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Sunday, June 30, 2013

An enema for ownership?

Now I've talked on humiliation through things like enema play in the past. You may remember that I shared I see that as only one possible motivation behind the use of enema play. (urgh momentary vent- I'm feeling a hate on the word "play" for BDSM activities at the moment.) Beyond humiliation, I see ownership (in a BDSM context) and care being other possible avenues to explore with enema play. While humiliation can be a powerful motivation in BDSM, what is humiliating is not the same for all people. For instance, I don't find the specific idea of my Master giving me an enema a humiliating idea- unfortunately, it's a hard limit for Him, so I only get to enjoy it in fiction.

So yes, be aware that eventually you'll see scenes in my Vala's Story series where different slaves are given enemas. It doesn't happen constantly, but it's definitely there. I'd like to give you some fiction to enjoy, something mentioned in one of my books (not saying which lol), but not actually shown...

The Queen, Simon, and Abrecan...

"My sweet boy." The Queen ran his hand over Abrecan's back.

Abrecan pressed his lips to the hard tile of The Queen's shower. His right knee pushed against the wall.

The Queen looked over his shoulder. "Simon, you have everything ready?"

"Yes, my Queen. Just bringing it over to the table."

"Are you my good boy?" The Queen knelt just outside the shower.

"Yes, please, my Queen, I'm being good, my Queen." Abrecan groaned at The Queen's hands moving over his ass. "Please, my Queen."

"Please, what?" The Queen pressed one long finger between Abrecan's asscheeks. "Tell me what you want, little boy."

Abrecan groaned. "I... I... my Queen..."

"You need me to tell you?"

"Please, yes, my Queen."

Simon stood behind The Queen. "He needs you to take care of him, my Queen."

"Yes, please, my Queen." Abrecan trembled.

The Queen accepted a bottle of lube from Simon. He held it over Abrecan's crack.

"Oh my Queen!" Abrecan's legs moved back and forth.

"Good boy." The Queen pushed two lube-covered fingers into Abrecan. He moved them in and out, slowly.

Simon leaned against the glass enclosure. "Are you going to enjoy his ass before the enema, my Queen?"

"Hm. Should I fuck your beautiful ass, fill it with my cum, and then clean you out?" He laid his other hand on Abrecan's neck.

"I beg you please, my Queen." Abrecan pushed back on The Queen's fingers.

"But do you deserve it?" The Queen added another finger.

"Not... not deserve... but I beg, my Queen."

The Queen dripped more lube before insinuating a fourth finger into Abrecan.

"You would barely feel my cock after having my hand stretching you."

"It... it would feel... good... to you... my Queen." Abrecan panted.

"Yes, it would." The Queen pressed his face against the back of Abrecan's neck. "It always feels good to fuck you, my stormy boy."

Abrecan shuddered to hear the endearment pass The Queen's lips.

"No, maybe later I will fuck this ass when I have you in my bed. Then when I have had enough of your ass, I will fuck your face until I come deep in your gorgeous throat."

Abrecan groaned. He reached behind himself to further open to the invasion of The Queen’s fingers.

"The enema ready?"

"Yes, my Queen," Simon murmured.

The Queen eased his fingers out of Abrecan; the sub sighed regretfully. "Keep holding yourself open for me."

"Yes, my Queen." Abrecan's fingers pushed into the meat of his asscheek.

The Queen slid the rectal tip into Abrecan's asshole. "Relax your grip, good boy."

"Yes, thank you, my Queen." Abrecan luxuriated in The Queen's hand caressing his back. "My Queen," he whimpered as he began to writhe against the floor.

"Yes, my sweet boy. Good boy." The Queen repeatedly kissed Abrecan. "Does this feel good?"

"Yes, thank you, my Queen. Please, my Queen, my Lord."

Simon gazed down on Abrecan. "I love hearing him beg. Such a precious sound, my Queen."

"You taught him well." The Queen grinned at Simon.

"Thanks, my Queen." Simon clasped The Queen's shoulder. "He should be full shortly."

"That would be why he is moaning so beautifully." The Queen pressed a hand against Abrecan's lower back. "Is Simon right? Are you very full?"

"Yes, my Queen. Yes, my Lord Simon is right." Abrecan pressed his lips together as a tear dropped down his cheek.

"Good, sweet boy." The Queen brushed the tear away. "I love you, my boy."

"Starting to hurt, my Queen." Abrecan gasped.

"Almost done." The Queen glanced up at Simon who nodded. "What a good slave you are. I love how you obey me."

"Yes, obey you, my Queen," Abrecan cried, his breath catching with his sobs. "Please, my Queen," he begged.

"Just a little longer." The Queen eased the tip of out Abrecan and handed it to Simon. "I want your ass very clean before I take you into my bed and fuck you until you are begging to come as hard as you are crying now."

Abrecan's lips trembled as he gazed up at The Queen. "I love you, my Queen."

"I love you too." The Queen brushed his fingers across Abrecan's lips. "Come on, sweet boy. Stand."

Abrecan grasped The Queen's hands. He struggled to his knees then to his feet. "My Queen."

"Yes, good boy," The Queen murmured, Abrecan leaning into him while being led to the toilet. "You are pleasing me very much right now."

"Thank you, my Queen. Thank you." Abrecan stumbled along, bent forward.

"Sit, good boy," The Queen urged. "You may release as soon as you sit."

Abrecan cried out, groans pouring from his mouth. He squeezed The Queen's hands, pushed his head against Simon. "Yours, my Queen." He strained again, pushing more of the fluid out of his body.

"Whose slave are you?"

"Yours, my Queen," Abrecan panted.

"I enjoy controlling you even in this way, my boy."

Abrecan's eyelashes fluttered. He shook with his crying and the emptying.

"Is my bed ready for us?"

"Yes, my Queen." Simon squeezed Abrecan's shoulder. "Ready for you to enjoy this boy and for him to sleep between us, my Queen."

Abrecan whimpered.

"Good boy." Simon grabbed toilet paper and wiped Abrecan.

"Thank you, my Lord." Abrecan stared up at Simon.

"Good boy," Simon kissed Abrecan's cheek. "Go to bed with our Master now."

Abrecan shuddered one last time and rose awkwardly into The Queen's embrace.

"Come, sweet. I want to hold my loving slave." The Queen led Abrecan into his bedroom. "Mine."

When I started to enjoy enemas, I had a bit of a learning curve. First I found out that the disposable enemas you see in most stores are meant for constipation relief and therefore aren't safe for regular use. Thankfully Fleet came out with their natural variety, just for internal cleansing. However the environmentalist in me shuddered at all that wasted plastic. So after fruitless searches of local stores for home enema kits, I moved online. I found everything from the $6 hot water bottle/douche/enema kit that I bought to a $100 system at www.jtsstockroom.com . Believe me, if my Master was into enemas too, I'd beg for a costlier model. The tube that came with my cheap model will mean I'll eventually beg to spend more money on something a bit better.

Speaking of solution- that was a difficult search too. Unfortunately I didn't save any of the links so I could share them with you. I can't remember where I found it, but what I’ve ended up is a few squirts of aloe mixed with warm water into a 1 quart bottle. (If you try this, make sure to get straight aloe with no numbing stuff in it- like for sunburns.) There's a recommendation for a saline-based solution in Dr. Charlie Glickman's "Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure" that I want to try as well.

My Master has no direct involvement with my enemas; it's part of my personal grooming that I do. But it's His enjoyment of anal sex & stimulation that I think on as I'm in the bathroom.


  1. I loved the excerpt. Now, I can't wait to get the book :)

    1. thanks, Patricia :) So I'm not sure I'll manage it, but my editor got me the edits for "Gates..." so I'm thinking to Nano in the morning, edit in the afternoon, and blog in the evening. Then you'll have two books. I'm still roughly scheduling book 3 ("Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three") for late fall/early winter.

  2. Hi Joelle, Wonderful excerpt. I love how you portrayed this. The intimacy and connection between all three characters and how the Queen and Simon took such great care of Abrecan throughout.


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz. yup. it's that interaction that I'm always looking for in other erotica/porn and rarely finding it. Off the top of my head, I can only think of another enema scene in erotic romance that is similar to mine in the dom(s) giving care- and that's one of Patricia Logan's books.