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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A surprise coming...

Series... in an erotica authors group I'm in, I recently saw another author talking in frustration about trilogies. The various opinions, well, they're opinions and I decided to keep mine to myself. You see, while Vala's Story started off as birthday present for Tom, it grew... first to 8 books ranging from novella to epic novel. A beta reader suggested a good point to break the epic into 2 books, so now there's 9. "Out of the Night: Book One" is available in print, Kindle, and Nook editions- head over to "my books" page if you haven't bought your copy yet. I have the edits back on "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" from my editor and I'm slowly starting to work on those. In the next week or so, I may even share an excerpt after I've worked a fun scene over with her comments :D. Books 3 through 9 all have working titles, a few of them particularly set in stone :D, although I still have a "book 6" waiting for its name.

Have you wondered about The Queen's slaves coming and going... Tommy is still very much with him after 15 years, but do you wonder if there could have been a slave there 10 years who's gone away? Sometimes our relationships do change, even in fiction. So for today, a hint at a change coming in The Queen's life.

My dearest, sweetest Queen,
It's only been a few days since Billy and I left on your jet and I'm already missing you so. Why ever does this feel so different from when You went on a business trip? I know I'll be coming back, although not to your mansion. But I'll be back where you can get me without too much effort, my Queen. Is it that you were my first romantic love, the man who indulged in my virginity, even introduced me to my now-husband?

I have to laugh though, my Queen. Billy has been so entirely solicitous, going to great lengths to tend my needs, show how he loves me. Maybe all the jokes about me being the dom here aren't quite jokes. I thank you for the loan of Charlie Glickman's prostrate stimulation book, my Queen. It has been amazing playing with that. Billy's even reading it with me. While it certainly doesn't have to be about D/s, in a way it seems to be a lighter sort of D/s with him where I truly am the domme. It's been amazing, my Queen.

Are we really going to make this work? Can we make it work, my Queen? There really is nothing more I want than you and Billy in my life. Somehow though, it seems that having something closer to monogamy, in comparison to the stable and all of us slaves belonging to you, it almost makes it harder for me to picture it, my Queen. I'm glad that this triad is a new experience for us all.

Besides the prostate book, I've also been reading the UU book you lent around the amazing time we've been having here, my Queen. I think I may go check out the family's church; I'm not sure why I never did now. I really like this focus on covenant, my Queen. That it's about a promise of how to be, not a list of rules. And the focus on how a covenant is about the people in the relationship, those who hold the covenant.

In quiet moments, I still find my mind wandering to Billy wanting the three of us to make love, and how both of you used my body, my Queen. I can't put into words just how loved and desired you made me feel, my Queen. When you told me to feel what Billy was doing, to focus on it. Yes, I believe I'll be pulling Billy to bed after I'm done writing to you, my Queen.

I'm so completely happy! I found a cool journal here in a French Quarter shop. It looks old fashioned, bound in a creamy, brown leather. And it's thicker than many modern journals you see. I'm going to start the diary you commanded in it. I'll start writing in it tomorrow probably, my Queen. It'll be nice to take the time, the break from whatever is going on in my life to connect with you, especially during times when we're not physically together, my Queen.

Billy and I are going to go out and get dinner now so I'll end this letter, although not my thoughts about you, my Queen. I think I'll enjoy a steak tonight, thinking of you.

I love you forever and deeply,
my sweetest Queen.
your loving slave,


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