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Monday, November 11, 2013

Paloma Beck's "Touch My Heart" release tour visits my blog


Title: Touch My Heart
Author: Paloma Beck
Series: Heart And Soul, #2
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Elements: BDSM-lite, Consensual Adult Spanking
Release Date: November 1, 2013
Website: http://palomabeck.weebly.com/hold-my-hand.html
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/palomabeck/hold-my-hand/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18041607-touch-my-heart

William knows exactly what he wants. He saw what his parents had and he plans to have that kind of love for himself. He just has to convince Aubrey she’s perfect for him. He attempts to take it slowly, cautious of her weariness and his own preoccupations. Then he bargains, persuades and seduces until Aubrey agrees to be his. That’s where the rest of his life begins…

… even while another part of his life begins to crumble. He finds the foundation of his own family rocked. With William’s future not in his control anymore, he needs Aubrey as much as she needs him. There’s solace in knowing you don’t have to go through life’s heartache alone.

Amazon: http://is.gd/liRrDT

© Touch My Heart, Paloma Beck, 2013

My first strike came along with my final word. I landed it directly center so the burn of her flesh was full across her ass. She clenched and cried out but made no move to pull away. I waited and watched her reaction.

After a full minute, I laid another strike down. This time, I moved to the fleshy part–the place I liked to refer to as her sit spot–so I’d know she’d remember this for at least a few days every time she sat down. I rotated between both cheeks until a shining red color emanated from her skin.

When she began to struggle in earnest, moving away from me and turning her hips, I paused to soothe her. “Do not move. Find your center and gain control. You can do this.” I rubbed her ass and felt the heat rise from her flesh.

“I - I’m sorry. I won’t m - move. It’s just, just a new feeling. I – I like your hand better.” She was sniffling now and her words were choppy, her breath labored.

I grinned, aware that my hand gave a much lighter spanking than the paddle. Of course, she’d like it better and her admission reinforced to me that I’d made the right choice. “I’m sure you do like my hand better. It’s not nearly as hard as this paddle.”

Once Aubrey calmed, I began again, changing the places the paddle landed but still maintaining the strength of my strikes. She cried out with each strike. For a moment, I questioned whether I’d make it. This was the harshest punishment I’d given and I had to fight the urge to pull her up into my arms. But I knew my responsibility. I understood it wouldn’t always be easy but I also knew what she needed and had committed to giving it to her.

“I’m sorry, sir.” Aubrey began repeating the phrase over and over, my heart tearing with each precious word. I focused my thoughts on the rhythm as I used a steady beat so she could anticipate and sink into the punishment. Once her breathing steadied and then slowed, I knew she’d found a plateau and I stopped. We’d reached our limit.

I rubbed her bottom and then set about unfastening her restraints without a word. The room was silent but for the small gasps of air escaping as Aubrey worked to regain her breath. I’d taken her further than she’d gone before. From here, we were moving forward. I needed her to be ready, to embrace her strength and trust her instincts. I needed her to let go of the inner voices she let control her.

Do you have those inner voices that hold you back? How do you overcome them?

About Paloma
Paloma Beck is a Romance Author living a life of contradiction... she's a happily married carpooling mom writing erotic romance. It's almost naughty! Paloma writes in both the Contemporary and Paranormal realms, journaling the stories her characters tell her, and they are anything but PG. She dabbles in vampires, witches, ménage, spanking and bondage - all in her books, of course.

Paloma believes a daily dose of espresso and a good book make any day better.

Connect with Paloma
WEBSITE http://palomabeck.weebly.com
TUMBLR http://palomabeck.tumblr.com/
BLOG http://RomanceBeckons.blogspot.com
TWITTER https://twitter.com/PalomaBeck
FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/PalomaBeckAuthor
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Paloma is offering a DAILY CONTEST during her release tour to WIN an ebook of Hold My Hand, book one in the Heart And Soul series. Enter to win each day by answering the QUESTION in the COMMENTS section of that day’s post. The question must be answered to be eligible. The commenter needs to provide their email address and preferred ebook format.

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  1. My mother's rants... yeah, I let my Master help but keeping her largely out of my life. I use a lot of redirection for my perspectives- avoid doing Wii Fit when I'm specifically anxious about my weight, or at least I just exercise, not "weigh in"

  2. Amazing what a parent's words can do to us even as adults... it's crazy really.

    Thanks for hosting me, Joelle. You've always been a big supporter.

    1. you're welcome, Paloma. I just love how William is. how he really works to protect Aubrey.