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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is Ze/He/She pleased?

I am pleased."

I'm sure I'd be amused by the results if I counted how many times The Queen says this throughout all 9 books of Vala's story then the various spin-offs. Regardless of which slave he's saying it to (I almost feel naughty using a contraction when talking about The Queen because he almost never uses them :D ), the slave in question will feel some level of pleasure on hearing that. Like Tommy, I can almost imagine Tommy having an orgasm just from hearing The Queen saying those three little words. At times, in ways, it's almost better than hearing "I love you."

I'm lead to thinking about one of Vala's lessons in "Gates of the Garden: Book Two." I think I called it something like "The Theoretical Discussion of Obedience" or something nearly as pretentious :D. One of the topics that the slaves settle on is how obedience and the positive feelings from pleasing a dominant are tied together. I don't agree that "pleasure from pleasing a dominant" is some basic thing in all submissives, all slaves, whatever "s" type label one might want to use; there's always exceptions to every rule.

I don't know. I started this off with some grand notion. Yeah, in fiction, this phrase fills me with all sorts of good feelings. Happiness, physical arousal just to name two. Although at the moment, the level of stress in my personal life just has me thinking how things can mean so many things. At the moment, just hearing "it's not about you, it's about me" from my Master is another way of hearing those words. Nope, I don't recall my Master every actually saying those three words, but regularly He says "I love you" and various comments that equal that. Just recently I heard from Him, "I know you're strong help to help my mom."


  1. It's true. Every 's' type has a phrase that fills them. For me? It's Good Girl. Gah! That turns me to mush so damned fast when said by a D type I care for. LOL

    1. hehe, "good girl" is the phrase I gave to my s type in my ageplay novel :D at one point, she thinks something like "it works in BDSM or ageplay" but yeah, I agree. It's something, we s types all like.