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Monday, February 9, 2015

#MasturbationMonday The birch paddle that marked me makes her cum #BDSM #FF

Sooooo :D The picture inspired me... hopefully some hotness although some silliness as well. I give you yet another piece in "The Domme I'd actually enjoy being involved with"...

I watch her from the chair in which she has me restrained... cuffs at wrists and ankles, large bands of restraining leather at my waist and chest, posture collar and its stand connecting it to the chair preventing me from turning my head. She didn't allow me to dress before she tied me up, but it's warm so I don't really mind that lack of fabric. It's so much better to be naked, especially while that gorgeous dress she wore as she dominated me still clings, reveals and conceals what she meant it to.

She closes her eyes, her head slightly turned away from me. It's her right, of course. Her glittering scarlet nails catch my gaze as she piles her dress up, baring her hip closest to me, showing me her gorgeous legs.

My mouth goes dry as I picture those long legs wrapped around my head as I dip my mouth to taste her, to pleasure her. Again! I want that again! But she's bound me, legs spread apart so I can helplessly look at the arousal building between my legs, my clit swelling, my sticky juices seeping from my pussy to drip on the chair, cover my thighs.

Her hands dance between her legs. Suddenly she pulls the paddle she used on me up onto her mound. She clutches it in her right hand. She brushes it up and down, disturbing her dress. The black silk begins to pile up more around her waist. Laughing softly, she scoots her ass across the bed to give me a pretty view of her luscious pussy.

I can't hold in my moans as that paddle moves over her lips again. I see her beautiful wetness shining as the wood kisses her. I can't lower my head to look but I know my body shines in response. I fight the pleading words that collect in my throat.

She lifts exotically lashed eyes to look upon my response to her masturbation. "Joelle? Joelleyboo? Look at me, love."

She didn't. I force down my wildly inappropriate giggles at my Mistress' use of my nickname. I dream of ways to get even with she-who-must-not-be-named-but-gave-me-the-nickname.

"Do you see what your punishment has done to me? How your moans and cries have turned me on?"

"Yes, Mistress," I whimper.

"I'm going to come all over this paddle that left its mark on your skin." She groans, her body shuddering as she pushes against the birch in her hand.

I wish I could help. I want to make her orgasm just that much more earth-shattering.

She stills, a lovely smile playing on the corners of her lips. "That's my very good girl. I came, feeling your warmth on the paddle." She places the stick on the bed. and stumbles to her feet. "Shall we see if you can earn the right to masturbate me and earn your own orgasm?"

"Please, Mistress."


  1. Oh my gaud, that was hot! Loved it Joelle :)


  2. You've got me wishing for my own Mistress over here! Of course, there is an amazing Domme that SSir has hinted he might be willing to scene with...hmmmmmm, now I'm thinking. Do I send this post to him, her, or both? ;)

    1. hehe whatever you think is going to get you the past reaction :D and thanks for the comment, Kayla. You mean you didn't mind her teasing me with the pet name? lol