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Saturday, February 21, 2015

My complete review of "Love Spanks" anthology

So I hope you've enjoyed the rolling release of my review :D First a bit for #FFFiction, a little more on a linked review  on Amazon. Here's all 981 words in their crowning glory :D


I received this book as a free ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review, but then I bought myself a copy too; the stories are wonderful, more than worth their 99 cent price.

I loved these stories first on the authors' websites during the Love Spanks event from February 6th-8th. However many are longer than what was shared during the event- word limit 2000. Even in the case of stories I didn't like so much, the extra words helped me to understand and enjoy different characters more. The introduction by Nikki Busch and Cindy Rizzo from Ylva Publishing added great knowledge and history to this anthology.

"The Snow Liger" by Jae: I love paranormal romance and Jae's story with a shifter and her human mate was gorgeous. So many little author details made it more enjoyable for me. Griffen and Jorie maneuvered through winter in Michigan's UP. "Writer research" made me laugh aloud.

"Mistress on Her Knees" by Anastasia Vitsky: As a lifestyle submissive and a polyamorous person, I struggled through this story even as I loved every moment of it. Trinity's thoughts gave it such a wondrous depth. However, the absolution that Graciela gives Trinity- and I feel this is only a tiny piece of it- is such a perfect act of dominance that I can't wait to see more of these characters.

"Sweet Sherrie" by Louisa Bacio: From Louisa's introduction on her blog through her additional anthology words, I loved this story. The idea that two women having sex can be rough! The tease of the title is wonderful considering what Sherri shows Desiree (and us readers) of herself in the story is anything but sweet and naive.

"Learning to Trust" by Olivia Starke: I need to admit that I didn't want to like this story at all. Madeleine's thoughts on vanilla versus kinky sexuality pissed me off- that said, my dislike is more about me than the lovely woman that Olivia wrote. By the time we get to the end of Casey and Madeleine's story, the sweetness of their trust is evident.

"The Briefcase" by Sara Daniel: Rhea and Sadie made for spanky, raunchy fun in this story! Sadie doesn't know what Rhea (her boss) plans and the extra story included in this anthology made this one hot read!

"Bank Shot" by Geonn Cannon: Meg and Gretchen's story- lovingly enhanced by its extra words. I loved how much of the additional story wasn't even sex, but flirting. How the two women banter and flirt is utterly enjoyable.

"Just Desserts" by Tara Quan: Wow! The extra words totally made this story worth it. Allison and her mother are crazy sweet to me and I love Allison working on Felicity.

"Spanking Sidney" by Leigh Ellwood: With Sidney and Kit, I was ecstatic to have an example of Kit learning how to use toys more, how to be less vanilla. Sidney in so many ways is a great teacher. The erotic level of this story is amazing from beginning to end.

"Just Chaps" by Alyssa Linn Palmer: Alex and Elly had me from the beginning of this story, even if I could relate better to Alex. Elly though, I've been a pillion rider for my dominant and I could empathize. The sex scene was more than worth the time it took to read the gorgeous, detailed set up that Ms. Palmer wrote.

"Discovery" by Anne Ferrer Odom: I loved the gamer ethic in this story, giggled at Madison's calling Harper, "Harpie." Such attention to detail throughout the wonderful story. I loved seeing Madison's pansexuality talked about.

"Accidental Date" by Erik Schubach: A red t-shirt. I had a Star Trek thought, but that didn't keep me from enjoying this hilariously erotic accidental date that was so engaging, I didn't even notice the lack of graphic sex.

"The First of Many" by Caitlin Ricci and Cari Z.: "Camellia" has so been added to my to-be-read pile, and I hope that reading this beautiful story doesn't spoil it too much for me. :D Danny and Lucy are wonderful. I love a Domme who isn't a straight man's fantasy. Danny's submission is luxurious and satisfying.

"Gold Rush" by Cathy Pegau: I beyond adore historical romance and this story more than delivered on its promise. I love the details, the characters' names (formally, P.E. Frankle and Rowena Taylor). The setting of Alaska during the Gold Rush is almost a whole character of its own. Lovely.

"Terci's Dream" by Kate Richards: Ms. Richards does a great job with setting in this dreamy short story. Terci's emotions were so upfront and honest. I loved Mistress' dialogue, how she instructed Terci in being a better person. The end- a beautiful treat.

"Dating Storm" by Victoria Cobretti: Another paranormal romance for me :D I loved it. There was just enough world-building in it that my fantasy geek was pleased. There was such exciting tension in this story along side the endearing romance. I loved the attempted first dates and Maggie's final act of working with Kalila's life.

"Love in Disguise" by Jessica E. Subject: I love, love, loved this story! Talk about world-building! Ms. Subject did an amazing job with Aeria and Sophie! Such attention to detail in this story. The surprise ending (only in published anthology) makes this a great, hot, romantic read.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the stories Joelle. I enjoyed reading your perspective. I'm going to have to get this! Especially as unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to many of the stories during the hop.


    1. I hope you enjoy the full stories, Roz :) They were a great bunch this time. Thanks for the comment.