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Friday, May 10, 2013

Body Worship- a little talk about the fetish then some sex

So I admit to writing the sex before researching and writing this part. I mean really :D. I wanted to write a BJ, especially since I got to enjoy giving my Master a long-ish one last night. I really do love His cock and love giving Him pleasure the ways I described here. When a friend suggested "body worship" when I said I needed a topic on a "specific kink," of course the first thought I had was foot fetish, something I don't actually have. We did have a conversation that ranged how any body part could been the fetish item. Once I'd written the sex, I went to Google and searched "body part fetish." This first link was at the top of the list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partialism . First line: "Partialism refers to a sexual interest with an exclusive focus on a specific part of the body. " I read the short article and then giggled when I saw my friend suggested "body worship" as one of the clickable topics at the bottom. Here's that link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_worship . Of course in body worship, the information shared is more of a BDSM-specific nature. And I found myself in the "subset" section of the article hehe. While I don't get the notion of oral sex as humiliating or degrading, I can see how that can be part of a scene for those who enjoy humiliation and specifically being kneeling as they give a BJ; shrugs, I prefer to be kneeling on the bed beside Master, somewhat comfortable so that I can focus on giving Him pleasure, rather than struggling with an uncomfortable position.

Master, please. I beg, please. I want to go down on you. I want to take your cock in my mouth. Please, Master.

Yeah? This cock. Your hand moves over Your semi-hard cock; I swallow down the saliva pooling in my mouth. Aren't you tired of this cock? It's all you've known for years now.

I could never be tired of Your cock, Master. I love Your cock. I love touching it, tasting it, feeling You pushing deeper into my mouth as I struggle to deepthroat You, Master.

All these words. You click Your tongue teasingly. How are you managing so many words when I'm not in your ass?

I giggle. I can't help myself. Because of Your cock, Master. I can because I'm thinking of all the pleasure You'll feel with Your cock in my Mouth.

You rest Your hands on the bed. So?

It's all the invitation I need. I jump to hands and knees at Your hip. With one hand, I hold Your cock. I open my mouth around it, drawing the head into my mouth. I suck, softly, then harder. I bring Your cock deeper into my mouth; I groan against You. As my head goes down, my ass goes into the air. I may be worshiping Your cock, Master, but not without thinking of how You enjoy looking at my ass.

Your first moans make their way to me as Your hand brushes my ass.

I keep pushing down, Master. I want Your whole cock in my mouth, no matter how I have to blink back the tears forming in my eyes, how I have to concentrate on relaxing my throat. My knees move, bringing my body alongside Yours. My ass is now beside Your chest. I'm grateful for how Your cock slides into my mouth in this position, Master. Down all the way, I wrap my arm around Your thigh and hold myself there.

You pinch my nose shut; I shudder.

How glad I am You helped me learn this about myself; I never tried breath play before. The shudders continue, build. Oh, Master, I want to beg to come.

Come for me.

I focus on Your cock pushing into my throat, the need to breathe becoming explosive. What were just shudders are now wild thrashing. Thank You, thank You, Master.

You let go of my nose.

I pull off Your cock and draw a deep breath into my burning lungs. Immediately I dive back down. This time though, Your legs are spread enough for me to just see Your perineum. I want to shove my tongue into Your asshole, Master. I wrap my right hand around Your cock, pumping steadily, as I struggle to reach You with my tongue. The top of my head presses into the bed and I groan and moan against Your skin. I can feel the hot, tight pleasure building between my legs as Your moans start coming again, Master. The pleasure You feel, my tongue in Your ass, my hand on Your cock, shivers through my body.

Suddenly Your fingers begin their work on me. One dives into my cunt. Now wet, it works into my ass. Another finger claims my cunt.

I whimper and groan against Your skin, Master, my tongue desperately pushing in. I feel the orgasm building in me again. I pull back just enough to take first one ball, then the other into my mouth. Moaning and screaming, I suck on Your balls. A second finger joins the one already stretching my asshole, readying it for Your cock. I dive back down onto Your cock, taking You in one swift stroke. I cough and gag, but I keep You deep in my mouth. Spasms rock my body as I push against Your hand; I love it when You penetrate all three of my holes as Your cock pushes into my throat, Master.

You grunt; I open my eyes to notice that Your sac has tightened. You're so close to coming.

The tears are dripping down my cheeks now; I'm too busy holding my body up to brush them away. I tense my right arm to hold me then I lift my left hand to cup Your balls. I love your cock, Master. I love to give You this pleasure, Master. I beg You to come deep in my throat, Master. I beg to cough, and fight against gagging, Your cum, spilling into me.

You grunt again.

Thank You, thank You, Master. It's all I can think as Your cum rushes into me, down my throat, Your cock filling me. How I love Your cock, Master. How I love giving You this pleasure. Thank You for Your fucking fingers inside me, Master. I pull off Your cock and press my face against Your thigh.

Your fingers thrust once more, Your thumb moving over my clit.

I groan against Your skin. Thank You, Master. Thank You for coming in my mouth, Master. Thank You for fucking me with Your fingers and making me come, Master. Please plug my ass so it's ready to take You when You're ready to fuck me again, Master.

You laugh. Sure.

I groan as the hard silicone penetrates my asshole; it'll never be as good as Your cock, Master.

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