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Monday, February 16, 2015

Tabitha's story leads to Bina to masturbate #MasturbationMonday #FF

I reached into my WIP "Tabitha and Bina in Love" when I saw the prompt Kayla gave us this week. I start with a blog post of Tabitha's and how Bina responds to reading it. Since they are about 8 hours apart, lots of imagination is needed for their masturbation :D


So I wrote this... what would happen if two erotic romance authors fell in love?

Raya read the email again. She smiled at the sweet fan mail. She pulled on her bottom lip at the last line, sweet Irene asking if, hoping against hope that it wasn't too forward of her to ask Raya on a date.

But what sort of date? We're five hours apart, thought Raya. She contemplated things. Well they could have a sort of online date. They could enjoy dinner and a movie on Youtube.com together. Then, maybe, if things were going well, a video chat? And what they could show each other? Show what?
Raya shuddered against her office chair.

Bina reached into her loose slacks, the cotton sliding over her hand as she pushed her pussy lips apart with her searching fingers. She moved the page down with her other hand. Her fingers started to move as she continued reading Tabitha's story.

She scrolled until a large bunch of fresh story appeared. Then she reached under her shirt to pull on one nipple and then the other. She moaned aloud as Raya and Irene's date unraveled through Tabitha's story. Her fingers sunk into her pussy as she started to fuck herself. She heard the women laughing in their own apartments as they "watched" the movie together. She mashed her clit with her thumb.


  1. Very nice Joelle :)


  2. Hi Mrs Casteel,
    LOL i totally get this - i have an online friend & we are watch movies together him via netflix or dvd & me on dvd while using google chat to talk as if we were watching in the same room! i also read to him, bdsm romance books mainly as he likes it. There are many ways to be together though miles apart! Have to say poor clit lol mashed sounds so brutal to a girls best friend, but then everyone does it differently.

    1. thanks for the comment, Clare. Huh, mashed doesn't seem particularly brutal to me- especially Bina is doing it to herself, so she is in a better place to gauge how much she wants, than if someone was masturbating her.