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Friday, August 2, 2013

What music do you like to fuck to?

So not exactly a kink :D but it was a thought that came to me. Background noise. Now this is one of those few things my Master and I will argue about- He needs TV on to help Him sleep. He finds stand up comedians help the most; I have an almost violent hatred of many of the comedians He likes- think Larry the Cable Guy. Whether He's spanking me, going down on me, beating me, fucking me, letting me enjoy myself giving Him a BJ- I don't want to hear any of Larry's insipid catch phrases in the background.

Unfortunately our music tastes are quite divergent. The radio station I listen to the most plays rock that ranges from 70s rock like Black Sabbath and AC/DC all the way up to today with Volbeat, Three Days Grace, and Halestorm, just to name a few. He prefers the oldies station that plays through the 50s to the 80s. Well I like that station too, just not exclusively.

I used to maintain a bunch of playlists that were attuned to certain gender/sexual expression pairings. Male/female BDSM and male/male tended to be one list, female/female another, male/male another, just to name a few divisions. Now I tend to go by bands. Like I'll put on a Depeche Mode concert if I'm writing all men scenes, regardless of the number of men involved. Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails are still favorites for any genders and BDSM. I have one an interesting one though; Bright Eyes "Lover I don't have to love" is a favorite for male/female pairings. :D I do remember one really hot time when my Master dragged me to bed as that song played loudly on repeat.

So I wanna hear, what music do you like to fuck to? :D

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