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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting Ready for Anal Fun- guest post by Lillian Christiansen

Getting Ready for Anal Fun

By: Lillian Christiansen


If you are a purveyor of professional porn you might have noticed that whenever there is a scene that involves anal sex it is always clean.  In amateur porn and in our own bedrooms sometimes anal sex is a little messy, but it doesn’t have to be.

One of the tricks that porn stars have used for years is the enema. Most use disposable enemas found in the grocery store. The problem with these enemas as well as most preparations for reusable anal enema/douching devices is that they are meant to alleviate constipation; this can mean hours of cramping and not feeling fabulous before you are ready to perform.

There is always the possibility of spontaneous anal sex, which means at times there might be a little mess. When you are planning ahead I have found the ‘Fleet Naturals Cleansing Enema with Aloe™’ is a great choice. It is safe to use everyday and is meant for cleansing and freshening. As always you need to read the directions provided with the product, but I have found this to work perfectly when I know my partner and I will be enjoying some anal play.

Usually I will start my getting ready for anal play before a bath; administering the enema and allowing it to work. Then I take a nice long bath to give my body enough time to relax and to make sure any lingering cleansing fluid has time to work and exit.

Once I am clean and relaxed it is time to get down and play. I keep a high quality lube on hand (Liquid Silk™ is a personal favorite) and my preference is to use lots of lube. For those who practice anal play frequently you might find that you don’t need much lubricant or you can use your or your partners own natural juices instead.  If you are new to anal play or it is more of an occasional treat on your sexual menu, then more lube is better.

There are several “desensitizing” lubricants on the market designed specifically for anal sex, but I find a good lubricant works better. The nerves in the anal passage allow stimulation to feel good when done right; desensitizing these nerves does not improve the experience.  Should you find there is pain or discomfort often it is because of a bad angle, not enough arousal or a lack of lubrication.

Do keep a towel handy, even with the most thorough cleaning and preparation you may still run into a little dark matter. When filming or taking pictures you might want to use a dark sheets since white sheets aren’t ideal for anal play and pictures.

Joelle here- yup, I didn't abandon, but I'm still a little shaky. I did want to add a few comments though. I was glad to see 2 specific things that Lillian mentioned- that for people who engage in anal play recently, less lubricant might be needed- if you notice, I rarely mention lubricant in Vala's Story in part because of that- and also mentioning "desensitizing" lubricants meant for anal play. I share the opinion with several other sex educators that I've discussed this with that the idea of numbing those nerve endings is a bad idea because anal sex doesn't have to hurt and if it does, something needs to change.

I used to use the disposable enema kits but I've since bought myself a cheap set off a website, something like Walgreens, but I forget which now. You can buy more expensive (and probably better) ones off many sex toy websites, but I haven't begged my Master yet for such a purchase. I'm thinking that I want to because sometimes I get a bit of cramping from air getting into the tube because it's cheap.

Lillian gives you a good guide here for starting in anal experimentation  Remember that the characters in my story are all quite a bit past those days of experimentation, or at least have someone experienced teaching them, as The Queen enjoying anal play with Chitra, just a young college student when he collared her.


  1. I agree about the bad idea to numb things. But I am thinking I might need more lubricant. I might need to PM with a question, if you don't mind...

    1. yeah, the amount of lube needed is a very personal thing, Renee. Feel free to PM me with a question. Two resources to look at http://www.charlieglickman.com/ Charlie has several books out, including a "guide to prostate play" that I have on my Kindle and look forward to read. and here's Tristan Taormino's "anal advice page" http://puckerup.com/category/sex-ed/anal-advisor/ She also has a DVD about getting ready for anal play that's supposed to be good.

      I think part of it with anal experimentation is that we need to try the right lube until we find what works for us. Did you know that Crisco was a very popular lube among gay males- at least so I'm told- before AIDS became a concern? And on many websites, they often sell a variety of lubes meant for anal that don't have a desensitizing agent. I buy KY mostly because it's made by Dow Corning and my Master works for them.