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Monday, February 23, 2015

#MasturbationMonday He pleasures himself #male #masturbating #prostate

Ah, and with this week's picture, I pull from the part of me that's much more of sex educator than erotic fiction writer. Well maybe :D. Jokes, conversations about masturbation on Facebook (after I was told last week that some people found my promo offensive (#MasturbationMonday Time for Bina to masturbate to something Tabitha wrote) led to an interesting conversation about prostate massage- the highlight :D of which was my Master joking "My prostate has a cramp and needs rubbed" (I don't think that's actually possible, since the organ is a collection a fluid-filled glands lol). I'm now re-reading Dr. Charlie Glickman's "Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure."  In the midst of this reading, I went on pornhub.com and searched "prostate message"- I was excited to find a short clip of a man masturbating while externally massaging his prostate.

He strokes his cock, languorous hand movements. He uses his left hand, his non-dominant hand, to prolong the moment, the pleasure. His right hand glides over his chest, working his nipples into pebbled perfection. The images flash through his mind, the window display in the Victoria's Secret at the mall, the delicious young man running the frozen yogurt stand (just barely, obviously not jailbait anymore). He pushes his mind on to the porn clips he enjoyed before moving to his bed.

He pauses to pump some lube onto his hands. With a slicked left palm, he returns to the lazy caresses to his hardened cock. Up and down, up and down. His thumb presses against the vein along the front of his cock, the one that trembles with his pleasure.

He bends his knees to place his feet flat on the bed. Right arm flexed in its reach, he strives to relax the arm so his fingers can reach their destination. The fingertips slide across his sac and the stimulation makes his cock jump in response. He wiggles his shoulders to gain further looseness, further reach. His middle finger glides down his 'taint, the lube making it feel wonderful. He flattens his finger as Dr. Charlie's book says and presses, making sure not to jab.

The first dribbles of prostatic fluid drips from the head and he moans deeply. Promising himself to go slower next time now that he's located his prostate externally, he changes hands. His stronger right hand wraps around his cock and speeds up. His wet left hand resumes the massage, massaging deep and hard on his prostate. Groaning, sighing, shaking, the orgasm sweeps through his body in the way he imagines an orgasm feels for a woman.

Ropes of white cum cover his hand; his left middle finger slides into his asshole as he reclines in the joy of his full body orgasm.

"Slower next time," he murmurs and smiles.


  1. I love, love, LOVE what you did with this week's prompt.

    1. thanks, Kayla :) It was just so perfect to do this after watching that clip on pornhub :D

  2. Zomg. Yessss. Male masturbation gets me off every time. I loved this.

  3. Didn't think I'd be into it-- then I was totally WAY TOO INTO IT. Woof!

    1. thanks for the comment, India :) I think it's great to enjoy a male giving himself just that much more enjoyment during masturbation; g-spot toys have been around longer (as far as I know) than p-spot toys and I think they have less stigma to work through for people to enjoy them.