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Monday, May 20, 2013

Romancing the Doms

I invited Cari Silverwood to blog about the newly released "The Dom with the Perfect Brats," which she co-wrote with Sorcha Black and Leia Shaw. As a reader of the series, I was specifically interested in how they handle the doms in their series. I've reviewed the book- here it is on Goodreads. They have it available in a variety of formats, so use Goodreads' buying links.

There’s seems a sharp dichotomy, a contrast, between fantasy Doms in stories and ones who are a little closer to reality.

For a fantasy Dom supply…

Stern and menacing. Check.

All powerful, all-seeing. Check.

Super rich. Check
Willing to help the heroine out of whatever sticky situation threatens her. Check.

The world revolves around him. Check.

Once under his wing, the sub no longer needs to worry because from then on she only has to fulfill his needs. Check.

In the real world, men who are Doms are just that, men. They have vulnerabilities, money worries, family concerns, failings as a Dom , and they aren’t always right. And sometimes they don’t get to push the sub as far as they might like to because it isn’t the submissive’s kink. Sometimes they really fuck up, a lot. Because they’re only human.

In the Badass Brats series, because we hope to touch reality, we like to show Doms who even have, gasp, a sense of humor. After all, a Dom with a poor sense of humor is never going to appreciate brats. Our first book had Jude who knows how to have fun and can even laugh at himself.

In The Dom with the Perfect Brats we decided to show a Dom who has an A grade stuff-up. Godfrey Cross has relationship problems, personality problems, and he struggles to compromise. Every relationship needs compromise. If anything, the one between Dom and sub requires a more delicate and fine-tuned compromise than a vanilla marriage. You have to know when to give and when to take in a D/s relationship or it’s going to crack and fall apart.

Dominance and submission is a dance between Two people, not a song conducted by One.
Cross’s main motto is ‘My way or the highway’, and oh boy, he finds out how wrong that is. Learning to compromise for those he loves is Cross’s biggest character challenge. Yes, this Dom falls from a great height before he gets to struggle to rise again and salvage the pieces. Yet not only does this struggle make for a great story, it also makes Cross human and real.

The bottom line is: Real Doms stuff up.

And the true test of character is not how we behave in the best of times, but how we behave in the worst of times.


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