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Monday, August 5, 2013

Point-of-view erotica?

It can be funny sometimes, the things you learn and why you learn them. I never cared too much to learn the many genres within pornography- I tended to follow a policy of "I'll watch a little bit of anything to see if it does anything for me." So I had no clue about this idea of "Point-of-view pornography." The idea of showing the action so that any guy (and yes, to my knowledge, POV porn is most often filmed with the male heterosexual in mind) can imagine himself having sex with the porn actress in the film.

Well after my editor finished with "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" of Vala's Story series, I found myself questioning a bunch of stuff. One thing she specifically mentioned was thinking that in erotica or erotic romance, that breast and cock size would be mentioned. True, it's a trope- talk of hard, large cocks going deep into pussies. I cringe every time I hear a porn actress say anything along the lines of "You're so deep." And on breast size? That's it's own hurdle for me- see, I'm 4'11" and until my Master was able to marry me and put me on His insurance, I suffered all too many years with breasts too big for my frame. I still struggle, thinking of my breasts as "those ugly bags of fat," even though thankfully my Master likes smaller breasts so He enjoys the full Cs (I think C, I don't wear a bra anymore so I'm not sure) the plastic surgeon gave me.

I talked to two beta readers and my Master about the cock/breast size question. All three supported my decision not to talk about these details unless really necessary. My Master made a comment that made me really ponder. He's never read anything from Vala's Story, although He's read some of my stuff, including the 1st person scenes I love to write, often fantasies or recreations of what He and I have done. He said it sounds like what I'm doing is writing POV porn; as I think it, any tall man can easily envision himself to be like The Queen, any smaller woman can envision herself to be like Vala. And of course, the rest of The Queen's stable opens this possibility up for a variety of body types.

I am currently in my final revision for "Gates." I'm hoping to have the print edition out through Lulu by next week, the Kindle and Nook hopefully not that much longer- the stable diagrams make ebook formatting a bit tricky though. Sure, I'm working to add some details, like commenting on Kaya's braids bouncing against her shoulders. I even mentioned Mandisa's large breasts, but then I've written her as a larger woman (tall for a woman, large boned) so I don't feel bad about giving her large breasts that she enjoys using to turn The Queen on. But no, I won't talk about The Queen's cock size. For some it's not the size but the relationship with the person to whom the cock is attached. For Vala, The Queen's cock is her Master's cock, one part of his sexual response and the size doesn't matter really; it just matters hearing him moan, sigh groan, grunt etc when she touches it, licks it, takes it in her mouth and on and on.

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