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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Topic Tuesday- the best & worst of 2013 and what I'm looking forward to in 2014

Yes, I groaned when I saw this topic from Jeff. Sighs, it's been a year. :( Well admittedly, I'm mostly thinking about November and December- the large personal catastrophes have overshadowed what happened in the months before. Health issues with both mother and mother-in-law, change in job situation for my Master. Of course these all have huge attendant stresses and none is resolved yet. We even had the rare large disagreement- I hate to say "fight" because I doubt few people would look from the outside at the disagreement and label it a fight- voices were never raised, no swearing happened, no violent physical contact happened. Specifically looking at the "best/worst" part, I was led to thinking about my Saturday "joys/sorrows" post on Facebook. For non-Unitarian Universalists reading this, let me explain this basic ritual of community that UUs engage in in most if not all of our congregations. Whether it's lighting a candle at a specific point in a service, dropping a stone into water, or some other action, usually with words from our minister or another teacher, we share joys and sorrows in our lives. Because I'm a lifestyle submissive and while UUs tend to be rather open-minded about a lot of stuff, alt sex people (especially polyamorous and kinky people) find less to no welcome or support, depending on what part of the country and even from one congregation to another. I go to the online UU church, Church of the Larger Fellowship, and I struggled with what to call my Master when sharing a joy or sorrow that mentioned Him, so I stopped sharing as many joys/sorrows; now I do it in my status message so I can tag if I want, refer to Him as "Master" for my comfort.

It seems now that all the "best" I can think of is matched by a "worst." Like I competed in and won "Camp Nano" (like Nanowrimo but in your choice of April or July; I did July), but I failed to complete Nanowrimo- too much IRL stress. However, that is balanced by the excitement about my Nanowrimo WIP by the people who've read snippets of it on my blog- so I'm pushing to finish it ASAP and hoping that Blushing Books (who's my first choice to submit to as I mention them in it) accepts the submission and publishes it. I learned a bunch more about self-publishing, made friends with a guy who does great work, but my Master losing His job means there isn't the money to use those services at the moment- and I'm hoping on two book releases in the next month. I've had a great year with author blogging- the schedule has been a great help- but it seems I still worry about how many page views, how many comments, how to increase both, and what all the blogging is accomplishing- as I have only a free ebook, I don't have any "it's helping me sell books" to weigh the usefulness of blogging by that.

My 13 year old dog has lost a few teeth this year, but that fact that she's still alive, happy, and not having accidents inside the house balance out the teeth lose. However, it's at the point of "she's very old." Then there was Xion- the more recent rescue. We didn't have him very long because he was already old when we adopted him and yeah, it was very hard when we had to put him to sleep because his body was just failing. But he was a very loving dog. After the vet put him on a diet (3 cups of California blend veggies, 1 cup of boiled potatoes, and 2 cups of dog food) and Prozac, he was even more loving.

This isn't Annikka, but her cat Reidar enjoying a fuzzy blanket. I missed stories of what he was doing too :D
Then there's Annikka Woods. I'm not sure where friendship, beta reader, and writing friend all began, ended, overlapped etc. Nanowrimo was difficult in many ways for her too and when she was AFK for weeks, I started to get really anxious. But thankfully one day, she got onto Facebook, explained what had happened. So now my Master is again hearing "Well Annikka said..." lol

Now I'm going to move on to thinking of 2014- I can't handle too much more of 2013, too many bitter spots. I want changes to slow down. I'm talking major changes here- I'm looking at becoming caretaker of my mother-in-law (who had a stroke and now needs constant care.) I want my Master to find a good paying job that He also enjoys. I want at least two books published, if not more. I want to find another LGBT book hop to take part in so that my writing can get out to that audience (yeah, I write BDSM erotica, but rarely with straight people.) I want to see continued and improving success at the two gaming stores that make up a large portion of my Master's and our teen's social life. As I shared on Tymber Dalton's blog, where doing so could win a signed copy of her book "The Denim Dom," when I think of 2014 it's about "sharing." Often several times a day, author friends and acquaintances will say (especially on Facebook) something like "you're such a good sharer." Part of "writing in community"- I swear I remember Anastasia Vitsky using that phrase first and she probably even has an archived post about it on her blog- is that sharing and it's an important activity to me. Sure, in part, I hope if I share other's posts, when they see my promo posts that they'll then share. But it's larger than that. I don't see myself as in direct competition with these other authors so seeing them succeed too is only a good thing to me.
Topic Tuesday Blog Hop

Friday, December 27, 2013

#SatSpanks ... little white panties

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

So I was struggling with what to do a snippet from for this week- still too much IRL stress :( - and I thought of "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three." It's the 3rd book in my Vala's Story serial; it needs some re-writing before it returns to my BR and hopefully is ready to go on to my editor. Vala (because she likes talking directly to my readers) announces early in the book that she's changing the style her and her ghost writer have been using so far in the telling of her story. In a moment of "I want to show something going on in The Queen's world that didn't directly affect me," Vala shared pointed out a spanking that turned her on in the hearing of what happened.

Scene set-up: In "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" Prisca screws up royally (be watching for announcement on release of the book so you can read her screw up and parts of The Queen's punishment). He's forced her to stammer her way through why she ignored his summons and now he's "resetting the relationship." While it might not look like it, this is his equivalent of the DD/spanking romance where the HoH cuddles the TiH after a spanking.

The Queen pulled Prisca onto his lap and playfully kissed her neck. He flipped her onto her stomach, on his lap. He yanked her girlish white panties to her ankles before smacking her ass hard.

Prisca moaned questioningly.

"Don't ever avoid me again! Do it and I'll chain you to my ankles!" The Queen smacked Prisca's ass several more times.

"Ye... yes... my... my Queen," Prisca whimpered, her little white night shirt falling towards her head, her nipples brushing against his legs and growing hard.

Vala is a huge brat- although talking with her did help me some :D

When thinking on this "specific kink" or "character conversation" post, it made sense that I'd start with Vala. Of course she'd have to brat, but as often with Vala, underneath all that, she manages to be helpful and to somehow show her innate kindness. You may get warning- in my post for Thursday- what's happening in my mind about Friday- or you might not and you'll just have to be a good little reader and see what possessed my mind when I was writing. :D

Now don't waste my time, Joelle. What music are we listening to as we do whatever it is you're thinking we're going to do?
Vala paused. Really? Superchick? And now I think this is Selah?

Isn't it time for your maintenance spanking from The Queen, ms mouthy?

You're the one who wanted to talk. What? are you and Shaman struggling?

Not like that. Life just sucks at the moment. Too much stress. Part of me would really like to get back into your story- just reading Skipping to find a snippet for Saturday Spankings was a treat. Although I closed it before I got too into reading Prisca enjoying Abrecan.

Now this is better. Marilyn Manson. And older Marilyn. His voice isn't quite as deep as The Queen's but nearly, and the maturity he brings to these songs. Funny to think about your Master finding the picture of him back when he was just dorky little Brian Warner. Of course he was a dork as a teen.

Thank the Gods you changed back to Marilyn before trying to write more today- I was worried you'd continue subjecting me to that contemporary Christian crap.

Hey! Drop that attitude right now! You know The Queen enjoys some of the same bands I do- why are you being a brat?

'Cause? Yup, 'cause... same answer you give your Master all too often. Oo, turn up the volume! Love this song!

Okay, so you've been managing blog posts, but no fiction. What's up with that? You'd gotten to the point you were dealing with all your stresses better. You got books 1 and 2 of my story together- you still gotta get copies to your editor.

I know.

"I know" what? You need to write some fiction. Like finish that scene you have going in your ageplay story. You've people waiting on that book. Try the emailing the books to your editor tomorrow- since your friend mentioned yahoo mail acting up.

Well, not necessarily entire fiction, but with your Master and you both so stressed, why don't you write a fictional sex scene with him?

But I wanted to go further with Greta's story before The Queen collared you- at least one more scene so that next Monday's set.

I say you should finish that AP scene, then a fictional scene before you consider Greta. After all, she was pretty cooperative in the writing of what you already have.

More cooperative than you normally are. (I grin, waiting for Vala's offended response.)

Shut your hole!

Well you gotta admit, unless it's The Queen and He's just punished you for something, you're not very cooperative. And my Master? Why should I write a fictional scene?

Well don't go writing about my Master, not when you're bummed and struggling to write. Leave my Master out of it, brat.

Brat? You're the brat!

I'm trying to help you, brat. Okay. Think on it. You start with a nice BJ and let it go from there. You should be able to write it, especially after you manage to finish at least the AP scene.

Yeah, you're probably right. This is a decent "first conversation" piece for Friday. What do you think about for next week? Who might I talk to if I don't have a specific kink?

You're working with Greta- she might be good. If you don't want her both on Monday and Friday, maybe Joey from your AP would be good.

Hm. yes. I'll put them in as possibilities and not worry about it for now. Thanks for the help, Vala.

You're welcome. Now go talk to Joey.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is Ze/He/She pleased?

I am pleased."

I'm sure I'd be amused by the results if I counted how many times The Queen says this throughout all 9 books of Vala's story then the various spin-offs. Regardless of which slave he's saying it to (I almost feel naughty using a contraction when talking about The Queen because he almost never uses them :D ), the slave in question will feel some level of pleasure on hearing that. Like Tommy, I can almost imagine Tommy having an orgasm just from hearing The Queen saying those three little words. At times, in ways, it's almost better than hearing "I love you."

I'm lead to thinking about one of Vala's lessons in "Gates of the Garden: Book Two." I think I called it something like "The Theoretical Discussion of Obedience" or something nearly as pretentious :D. One of the topics that the slaves settle on is how obedience and the positive feelings from pleasing a dominant are tied together. I don't agree that "pleasure from pleasing a dominant" is some basic thing in all submissives, all slaves, whatever "s" type label one might want to use; there's always exceptions to every rule.

I don't know. I started this off with some grand notion. Yeah, in fiction, this phrase fills me with all sorts of good feelings. Happiness, physical arousal just to name two. Although at the moment, the level of stress in my personal life just has me thinking how things can mean so many things. At the moment, just hearing "it's not about you, it's about me" from my Master is another way of hearing those words. Nope, I don't recall my Master every actually saying those three words, but regularly He says "I love you" and various comments that equal that. Just recently I heard from Him, "I know you're strong help to help my mom."

Monday, December 23, 2013

Greta learns from a different angle

So Annikka said she'd like to learn more about Greta and I started writing a little prequel to Vala's Story. I'm having fun. Remember that Greta had been collared a year before The Queen finally collared Vala. I'll leave his history with Greta to the brief introduction in "Out of the Night: Book One" (yes, the re-release is coming!) and finally to "The Book of Meeting" (working title for a spin-off planned for afer the completion of Vala's Story). I can't say at the outset how many weeks of Greta you may get :D

Scene set up- Greta, a Domme friend of The Queen's, finally begged his collar. First she had her collaring ceremony then came the excitement of Iona's promotion and her pairing ceremony with Iona. We join the women waking up in Iona's bedroom the next morning.

Back story tidbit- The Queen and Iona have an unplanned child together, Erik, who's about 1.5 years at this point in story-time.

Greta opened her eyes and glanced around her. She hadn't thought to look around much yesterday after her collaring ceremony. The pale yellow walls. The smooth deep brown of the various pieces of furniture. She continued taking inventory of the things in Iona's room that she could see from the sleeping board. She lifted her head to look at the lavender throw blanket that the beautiful domme had covered her with at bedtime last night.

Domme? So I'm no longer the domme, but Iona has been promoted to that rank within The Queen's stable. But was does that mean? Iona, the preciously submissive girl that I've known for years now. She's my domme? Does the d need to be capped? Breathe. I knew this, begging his collar, his stable, the system of authority. I even wanted to submit to Iona as well. My Lady.

Greta startled out her thoughts when Iona climbed under the blanket and cuddled up.

"Morning." Iona kissed Greta's cheek and then settled back down, her head resting on Greta's shoulder.

"Morning, my Lady." Greta tried to lift her left hand, as if to cuddle Iona, only to be held by the cuff to the board.

"Been awake long?"

"Not very long, maybe a few minutes, my Lady."

Iona dragged her fingers down Greta's shoulder, over the upper chest, before caressing one breast.

Greta moaned. Her fingers are so soft.

"Have you ever noticed what mornings are like for the fourth class when you've spent the night?"

Greta's moans turned to whimpers when Iona pinched one nipple. "Uh... some of it, my Lady."

Iona held her upper body up to kiss Greta on the lips. She traced them with her tongue. "Did you notice how breakfast happens?"

"The Queen makes some sort of decision, but I'm not exactly sure what, my Lady." How did I not notice more?

Iona giggled. "You'll need to pay attention and learn quick." She started undoing the cuffs. "One of the first things we need to find out The Queen's pleasure on is breakfast, casual or formal." She threw the blanket aside and simply looked over Greta's naked body.

Greta pushed her lips together, lest she start biting them in anxiety of what Iona was looking for, at.

"Are you grateful I covered you up last night?"

Is that expression innocence? Or merely attentiveness? "Very grateful, thank you, my Lady."

Iona moved to Greta's feet and undid those buckles.

Greta stretched her feet, her toes pointed. I'll get used to this?

Iona giggled again. "Earn your way into sleeping with me."

"Yes, my Lady." Something tells me that's your preference, my Lady. Greta marveled at the smile she found on her lips. I'm already learning.

"That's my girl." Iona tapped her fingers against Greta's lips. "Now the thing about The Queen making his decision, he'll let us know in a variety of ways what he's decided. This morning I happened to go visit Simon and Tommy's room and I found out from Simon that we're having a casual breakfast this morning."

Happened? Whatever do you mean, my Lady?

"Because this is my first day as dom and you as The Queen's slave, we agreed to have Brenna keep Erik at the loft." Iona cupped each of Greta's breasts with one small hand. "So we'll get the uniform on you and that's it. I'm ready for breakfast now and 'casual' means we'll just go get breakfast."

"Yes, my Lady." Where did the fourth class eat the last time I visited during a formal dinner? And we have breakfast and lunch sometimes as formal affairs too? Shit!

"Sit on the foot of my bed."

Greta looked up to Iona's face even as she hopped to her feet- Iona's tone in ordering caught her unsuspecting. She watched the soft white dress float around Iona's body as she moved to the pile of her sub's uniform.

"Gather all that lovely hair up on your head."

"Yes, my Lady." Greta grabbed her braid and piled it in one hand.

The bed shifted as Iona knelt on the bed behind Greta.

Greta squeaked in surprise, although the sound morphed into a moan with Iona' s teasing kisses against the nape of her neck.

"Such a good girl." Iona wrapped the heavy posture collar around Greta's neck.

Will each uniform piece be its own tease? Greta cried out when Iona nipped playfully at her earlobe with those tiny teeth.

"We'll have breakfast then go join The Queen in the playroom for your first lesson."

"Yes, my Lady." I didn't expect him to get moving this fast.

"Be a good girl and cooperate while I put your harness on you."

"Yes, my Lady." Greta sighed happily. Years ago, but then my Lady mightn't have been ready for me.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Just a little different- from "Vala's Recuperation"

I was trying to decide on an excerpt for today since I don't have any friends guesting today. I started reading a WIP that's settled into the nickname "Vala's Recuperation." Different readers have complained about the fact that I let Vala summarize the 6 months of her recovery into a few paragraphs. So I decided I'd do those months (possibly/probably in a novella-length) book from The Queen's perspective. I've already shared a bit from this- I think mostly on the Seductive Studs and Sirens LGBT blog hop. I'm going to share a little bit (unedited) from the very beginning of the WIP. I haven't thought yet about when I might release it since I need to finish it.

The Queen gazed at his bed. He sipped his coffee as he tried to find a tuft of Mearr's beautiful red hair amongst the pile of blankets.

"She seems to be resting well, my Queen."

The Queen slowly looked up the twink standing in front of him. No, not a twink really because Tommy was too old for that. But his boy's fragility always touched him so deeply.

He pulled on Tommy's hands until his boy knelt between his legs. "I love you, my sweet, baby boy. I take it you were able to get everything Karl suggested?"

"Yes, my Queen. All put away." Tommy laid his head on The Queen's jean-covered thigh.

"Things running well at the mansion?" He dragged his fingers through Tommy's soft black locks.

"Yes, my Queen. Between Abrecan keeping everything under control and Ely in his element making plans." Tommy brushed his fingers over The Queen's other leg. "Have you eaten yet today, my Queen? Let me make you something?"

The Queen grinned. "Am I looking that haggard that you are so solicitous?"

Tommy blushed, the red flowering high over his cheekbones. "Not exactly, my Queen. I mean, not worse than first time Erik was teething."

The Queen shuddered; a teething child was not good at all, but he refused to pull the rich person's "leave it all for the nanny."

Friday, December 20, 2013

#SatSpanks ... What will Master think of Joey and Mommy?

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

Lalalalala.... no, I'm not getting ready for Christmas, although I've been enjoying Anastasia Vitsky's Advent Calendar- how about you?

So today I'm sharing the last of the snippets from my Nanowrimo project "Mommy." If you haven't been keeping up, enjoy the snippets in this order: Joey earns her spanking; Mommy and Joey go to the guest room; Mommy makes Joey talk about why she's being spanked; the spanking finally happens. Now at the very end of the scene, after Joey has gotten her cuddles from Mommy, Master surprises them, having woken up without them knowing it.


"Did she do something to warrant a paddling? I'm still not entirely sure how these things work in AP." Master crossed the room to stand in front of us.

"Very rudely, with no actual provocation from me, she yelled no at me." Mommy's frown sounded in her voice. "And just because I stepped beside her as she was finishing putting away the ingredients we'd bought for dessert tonight. But I reminded her how to be a good girl."

"Joey girl, remember that I hoped Mara's visit would help you deal with me switching over to midnights. See that it does."

"Yes, Master." I closed my eyes again and basked in the similar yet different embraces of Master and Mommy.

Master works swing shifts and Mommy's come to visit Joey when he's making the change from day shift to midnight shift.