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Friday, November 22, 2013

Ponies and puppies and kitties, oh my! :D- pet play in BDSM

"Did you like being a kitty in heat?" Simon's grin teased Vala.

"Hell yeah I did, my Lord." Vala returned Simon's grin. She glanced at his crotch and licked her lips before returning her gaze to his face. "And I see you did as well, my Lord."

Simon leaned in to kiss Vala.

Yes, in "Vala's Story," I eventually engage in some pet play. A special made plug with teasing little barbs to approximate a tom's penis. Most importantly, Vala wasn't allowed to use human speech during the scene. She was worn out after that scene :D- Iona needed to give her some loving care...

Oh yes, I do enjoy me some mute slave pet play. Of course Anne Rice did her wonderful pony slaves in the "Beauty" trilogy, but Laurent I think it is ponders how they're "real slaves not playthings" in the 3rd book; I'm not exactly sure of Anne's words- that's before or after my favorite masturbation spots. We don't get it until the 3rd book, but there is one groom, Gareth, who speaks at length about the pony slaves and I just love how Anne weaves such beautiful philosophy into her narrative through this character.

Actually it's one of my turn on that I engage in in fiction; my Master really doesn't get into it. He's never said it's a hard limit of His, just it can be rather involved and our BDSM does tend to be a much more natural thing, something that we enjoy sexually, that runs the household. I think maybe post-nano that I'll write a pet play scene for you all, especially if I can't work one into my nano story. :D

Now separating pet play from "shifters" as you see in paranormal and paranormal romance- really, dino sex? Ahh!!! As far as I understand, it's normally put with depersonalization and/or objectification in BDSM how-to's. The idea is to make the submissive "less than human" or "other than human." It can go on for as long or as short a time as the dominant wants, although I've seen dominants comment that this sort of play involves a lot more effort for the dominant than the submissive.

Most common seem to be ponies, kitties, and puppies. On adult toystore websites like JTsstockroom, you can find toys specifically for playing these roles. But then you can find cute ears and such anywhere. To me, it appears it's all about the costume and to "really do it," you need to invest quite a bit of money. But then a good flogger can easily be $150.

I used to really like looking at pony play pics until I accidentally stumbled on some non-consensual BDSM pornography that included pony play in a most disturbing way. Although I still find the whole notion of pony play in a consensual BDSM interesting. Just the bridles, the harnesses, the shoes. I had quite a bit of fun writing some pony play into the 3rd book of "Vala's Story."

However kitten and puppy play! Rubber mittens! I love the look of them! I played with a pair of those later in "Vala's Story," not as part of pet play though. Not using mittens, but I've seen Annette Schwartz start a porn she was in with puppy play and that was really cool. She knelt in a pet bed and made little whimpering noises until her dominant in the scene came and paid attention to her.

I'd love to read comments from some people who incorporate pet play to their actual BDSM activities, from either sub or dom points of view- I'm not sure this is something that can really be switched during, so a switch would probably have to behave as one role or the other for the course of the play.


  1. To me, the 'outfits' are actually the lesser part of pet play. Though, there is a lot of cross-over, unfortunately, with the cosplay aspect. Not that I have issues with cosplay - I don't. But people do tend to mix up one with the other.

    A friend of mine enjoys puppy play and she and I have discussed it quite a bit mainly from the standpoint that I truly don't understand it and she doesn't understand several of my kinks.

    But from our conversations, the one thing I have gotten is that being a puppy, letting herself flow into that role, fulfills a part of herself that she cannot get filled any other way. Just like littles who only get that part of them fulfilled by going into their little persona, or the painslut who needs to be whipped raw.

    That is one thing I love about BDSM and one thing I try to write into my works is the psychological aspects (though I don't think that part is as exciting to my readers LOL). But all of us are in it for a different reason, one that calls to us in a unique way.

    (Though I will admit one part of kitten play makes sense to me. Who doesn't want to lay there and be petted and stroked? *grins*)

    1. thanks for the comment, Thianna, sharing your friend's thoughts. I kinda get the psychological part of pet play, but not as much as other types of play, sub roles. It does make sense, "what you get"- that's part of my forever arguments trying to get my Master to understand why "serving" is such an important thing for me.