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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Topic Tuesday: Where do I want to write?

Okay, every writer has an ideal situation to write in. What's yours? Specific room? Specific view? Surrounded by what things? Listening to music? If so, what kind? Where do you get the most inspiration for your creative impulses? Describe it. Be specific. Cite examples.

I read this question that Kage gave us "Topic Tuesday" people. I c/p'd it into my "post ideas" file and then I re-read. Repeated the reading a few times.

Ideal? Hm. How do I answer that? First I don't think I can think of a singular "ideal." What I'm writing at any moment can and often does change what I want. While once upon a time, I had music lists made up dependent on what I was writing (male/male, male/female, femdom, female/female, non-BDSM, non-sexual, group etc), I tend to go buy artist more often now, especially using certain artists' radio stations on Pandora more for certain things I'm writing.

Specific room? Well there are times that I prefer to write in the thick of action (like in my armchair in my living room) or out somewhere I can people watch. Then there's other times that I want a location like my writing area in my basement, often not even online, because I want everyone to stay the heck away. And a view? Well that's totally messed. I hate looking outside windows- outside equals bad pain in my mind (allergic to the sun). Most often "not my snoring dog" would be a preferred view, if I have one.

Music is almost always a necessity for writing, at least any writing that I feel is good. Although if I've been stressed and writing hasn't happened, sometimes writing in a notebook in the middle of somewhere (like a gaming store with my Master and my teen often enough) with no music will be the thing to help me out of that.

Sometimes, writing some things, I want a creative partner there on Facebook or messenger who's up to brainstorming. Sometimes the ideas are all there in my brain and I just need good music, Master/teen to leave me alone, dog not snoring. Though sometimes if Master's left me alone for "too long," I can't write either.

I would really like an ottoman that's about an inch shorter than the one I have. I would love to have a second set of footy pajamas. I wish my armchair had just about another inch or two on either side of my body so my arms weren't pressed as tight against my sides.

Currently I find I'm listening most often to these artists' stations on Pandora: Rise Against, Depeche Mode, Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, Deftones, and Nine Inch Nails. "Rise Against" tends to be a general sex scene station. "Depeche Mode" is for male/male, although too often the station becomes "all 80s" and then I'm listening to something else. Deftones and NIN tend to be for more heavily BDSM-related scenes, especially those including impact play and serious bondage. "Deftones" is often BDSM, but of a more varied effect. "Tori Amos" and "Ani Difranco" can be for female/female more commonly, however the later seems to play too many artists who I vent "she's only on this station because she's a she, not because she has anything else in common with Ani."

Too much natural light isn't good for writing for me; it makes me cross.

I always need a table near me to hold stuff. There's always tons of stuff. Notes, pictures, diagrams, books I'm reading, books I want to read. Snacks, drinks.

Yeah, always. There are few always or ideals when I'm writing. The biggest one? The freedom to change what I want to change when I need to change it.
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  1. I love DM and I forgot to mention my favorite snacks... But music is the key to relaxed writing

    1. yeah, I did not talk about snacks in specific either. For a long time, it's been Jelly Bellies, but I'm not adding anything to my collection for the time being since the CEO gave money to an anti-trans initiative out in California. My favorite DM album has got to be "Songs of Faith and Devotion"- the way Dave used his voice in those songs were amazing. Interestingly for my "Dave off heroin comments," you know when Martin did some solo work, I find I love his stuff, just Dave on his own came over lukewarm for me.

  2. I like how you, too, really got into the spirit of the post, Joelle. =) Nicely done. It's also nice to see someone else who uses music to inspire.

    1. thanks, Kage... and here I was feeling like when Jeff asked us to pick a theme song and I picked half a dozen :D Admittedly, my ideal does depend on so many factors, hence the longish reply. I still wanna get my hands on the nanowrimo "Baty-isms" poster and put it on the wall in the basement near that writing space