into Persephone's open mouth. He pushed on her chin, forcing her mouth to close as the string instruments rose by themselves.

The chorus chanted, "Now Persephone has accepted food from Hades' own palm. She can never go home again."

Vala pressed her legs together, grateful for her long, covering dress. Greek myths shouldn't turn me on.

"I can see we'll have fun in the limo on the way home," Iona murmured.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#Taboo2sday The taboo of religion in erotica

Take a risk and try something a little taboo with me? D I promise you'll find delights and scares depending on how adventurous you are

erotica and religion
I'm acting a blogger this week, my thoughts on the above taboo in erotica.

Recently a BR cautioned against the amount of religion in a manuscript, that it could offend some reader. I admit to rolling my eyes, saying to my best friend, "but religion's part of life and it's part of how/why these women connect." Of course I've already blogged on this topic, even as The Queen from "Vala's Story." I don't know, maybe I follow a Marilyn Manson-sort of aesthetic with my art, but since erotica has such power to offend, why this taboo of religion in it "because it might offend"?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Vala's Bisexuality Becomes Evident- complete article

I first shared a snippet of this article on the Seductive Studs and Siren blog hop. Here's that link- (you can use it to continue on to my fellow hoppers that weekend)- http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/08/seductivesns-valas-bisexuality-becomes.html . What follows is the entire article:

With the release of "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" of my Vala's Story serial, I had so many thoughts of what I wanted to talk about in regards the continuing story.

What does is mean to be bisexual? I've pondered this question- you see, as a 15 year old, I came out as bisexual. While my parents didn't give me any more sexual education than Vala got from her parents (although thankfully my dad wasn't/isn't a lecherous pedophile like Vala's father), I managed some of my own escape act as a teen and learned stuff they didn't care for me to learn. I don't remember what her name was, but we all called her Cat and I thought she was the most beautiful being. Her touch felt much better than many of the only slightly interested guys I did whatever with. I didn't want to stop interacting physically with guys though; I came to the term bisexual. Then I started hearing the various myths that I'd never really heard or at least recognized as "myths about bisexuality and bisexuals."

"Bisexuals are promiscuous." "Bisexuals can't be monogamous." "Bisexuals need to have sex with both men and women." "Bisexuals are just gay people who can't let go of heterosexual privilege." Those are just five common myths about bisexuals and yes, I've heard every one of them, sometimes directly to my face. I've also seen these myths taken on in academic, activist books like Julia Serrano's "Excluded." However for myself, for a variety of reasons, I've come to feel more comfortable with the identity label queer, as it's been reclaimed by the queer community.

Are you wondering what those paragraphs have to do with "Gates of the Garden: Book Two," Vala's Story, or Vala herself? In "Out of the Night: Book One," Vala asks if everyone is basically bisexual and Iona replies, "to some degree, yes." I enjoy the vagueness of Iona's answer and it leads me to think of a promo where I asked "Can you imagine a world where sexual orientation labels don't exist?" When it comes to the sexual and BDSM interactions in the world of Vala's Story, gender matters less to me except when genital-based sexual activities are happening.

As a reader and writer of BDSM erotic romance, I am used to labels; however when used to label a book, "bisexual" seems to full of those myths I mentioned above, at least in the way some readers will receive it. One important function of the bisexual label in regards to a book seems to be "person of one gender has sexual activity with both genders." Beyond the erasure of individuals outside the main male/female gender system (and yes, I do have such characters, like Lady Audrey who identifies as a trans woman), the expectation seems to be that the person will actively be shown engaging with both men and women sexually. For the Seductive Studs and Sirens blog hop- its focus being GLBTQIA+ literature- I struggled to find appropriate snippets from the first Vala's Book- "Out of the Night: Book One."

So if I'm to share a snippet from "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" here, what do I share? Do you need to see Vala engaged in sexual activity with a man and a woman at the same time? In part, I say that her bisexuality becomes more obvious in "Gates..." because in this book, there are more times when she's involved sexually with "both" genders than she was shown in "...Night...". This question mirrors some of the difficulty in my own life, where appearances can seem to say my life is hetero-normative. Because "appearances" aren't always what they seem, I want to remind those who've enjoyed reading pieces of Vala's Story on places like my blog or are just coming to Vala's Story, The Queen is very much a male-bodied person, regardless of his seemingly feminine name.

Excerpt from "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" Copyright Joelle Casteel 2014.

Her movements aggressive, Iona kissed Vala, their heads pressed against The Queen's chest. "Pretty, pretty girl," she murmured against Vala's lips.

Vala gazed into Iona's eyes. "My Lady." She adoringly returned the soft, yet forceful kisses.

The Queen moved one of Vala's hands to Iona's neck and one of Iona's hands to Vala's crotch. "That looks lovely."

Iona pressed her lips to The Queen's chest; she groaned and moved two of her fingers into Vala. "My Queen!" she gasped.

"I saw Vala's fingers touching you. Now I would see you touch her."

Vala is very comfortable in her new life, her new name. She's hopelessly in love, with The Queen, with Iona, with life. She's learning about BDSM and knows The Queen has many surprises, lessons planned for her. She's looking forward to ceremony day...

The Queen considers, stresses, ponders. Sometimes he goes to Simon for help, especially since Tommy messed up so bad. He's considering things in the long term as he watches Vala blossom into what he wants her to be...

Things are settling down and they aren't for the rest of the stable. Tommy did so mess things up, but at least there's Vala's training to entertain, to occupy the stable as The Queen uses them in the ways he needs. Abrecan, Orlee, and Gaelan struggle to come to terms with what one decision did to their lives in the stable...

Please come along with Joelle on this journey, shared with the readers in serial fashion. A multitude of "Happily-ever-afters" are waiting with the completion of book 9.

Author's Note: This novel is meant for open-minded adults. Activities described include a wide range of BDSM and sexual activities, some of which are male/male, male/female, group sex, consensual slavery, oral/anal/vaginal intercourse, bondage. The story also covers some sensitive topics in characters' backstories, such as drug abuse, childhood abuse, religious abuse.

Buy links:

Smashwords- multiple formats-
https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/417778 . First 20% available as a free sample.

Amazon/Kindle edition

Barnes and Noble/Nook edition

Author bio:

Joelle Casteel has so many faces, ways of being that no assumption is ever safe. The woman who'll use a child's backpack as a purse is just as likely to describe a graphic sex act. My Master, the dominant in the BDSM relationship that shapes much of my life, jokes that I'm so far from the mainstream that I've forgotten what the mainstream is. This of course shows up in my writing. I regularly blur gender and sexual orientation lines- although I will fight against the misgendering of my characters (between The Queen's legs are a penis and balls and he says he's a MAN.) Whether a short story or a novel, whether erotica or erotic romance, I tend to bring many taboos to the sex/BDSM table alongside crazy plots, over-the-top characters, and romance even in the midst of relationships you may never find in a greeting card store. With BDSM gaining a broader audience with various books- which she will not name because she can't stand them- she feels it's past time to put out her impression of what BDSM can look like in reality.

Friday, October 24, 2014

#SatSpanks Just getting ready for a shower, paddle brush in hand "Mommy" FF spanking

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

Now some of this has been on the Saturday Spankings blog hop before, but please bear with me. After my BRs finished with my book "Mommy," I decided that both given my target audience as well as the publishers I'm considering submitting it to, a naughty cyber scene where Mommy and Joey roleplayed feeling each others' pee would be much better as a spanking. I'm going to share the build up to the spanking, the spanking itself, and a moment of care. Aren't you glad for Spank or Treat? (You noticed the picture/link for it in my right column, right? :D) I'd decided to be nice and share it all since the 8 sentence rule is lifted- I believe that'll mean sharing from my Nano-novel as I write it. And yes, I know I said "the last of 'Mommy'," but you get this more because I'm gearing up for Nanowrimo :)

maralady: such a lovely paddle brush. I carefully pull it through your hair, enjoying when a curl wraps around my finger.
andrewsgirl: I'm staying very still for you, Mommy
maralady: you have such lovely hair; I could never tire of brushing it, but now it's time to get into the shower. I nudge you into the shower
andrewsgirl: the warm water feels so good when I step in farther to give you room to join me, Mommy. I step under the regular shower head so you can enjoy the rain shower head first.
maralady: thanks, sweet girl. I've never gotten to experience one of these before. Have you ever seen another woman naked?
andrewsgirl: not really, Mommy. we're supposed to shower after gym, but none of us do- there's not enough time to do that and get to our next classes.
maralady: That is very naughty of you- the other girls being bad does not give you a reason to skip showering
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy.

I squirmed in my chair. My toes curled against my footstool.

andrewsgirl: but I'm looking at you now, Mommy
maralady: I take one of your hands and place it on my breast. see, they're rather like yours, just a bit larger.
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy
maralady: I guide your hand down my chest, down my stomach. I'm not skinny anymore like you are; I'm a grown woman
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy, but you're not fat, Mommy

I pressed my hand against my lips; I hadn't meant to say it quite like that.

maralady: it's okay, sweet girl. I know how you meant it. I pull you close to me and wrap my arms around your shoulders.
andrewsgirl: I'm surprised to find my face nestled between your beautiful breasts, Mommy. I sigh at your hand rubbing my back in small circles, stroking my hair. It all feels so good, the water pouring over us, you holding me close.
maralady: such a good girl.

Mommy's words went straight to my clit, making it throb.

maralady: have you ever gotten a spanking in the shower?

I blushed. I wasn’t expecting that question.

andrewsgirl: no, Mommy.
maralady: I think you need one now for those school showers you skipped.
andrewsgirl: But Mommy, I'm embarrassed to undress in front of the other girls
maralady: There's no reason to be embarrassed. This time, I'll spank with my hand as a warning, but I expect you to take your showers from now on.
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy. I...

I stared at my screen. What was I going to say next?

maralady: just relax and put your hands up on the wall. I step close enough to start rubbing your shoulders.
andrewsgirl: thanks, Mommy. the rubbing feels so good.
maralady: I'm still stroking your neck with one hand as I spank your butt. Because this is a warning, I will only spank you until your bottom is pink.
andrewsgirl: I'll take a shower next gym time, I swear, Mommy
maralady: I know you will. I like patting your little butt, but you need to stop tensing. It'll just hurt worse.
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy. oh Mommy, your spanks hurt so much.
maralady: they're supposed to so you remember to talk a shower next time. My hand is better than a bath brush though, isn't it? Can you imagine how much that would hurt?

I pictured my bath brush, its thick wooden handle and rough head of bristles. I hoped Master's jokes always stayed that way and never became a real application of that fearsome tool on my backside.

maralady: your skin has the prettiest pink color, a little red in the places my fingers touched. Bend over just a bit more
andrewsgirl: but why, Mommy?
maralady: are you sassing your mommy?
andrewsgirl: never, Mommy. I press my cheek against the shower wall as I move my feet back, sticking my naughty butt out
maralady: now I can spank your sitspots better. I want your upper thighs pink too. I'm just feeling a sting in my hand, but the marks on your butt and thighs make me happy. I hope they remind you to obey

I whimpered, fighting the desire to rock against my chair, see if that would give enough rubbing on my clit, push the plugs around, give any relief

maralady: Will you remember to shower?
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy, I'll shower every time. Please, Mommy
maralady: good girl, come back to Mommy. you look so pretty, your hair, your body all wet

andrewsgirl: thank you, Mommy. thanks for holding me

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Naan and April- in Naan's room

So maybe it was a good thing that life, health etc kept me from writing the pieces of this series too close together; I just without trying too hard found myself at 1207 words of sex. Sure, there were fits and starts- my Master's snoring, me feeling moody, writing with non-gendered pronouns for Naan, figuring out the shape of hir genitals- yeah, it wasn't seamless, but once I got writing about 300 words in, I found the scene just flowing. Of course, Naan and April decided my plans for their intimate time were rubbish and they gave me their own hot scene. I have ideas involving them flitting through my head for my Nano-novel; come back on Monday 10/27 to read what my plans are. Those joining just today are invited to read part 1 here and part two here first.


Naan closed the door behind hir. "The good thing about a nudist conference? No need for that moment of 'my genitals do not match your perception of me'."

April smiled at Naan. "I imagine. That must be scary, to have that conversation. I'm glad that among nudists you're saved from it." She took Naan's left hand in hers and brought it up to her lips for a soft kiss. "I find all of you beautiful."

"Thanks." Still with joined left hands, Naan wrapped hir arm around April's waist and drew her into a tight embrace. Ze sighed when she repeated hir gesture, those long fingers wrapping around hir waist. "Do you often wear rosewater?"

"Favorite scent," April replied with her head tilted back to look at Naan's face. "Love your eyes. Make me think of the chocolate milk my mom would make after a long day of farm chores."

"I remind you of milk?" Naan gave a small snorting laugh.

"I didn't mean it like that." April's gaze drifted down to Naan's lips, parted and cherry red. She stretched her neck to kiss those lips, a soft press of skin to skin.

"Hmm," Naan moaned. Ze accepted April's questing tongue into hir.

April danced them toward the hotel bed, Naan trusting her lead. She let go of hir hand to push back the comforter, its unusually soft texture almost surprising her out of the erotic moment.

"I already changed out the hotel comforter for my own," Naan mumbled into April's mouth. Ze gasped to find hirself pushed onto the bed. One foot pushed under the skewed comforter as ze spread hir legs to welcome her closer.

April shot to the foot of the bed near Naan's foot. "Ticklish?" she asked with her mouth perched just above one delightfully brown and squirming toe. She sucked it into her mouth before more than a sucked in breath sounded above her. She opened her mouth to take in another toe.

Naan mewled. Hir head nestled into the fluffy pillow with its thrashings, black hair startlingly against the white pillowcase. Ze tensed as April released hir toe to start kissing up hir foot, then ankle.

This isn't like usual. I want you as you are. April dragged her tongue along the side of Naan's leg, tracing into the inner knee for a heady moment. The fuzz of hir body hair was a pleasant surprise, especially its uniformity; ze wasn't a lifelong nudist, but ze definitely lacked the tapered off hair of a textile wearer.

"Oh... um..." Naan stammered as April licked hir mid-thigh.

April lifted her head. "Protection?"

Naan gestured wildly at the nightstand.

April leaned over Naan and opened the door. Two latex gloves, two lime green dental dams, and a condom in hand, she put her attention back where she wanted it. She ran her teeth over his skin, pulling in just a bit to bite, not too hard. She breathed in deep, feeling the glorious smell of hir sex. Skin so soft tempted her at the inner thighs; she moved from one to the other, kisses and licks rewarding her with Naan's pleading moans.

Such divine relaxation. Ze's trusting that I'm here with hir. April knelt up between Naan's legs. Her gaze divided between the slight tension on the beautiful face above her and pulling the glove on. She giggled when she noticed a bottle of lube on the table. As if reading her mind, she suddenly felt the bottle in her gloved hand, placed there by hir. She poured the slippery fluid over her gloved fingers, between Naan's legs. Her finger tips moved over the clit, the penis and scrotum. Her thumb dipped to stroke the clit in slow circles even as she wrapped her fingers around the hardening penis.

"That feels so good," Naan whimpered. Ze lifted hir hips, spread hir legs farther.

"I'm glad." April let her hand travel away from the clit just long enough to wrap her fist around the head of Naan's cock. "Never got to asking, do you have any hard limits?"

Naan laughed. "Non-human animals, kids, and dead things. I'll consider anything else."

April returned Naan's grin. "Good." She paused to pull the other glove onto her naked hand. She returned to her stroking, making up for a slight softness that happened as she and ze joked. Penis once again hard, she rolled the condom down on it.

"I like where this is going." Naan rested hir hands on hir chest. Ze pinched both nipples.

"Just like that." April scrambled to straddle Naan's hips. She reached behind her and found the cock, slippery and silky. She guided it into her pussy, moaning in harmony with her partner. She lifted her hips before sinking back down. The sensation of pinching nipples rippled through her as she watched Naan. Her speed increased as did their moans.

"Please." Naan's lips remained parted.

"Sit up. Let me wrap my legs around you," April ordered. Her whimpered matched Naan's as their bodies adjusted with hir struggles to sit up. She tightened her legs around hir waist and started her humping movements again. She pulled the glove off her right hand before burying it in the silky black hair she'd been hoping to caress. I wonder. She reached behind her with the still gloved hand. Her finger slipped over lubed skin, pressing clit and stimulating prostate from the outside.

"Yes! Yes!" Naan claimed April's lips in a plundering kiss. Ze moaned at their breasts tight against each other, nipples throbbing.

April strained to take and give as much pleasure as possible. She squeezed her legs hard around Naan. She was so close to coming, but worried about Naan. She broke the kiss to drag her lips along hir jaw; she tugged on hir earlobe with her teeth. She groaned and closed her eyes. She felt her forehead tighten and knew.

"That's right. Let me feel you come. Are you coming?" Naan breathed in harsh pants against April's cheek.

"Gods, yes, I've wanted you like this since I first saw you." April shuddered.

"Keep using your hand like that," Naan coaxed.

April continued stroking Naan's clit even as she reached one lubed finger between hir cheeks.

Naan hissed in pleasure. Ze cried out, the sound husky and demanding. "Gonna come!"

April felt one finger slip into Naan's asshole as the clit hardened with hir shudders. Then the throbbing of a condom filling surprised her in her cunt. I brought hir all this pleasure! She let the arm come forward, tore that glove off, before wrapping both arms around Naan's neck. "That was amazing."

"Yeah." Naan kissed April, softly, slowly. "I've never enjoyed a first time with someone so much."
April kissed Naan this time. "Wanna go enjoy a hot shower?"

Naan shook hir head. "Gotta take care of the condom and then I saw you grab some dental dams. I'd like to enjoy you more first."

April giggled. She brushed a stray blond hair behind one ear. "Sounds good." She clung to Naan one more moment before they sadly parted their bodies.

"Thanks for enjoying me as I am." Naan grinned sheepishly.

"And thanks for enjoying me as I am." April lay on the bed and waited.

Do you wanna see more of Naan and April? Let me know!

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#WIPiTuP At a New Age book store as a family

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors like to know we're going in a good direction.

Having finished the "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" rewrite, I'm about to get to work on my BRs' comment on "Mommy"- never fear, you may get more "Mommy" once I've secured a publisher for it. The "Skipping..." rewrite was hard though. I'd only meant to add a birthday scene, but I found each little thing I changed for continuity avalanched into a dozen more changes. I found myself deleting, moving, saving for later scenes of hundreds of words (in one case that I checked, it was over 2000 words!). This week, I've decided to share a shopping scene that became sadly unusable because of detail changes.

"Thanks, my primitive Prince." Vala giggled. "Primitive, really, my primitive Prince?"

Prince Synn rolled his eyes at Vala.

"But thanks so much for the little reassurance at Joys and Sorrows, my primitive Prince. I was about to chicken out, my primitive Prince."

"Well many of the members of our church are coming around to polyamory, especially when faced with happy, open families like ours."

"Vala!" Erik ran up to Prince Synn and Vala. "Not-Vati!"

Prince Synn laughed. "Don't you love it? I'm 'not daddy'."

Vala lifted Erik to her hip as the three of them continued into the New Age book store. "Well it isn't the worst thing he could call you, Sir," she teased.

"I saw Reverend Evelyn lent you some books." Prince Synn paused in front of a display of spell candles.

"Yeah, she has a notion that the books coming from her will aid in the 'free and responsible search for truth and meaning' for me, Sir."

"Very wise." Prince Synn turned to Vala. "Here, let me take him. He's getting big."

"Thanks, Sir." Vala smiled as Iona joined them. "Hi, Iona." She squealed and did a little hip-shaking dance. "Oh oh... my..." She looked up at Erik. "Iona."

"Why am I suddenly hearing My Sharona?" Prince Synn grinned.

"What got you excited, sweet?" Iona patted Vala's arm.

"That little sculpture there, Iona." Vala pointed at a small ceramic sculpture of a centaur. "I would very much like that please, Iona."

Iona hugged Vala to her. "Let's take it to The Queen so you can ask him."

The group moved to The Queen who stood in front of a weapons' display.

Vala waited until The Queen looked down at her. "Sir, I would very much please like to have the sculpture that Iona is holding. Please."

Iona held out the sculpture to The Queen.

"Yes, sweet. You may have it." The Queen smiled at Erik. "Synn, let me hold my boy."

Laughing, Prince Synn passed Erik to The Queen. "So the Horned God, Vala?"

Vala shrugged. "For some reason, in my reading, Sir, I keep getting drawn back to him, feeling more comfortable with him, than the Goddess. Isn't that weird, Sir?"

"Not necessarily. Come to the books with me. They may have a title I'd like to recommend to you."

Vala nodded her head to The Queen and Iona before following after Prince Synn. She stopped beside him in front of a book shelf.

"This one. You should read it." Prince Synn handed Vala a book.

(book recommendation moved elsewhere in "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three)

"Thanks, Sir, for the recommendation." Vala giggled. "I'm going to have to work to balance this reading around my training."

"I'm sure The Queen and Iona will help you with that, if learning about paganism is really important to you."

Vala nodded. "Thanks, Sir." How weird, this conversation. Not quite what I'd expect of my Master's best friend.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#Taboo2sday Vala's thoughts on Erik and her training as a slave

Take a risk and try something a little taboo with me? D I promise you'll find delights and scares depending on how adventurous you are

I promoted this hop in a new Dark Erotica group on Facebook yesterday. I hadn't yet picked something and mentioned I still needed to sign up. I was in home stretch of a rewrite of "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" of my Vala's Story serial and in sharing about the types of things we share, I mentioned the possibility of sharing something about Erik, The Queen and Iona's toddler son. In promoting "Gates of the Garden; Book Two," Thianna D. recently hosted me on her blog. With "Skipping..." containing Vala's first journal entry for her training, I decided to share her thoughts on Erik here. I find the idea of children being taboo in erotica ridiculous; as long as the characters aren't having sexual activity with or in front of children, I find it a fantasy I'm not interested in to behave as if characters in erotica don't have full lives that sometimes include children. So here's some of Vala's thoughts...

I was really shocked to find out The Queen had a son. I'd have thought I'd have met Erik already. Though I guess it makes sense The Queen waited to introduce Erik to me. He's an adorable little boy. I can't even imagine what it's like for Iona, being a mother in such an unconventional lifestyle. Thank goodness for Brenna, for open and accepting she is and I think it's more than just being a well payed employee. Erik's going to be one unique individual when he grows up. And to think I get to have some part, even if just a little, in his life and childhood; I can't begin to understand how my Queen and my Lady trust me in being around their child! I'm sure they're glad they have a few years to figure out how they're going to explain these things to Erik.

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#MySexySaturday Are appearances as they seem?

Sexy is in the mind of the beholder... follow the links to experience dozens of snippets of sexy.
If you're here for Saturday Spankings blog hop, you can click here... but don't you want to experience 7 paragraphs of something I find sexy and thrilling first?
Also if you're looking for my #WeWriWa post, please come back after 12am EST on Sunday, although you can follow this link back to their page for other weekend writing warriors' posts.

A sexy thriller... I debated that. I wasn't sure I had something to share. Then I thought of my short story "Possession" in my free ebook "Joelle's Chaotic Collection of Screwing." It's maybe, probably the only story that's a thriller in the collection. Amusingly I've had repeated requests for a "Possession Part 2," but have never managed to write it.


Slowly the scene comes into view. No people are in the room.

The room is small, cramped. Black walls, ceilings, and floors darken the atmosphere, remove it from this reality. No furniture is in the room, if the straw mat isn't included. Gothic clothing, most of it black or white, carpets the floor. Full ashtrays are scattered around the room. Rare or banned books, their covers often exhibiting exotic sexual positions, lay haphazardly in one corner, most of them bearing signs of loving use. In the opposite corner, various leather objects are piled. On closer inspection, a finely made eight foot bullwhip, a two foot red leather-covered wooden paddle, four pairs of velvet-padded handcuffs, and other various sex toys are seen.

Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep, measuring breath. How lovely the vexing atmosphere is; it wants fear, anxiety, self-hate, obsession, and ennui to feed what it believes to be its sunny atmosphere.

Open your eyes. The door is opening, slowly swinging out into the hallway.

"Come on in," a cynical, tauntingly masculine voice says, demanding obedience in its soft yet harsh tone.

The voice gains a deliberate body as a man walks into the main part of the room. He is exceptionally tall and thin. His muscles move luxuriantly under their tight, thin cover of ghostly white skin. His features are perfectly sculptured, as if a creature from the Gods' paradise had escaped. Large, smoky blue eyes almost eclipse the rest of his face. Delicate, high cheekbones give him the look of a warped model. Long fingers stroke the very air that surrounds them. Limbs are in exact proportion to his torso. Hair has been shaved from every visible surface of his body. The only clothing that covers his body is a pair of tight black leather pants, so tight they are like a second skin.

He strips with seeming carelessness out of the pants. As with his upper body, his lower body is perfectly chiseled. Long, sturdy legs plant themselves firmly onto the ground by perfectly formed feet. His cock, though currently limp, is still large and stands up slightly.

Will the person come into the room of Mister Exceptionally-tall-and-thin? What will happen? And however could this lead into a sexy, erotic story? Don't too scared and download my free ebook "Joelle's Chaotic Collection of Screwing." 14 excerpts, short stories, and an erotic poem. A mixture of male/female, female/female, male/male, and menage groupings. Different sorts of sex and sexuality all in one 27K word sample of my writings.


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#SatSpanks an Ode to Head Mistress Blake and naughtiness

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.
And if you're here for My Sexy Sunday, click here... although don't you want to enjoy a naughty little poem I wrote first? :D
Also if you're looking for my #WeWriWa post, please come back after 12am EST on Sunday, although you can follow this link back to their page for other weekend writing warriors' posts.

 So last week I shared a spanking book-related snippet from my BDSM/ageplay MFF "Mommy" and since I said it was the last one for awhile- book is with BRs and soon to be fixed up even more and submitted (maybe even to Blushing Books? :D)- I was left with what to do this week. And this silly little poem came to me. One can only guess what next week will bring :D.

How I love Headmistress Blake, how she never punishes too vigorously!

And Blushing Books and Spanking Romance Reviews for always supporting the hop and the spanking of our naughty little author butts.

I finished a book mostly about spanking a naughty little girl so whatever do I share now? A poem, you say? :D

Do you all think I should put spanking into my Nano-novel for this year? "Tabitha and Bina in love"- because erotic romance authors need love too

Okay, so maybe, Headmistress Blake, I need a vigorous spanking for this naughty little poem :D

Sue Lyndon got the adult tag on Amazon? She's here to tell why & share her "Mine by Christmas"

Mine by Christmas: My experience with an Amazon adult tagged book

Thanks for inviting me to visit you, Joelle! I’m here today to talk a bit about my new release, Mine by Christmas, which spent a couple of hours with a dreaded adult tag on Amazon the other day. The book has been freed from the dungeon thanks to my publisher acting immediately, but if I hadn’t noticed the book was adult tagged it would have probably killed my sales. To help other authors avoid this issue, I’ll share what I know about adult tags.

What does it mean when a book has been adult tagged on Amazon?

It means someone at Amazon has flagged your book as adult, possibly due to the cover showing too much skin, the title containing certain keywords Amazon frowns upon (like slave, breed, rape, noncon, dubious consent, Daddy, and the list goes on I’m sure). An adult tag removes a book from Amazon searches and makes the book very hard to find. It makes your book virtually invisible, which of course is bad news for sales. For my book, we changed “Mine by Christmas: A BDSM Holiday Erotica Collection” to simply “Mine by Christmas” as well as removed a warning beneath the blurb that said “for adult readers only.” Changing those two things did the trick. Which sucks. Because that means having “BDSM” in a title is probably a new no-no.

How do I know if my book has been adult tagged?

There are two ways to determine if your book has been adult tagged. Visit salesrankexpess.com and type in the book title and author. If your book has been adult tagged, the listing will display “ADULT” in bright red next to the title. Another method of determining if your book is adult tagged is to go to Amazon.com and search in “ALL” categories for your book. If it isn’t found in the results, your book has been adult tagged.

How do I get an adult tag removed from my book?

Contact your publisher. They can help you evaluate whether the issue is with the cover, blurb, or title, make the necessary changes, and contact Amazon to ask them to please consider removing the adult tag. This is how I went about it and within hours my adult tag was removed. If you’re self-published, you’ll have to make the changes (which unfortunately involves guessing what the problem is because Amazon often won’t tell you if it’s the cover, blurb, or title), and contact KDP support and ask them to consider removing the adult tag. The sooner you act, the better. You want readers to easily find your book on Amazon!

Excerpt from Marry Me in Montana (Mine by Christmas):

He gave her a sharp swat. “Naughty,” he said in a scolding tone. “You will behave during this spanking, young lady, or I’ll have you fetch your hairbrush out of your suitcase.”
A small whimper left her and she ceased all movement.
“Now, let this be a lesson for you, Amy. If you misbehave in the future, especially once we are married, you can expect a bare bottom spanking that results in a very sore, reddened little butt.”
Again, she looked over her shoulder at him with wide eyes. “Seriously?”
He covered her left cheek, giving it a firm squeeze. “Seriously. A warmed bottom will help you remember to mind me, don’t you think?”
“I-I suppose so.” She turned around and fisted her hands in the covers, and he suspected it was taking all her self-control not to squirm over his erection or push her bottom into his hand. Despite her nervousness, she was obviously enjoying herself.
“All right, then. Time for your spanking, Amy.” He landed a swat across her bottom, and she tensed and gasped at the first blow. Again, his hand came down, over and over as he moved to alternate spanks from left cheek to right cheek. More whimpers escaped her, and the harder he spanked her, the quicker her breaths came. She parted her thighs and lifted her bottom up, meeting each smack that rained down. “Amy,” he warned. “This is supposed to be a punishment.”
She sighed. “Maybe you should spank me harder then. You mustn’t allow me to get away with such naughty behavior.”
“I think perhaps it’s time for these pants to come down.” He gripped the top of her yoga pants and pulled them down, revealing her panty-clad bottom. She wore a pair of lace-trimmed purple panties that hugged her ass perfectly, and his desire escalated at the thought of pulling them down.
What was he doing? He was torturing himself, that’s what. At this rate, it would take a miracle for him to last two more days without having his way with her. She was right before him, a breathless, squirming, very willing temptation. He shook the images of fucking her senseless away, and focused on spanking her overtop her panties, his hand bouncing off her rounded flesh. Dark pink marred her backside around the hemline of her panties, evidence that he was indeed reddening her bottom as promised.
“Ouch! This is starting to hurt, Jake. Okay, okay, you’ve made your point.” She struggled to rise up, but he pushed her down and draped one of his legs atop hers, holding her in place.
“Are you going to behave these next two days?” he asked, swatting her harder.


Mine by Christmas contains three short, naughty stories by Sue Lyndon

Marry Me in Montana:

Amy's frustrated over Jake's old-fashioned ideals and his refusal to consummate their marriage before they say their vows, even more so when a
blizzard causes them to miss their own wedding. It's too bad they can't get hitched in the middle of the snowstorm...or can they?

Snowed in with Santa:

Will Jared's dark desires scare the inexperienced Alana away?

Christmas with the Professor:

Angela suspects her former Psychology professor is kinky, but when she tries to tease the Dom out of him she gets much, much more than she bargained for.

Buy Links:

*read for free with Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited*