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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I'm -watching- Wednesday....

yeah yeah, I can imagine some purist out there- but you're supposed to post what you're reading not what you're watching. Well I'm taking part in Camp Nano the first time this July and my thought has turned to how I can both accomplish my goal (40K words in a month) while keeping my sanity, keeping my Master happy, keeping the house somewhat clean etc etc

I few weeks ago, He stumbled upon "Lost" on Netflix. I'm not sure He'd really ever heard of the show before, but He quickly found Himself interested. In the process of watching the whole show, I'd occasionally catch a bit while in His den. He kept saying, "You need to watch this."

So in conversations around plot arcs etc, Shaman put a theory forward that works for me- too many people want straightforward plots that finish up neatly in the allotted time- like Star Trek. While others want a bunch of plots, sub-plots, enjoy a piece of media that challenges you to think, to follow, and if you miss one episode of the show, you're screwed and should wait until you can start at the beginning of the season in reruns- like Babylon 5. Well after starting to watch "Lost," based on descriptions, conversations about, vents about reviews etc I've shared with my Master about Vala's series as a whole and "Out of the Night: Book One" as the only published book so far, He's now saying that He thinks I'm functioning like the scriptwriters for "Lost." :D

So one of the things I plan to do every other day or so during July, during Camp Nano, is to watch an episode of "Lost." I watched the pilot episode yesterday and yeah, I love it. Admittedly, I was already hooked while Master was watching it and I was just waiting for Him to finish the series so I could then start at the beginning on Netflix.

Hm. The pilot. Yes, I'm already loving the forward and backward time in the storytelling. But then I love Dr. Who as well. Plus in crafting Vala's Story, I'm loving giving just a little knowledge of events here and there, sometimes from characters' POVs the reader wasn't expecting. It was wonderfully dramatic watching the character of Jack wandering through his coming-to and finding as a doctor, he was desperately needed. It was great to see the moment when it almost clicked, the I'm-a-doctor-and-will-be-calm-in-this-crisis. It was cool seeing some of these characters whose faces have become familiar to me through my Master's watching of the show at the beginning of the show. The introduction of the big bad force was amazing, watching the camera work and special effects. Yeah, in a way I wish there wouldn't have been so much conversation about it at first- maybe I wouldn't have avoided it for so long. I look forward to the next episode and the rest of the series.

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