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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mommy's blog- Mara messages Josephine

Because I'm hosting Paloma Beck on her blog tour from "Touch my Heart" tomorrow, I'm sharing from Mara's blog today. Things are picking up in "Mommy" and I haven't written a 3rd blog post for Mara, but I'm thinking that I wanted to get further into it before I dip into Mara's POV again.

Today, Mara's talking to her diary again and this time she shares the first message she sends Josephine after reading her playfully submissive heroine's profile on the kinky dating site.

Dear, sweet diary...

I am totally unsure what to make of the profiles I looked through this morning. There were quite a few profiles of sadly overweight women whose self-esteemed had been trampled away to nothing. There were the model skinny girls; their word choice often made me wonder if they were doing this "as a lark." A score of new abbreviations and acronyms to learn- I'm glad I found a group for Bigs just getting interested in AP. How frustrating that there is so little to read from a Big's POV! I got so tired of littles' pages and only see a Big through a little's eyes- although maybe that's the point and since I'm just learning theory, I'm not going to get it yet.

I was intrigued by one profile. Working in my word processor program rather than the message box, I carefully constructed my message to her. Would you like to read it, diary?

My dear. While Josephine is such a pretty name, I hope you don't mind that I call you Joey; Josephine is such a big name for such a little girl. I was pleased to see your fully dressed profile picture; too many on this site seem to think manners aren't needed. I was taken aback when you mentioned your Master, but I'm glad you're doing this with his permission- I hope that's not just words that you typed to sound good. Yes, my first impression is all about your body as shown in your picture and I find you very pretty and charming. I do find many of your listed fetishes- as pertaining to age play- interesting.

How open you are to many things, Joey. I hope a Mommy whose just coming to that role is something you're also open to? I've been a hanger on in the BDSM community here in Seattle for nearly a decade, but I never felt that a fit... a sub, as a Domme, as anything really. That is, until I found AP. Even so, I'm struggling to find stuff online, even in the local community. I can imagine your disgusted ewws when reading about diapers and such, considering your interests and hard limits listed- most definitely I'm not interested in such either. I hope you enjoy looking at my profile picture, although you might notice that I picked a fully clothed picture of me as you did. I should very much like to chat with your master as you need his permission to go beyond much more than a simple reply.


No reply yet. I'm guessing that being a lifestyle submissive that she's very busy at least with running her master's home, if not also engaging in some out-of-the-home gainful employment. If only more people understood how very powerful, very sure, very strong many submissives are, especially when they have taken it to the lifestyle degree. It takes such a special person to do that. Hopefully in the morning, I will find a response. I'm not sure what to make of her master not having a profile as well. Maybe we'll take it to another social media platform? What does this say of his interests? I wonder if this implies the potential of a polytriad of the V shape, with Josephine as the point.

Well enough pondering for the night.
With luck, I'll be her Mommy soon.


(UPDATE- for those reading after the fact, here's the link for Mara's next blog entry: http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2013/11/mommys-blog-maras-on-her-way-to-joey.html . The link and one more post after this post.)


  1. I've heard of Daddy Dom's, but this is the first I've heard about a Mommy. Quite intriguing, Joelle!

    1. Thanks, LA. Yeah, Daddy Doms are fairly easy to find info on- although I repeat Mara's frustration at most pages being by/for "littles." I'm enjoying working with the notion of a Mommy who isn't into infantalism- that seems to be a piece of AP that's all too known (like the one CSI episode that I know of where they experimented with AP as a story line, they had a male adult baby and a cisgender female Mommy).