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Thursday, August 22, 2013

What one notices about a Dom

I was with my then-husband. We were walking onto the dance floor at a goth club we frequented. When I saw Him, I was grateful then-husband and I were already polyamorous. I noticed His eyes first, the warmth, the kindness, the passion for living in them- I still love gazing into my Master's eyes even these 13 years later. Then my gaze slid down His regal nose to His mouth- instant contact with every erotic fiber of my body. Those lips, and the way He smiled. Then I broadened out to His hair. The rich brown, the long curls- if I danced at all, and we had danced, I'm fairly unsure it would have been indecent :D but then we were at a club. I imagined burying my hands in that hair as He held me down and fucked me until I was begging to come. Finally I noticed the trifecta of His clothes (Renaissance garb), hands (large), and height (6'6")- I'd managed a perfect guess on His height.

So there we have maybe the first 15 seconds after I saw my Master. It didn't matter that then-husband was there; we tried to make a go at poly triad, but ex was too immature and self-centered. It didn't matter that Master's ex-girlfriend Molly was there; He thankfully gave her the boot before I acted on my desire to beat the living shit out of her for how she hurt Him. Eyes, mouth, hair, clothes, hands, height- in roughly that order.

Now I thought of this for a few reason. My editor, especially in "Gates of the Garden: Book Two," has been a stickler for wanting more details, like being reminded of Vala's red hair or The Queen's blue eyes. Then as I was writing "Week Long" for Camp Nano in July, I got the chance to look at The Queen and his stable through the eyes of five "hopefuls." I pondered at times- would Miwa notice what Iona was wearing? What would Egil think of the natural black mixed with unnatural, fire engine red bangs that Raanan's currently wearing? Since "Week Long" is done in first draft and "Gates" is with two beta readers for a final look before publishing, I'm on to other work. My main fictional focus is "Looking for Our Unicorn"- where the story unfolds first through the eyes of "the unicorn" Arya as she glimpses Bruce and Thora and hopes. I keep pondering, what are the three of them seeing? Are they seeing the physical? I know, as a queer woman in a male/female couple looking for our unicorn, that the physical is likely to be just a small part for me, and isn't likely to be given more than the 15 seconds I spent looking at my Master before I knew I wanted to have sex with Him (then-husband was very helpful by saying "My wife wants to have sex with you" lol) and that I wanted Him to be my Master; somehow I knew He'd do a much better job than Tom ever had and well as a Master, husband, and parenting partner, He has.


  1. Thanks for the insight into your first glimpse. It is amazing what we can tell in mere seconds, isn't it?


    1. you're welcome, fiona :) I was glad to write it. But yeah, it really was just that quick, the knowing. Of course, the rest of the story is sad at points, and shouldn't have taken as long as it did at points.